Best Black Flight Attendant Hairstyles

From an aesthetic perspective, you must have to look hygienic and professional as a member of the aircrew. 

Similarly whilst duty, black flight attendants want to look presentable and neat. As black women have short, tight kinks, and wavy and curly hairs.

Further, it’s so difficult to style this kinky and wavy hair appropriately as compared to simple, silky, and shiny hair. 

For that purpose, I’m going to suggest some hairstyles specifically for the black flight attendant.

For the must mention, if you have silky and straight hair, you may also adopt these hairstyles as a flight attendant. 

As black women’s hair are elongated and stretched to many inches, it’s crucial to know which hairstyle will suit your kinky hair. 

In order to tackle this question and head-on title about black flight attendant hairstyles. 

After in-depth analysis, I gathered some best and most unique hairstyles for restrained their kinky, auto-textured, and curly hair. 

Bear in mind, that these hairstyles may not be acceptable by your airline as rules and regulations vary from airline to airline. 

So, if you are a black flight attendant choose your hairstyle wisely as mentioned in your airline handbook. Let’s find out about these precious hairstyles. 

Best Black Flight Attendant Hairstyles

What Are The Best Black Flight Attendant Hairstyles?

Going for assessment day as a flight attendant? It may be hard for black women to wear up their fizzy and curly hairs as they are just parallel to their scalp. 

Whether going for an assessment or joining your dream job as a flight attendant, you must have to dress up neat and clean with an elegant, classy, and professional hairstyle. 

In order to adopt the below-mentioned hairstyles, your hair must be tidy. 

Let’s have a look at these professional black flight attendant hairstyles:

Stunning Braid Hairstyle

As mostly black women have short hair, a braided hairstyle is considered best for short curly, and kinky hairs. 

Moreover, there is an abundance of braided hairstyles such as triangle boxes, Fulani braids, lemonade braids, knotless braids, and braided ponies. 

But all these braids hairstyles can’t be adapted by a flight attendant. 

Further, if you are a black flight attendant and love to get a braid hairstyle. You may be permitted to make fishtail, leeway, and ponytail braids by your airlines. 

Overall, most airlines are permitted to wear a braided hairstyle without any trimming and beading on it. 

Frankly speaking, I’ll recommend you to wear a fishtail hairstyle as it suits your hair and looks professional.

Cornrows Hairstyle

This braided cornrows hairstyle is considered one of the most illustrious hairstyles for black flight attendants. Further, this hairstyle looks perfect for black women’s kinky and short hair. 

For the must mention, that intricate designs are not permitted by the airline industry that’s why to choose your hairstyle wisely. 

Moreover, large locks also don’t look simple and professional.

As some airlines allow for slight curves, you may make slight curves between cornrows and braids.

Additionally, make two braids on the left and right side behind the head.

After completing the braids, put both braids and styled them behind the head.

Bear one large curve, extra visibility of scalp doesn’t allow by any airline. 

Does want to adopt this hairstyle? Or doesn’t suits your hair? Well! Whatever the reason, you may skip this hairstyle and jump on to the next one. 

Spectacular Dreadlock Hairstyle

Whether dreadlocks are considered a crucial part of India’s culture, most famous between black women and men.

Do you know? Dreadlock can be free, considered as god-gifted hairstyle. Moreover, there are freeform and natural methods available for getting a dreadlock hairstyle. 

Further, you can get this hairstyle at home by braiding, twisting, and coiling the hair.

As a flight attendant, maybe you want to wear this hairstyle on daily bases.

It’s impossible to go salon regularly and wear this intended hairstyle with the help of professionals. 

For that purpose, you can get a dread style at home. Firstly, make small locks and backcombing your hair.

For maintaining a dreadlock permanently or long-lasting time, apply dread wax on the hairs.

Additionally, dreadlocks look stunning and versatile on black flight attendants if your hair is short and cover your eyes.

So, I’ll recommend black flight attendants choose this hairstyle for your short kinky, and curly hair if your airline permits. 

Natural Short Hair

Do you know? If you have naturally short hair then you don’t need to wear any required hairstyle set by your airline.

For instance, if you desired an airline prefer a ponytail or bun for the female flight attendant. How can you afford this hairstyle with short medium hair? Its impossible,

Moreover, if you are going to shave lines between hair for highlighting the scalp, it’s allowed or permitted by the abundance of the airline.

Although short hair doesn’t require a proper hairstyle such as braids and buns, you have to part the hair and keep them neat and clean.

So, I’ll recommend to the black flight attendant to keep your hair neat and clean with proper parting.

Natural Medium Hair

As the medium hair of black women is not too big and not too short, managing medium black women’s hair is difficult and may be a time-consuming task.

Don’t panic! I found out that the puff hairstyle is best for your natural medium hair.

Although wearing a puff hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle, perfect for your medium hair.

But you have to require a little cream gel, bristle brush, and a pony for securing your puff for a long time.

Having long hair? Well! This puff hairstyle can suit your hair too.

Doesn’t know about the method of making puff? It’s so simple! You have to comb your hair and make them tidy.

Secondly, take a thread and bind it around your hair.

Have no luck? Or want to get a clear method? You may get the exact method through tutorial videos available on YouTube.


Want to get a list of black flight attendant hairstyles? Well! I have mentioned the four best black flight attendant hairstyles. 

If you have long hair, I’ll recommend you to wear a braids hairstyle for a stunning look. 

Moreover, if you have short and medium hair you may go with an afro puff and a low-eye bun. 

Probably your chosen hairstyle doesn’t suit your airline. So, try to choose your hairstyle wisely.


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