Best Flight Attendant Luggage 

 Travel is an inevitable choice in some jobs like that of a flight attendant, and one of the paraphernalia of this job is the best flight attendant luggage that should accompany the crew aboard for a perfect travel experience.

The cabin crew of an airline is always scheduled for long-hour flights with stays abroad and relentless traveling, but all this could never mar the spirit of service, which is always at its best. To keep the crew provided with all they require for their traveling duties, the best flight attendant luggage precisely serves the purpose with ultimate options and robust enduring power.

The Flight attendants have to cover the pedestrian miles in airports encountering escalators and stairs for moving up and down while keeping their luggage. So the baggage should be the one that could run along with them as briskly as required and endure the wear and tear of frequent traveling. 

The luggage that is preferred by the flight attendants comes with myriad options, like keeping laptops, easy maneuvering through the miles in airports, robust structure to resist scratches, comfortable Handle, USB charging options, and above all, falling within the airline’s luggage dimensions allowed onboard. This article simmers with such options that will fully suffice your daily traveling demands. 

Top 10 Best Flight Attendant Luggage In 2023

The market is simmering with brands claiming their luggage to be the best; consequently, we have chosen for you the ones that stand up to their proclamations and serve you with the best options for your frequent traveling duties all around the year. Here is a list of the best luggage available in the flight attendant luggage

Travelpro Crew 11● Spinner wheels
● 21 inches
● Expandable
● Black
Check Price
Samsonite Winfield ● Spinner wheel
● 2 Hard-side
● Charcoal
Check Price
American Tourister● Expandable
● Soft-sided
● Spinner wheels
● Black/grey
Check Price
Briggs & Riley Baseline● Spinner wheels
● Soft-sided
● Expandable
● Black
Check Price
Travelpro Maxlite 5 ● 5 Soft-sided
● 4 Spinner wheels
● Lightweight
● Black
Check Price
Travelpro Crew Tote Bag● Zipper closure
● Washable
● Removable shoulder strap
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TUMI – Voyageur Tres Léger● Rolling suitcase
● 21 inch
● Carry-on
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Samsonite Underseat Carry-On ● Underseat Carry-On
● USB port
● Jet Black 
Check Price
DELSEY PARIS Helium Aero● Hard sides
● Expandable Luggage
● Spinner wheels
● Blue Cobalt
Check Price
Travelpro Platinum Elite● Hard-side
● Spinner wheel
● TSA Lock
● Shadow Black
Check Price

1.) Travelpro Crew 11:

Travelpro reflects the names of durability and professionalism when it comes to long-distance traveling with ease and peace of mind. The Travelpro Crew 1 1 is simply meant for flight attendants who are traveling relentlessly during their careers.


The Travelpro Crew 11 is the ultimate choice for flight attendants who are into traveling most of the time. This travel bag is a reflection of innovation with its super cool design and lucrative features. The body is built with ballistic nylon that is of high quality and comes along with the DuraGuard coating that represents a strong resistance again any stain or damage. The inner case dimensions are 21 X 14 inches and provide ample space for accommodating your belongings.

The Supra zipper is something you can rely on for extendeperiodsme as it remains sturdy and does not go wrong. It is provided with a premium leather profile towards the top of the bag and has handles on the sides to be carried with ease when required. It is also equipped with a full-length pocket under the lid and also mesh pockets on the sides to accommodate more belongings and stuff.

It comes with a detachable garment bag to provide you with more options while traveling. The Travelpro Crew 11 has spinner wheels, and there is a total of eight wheels that are robust to carry the weight with an ability to revolve at a 360-degree angle to entirely run along you during long airport walks. These wheels roll effortlessly, and the MagnaTrac technology allows the wheels to self-adjust.

Another lucrative option that comes along is the USB charging port with a special pocket for the power bank, powering up all the USB-charged devices so that there is never a hindrance in your way of using technology. The power scope handle of the bag is extendable and robust for your heavy-duty traveling. The most appealing feature of the handle is that it is super light and relatively smooth in its movements while adjusting to different heights.


  • PowerScope handle
  • MagnaTrac Technology
  • Genuine leather details
  • Effortless roll with eight wheels
  • High-quality nylon


  • Not many color options

2.) Samsonite Winfield:

Samsonite is a name synonymous with quality and long life, and consumers worldwide take the name as a guarantee of the best performance. The size, durability, flexibility, space, and color everything is remarkable and up to the markers.


The stylish Samsonite Winfield is the perfect choice for flight attendants as it meets the size requirements of most airlines with inner dimensions of about 23″ X 14.5″ X 9.5″, which is ample space for your requirements. The front material is 100% polycarbonate, which gives a sturdy front to the bag, it has a decent brushed pattern with enhanced design elements, and the back is secured so that it can resist any kind of scratches. 

Samsonite never compromises on the standards and emulates the best to keep its customers satisfied always. The four spinner wheels ensure smooth multidirectional movements smoothly yet with firmness, although the weight is kept astoundingly light. 

The cherry on the top feature is the TSA lock on the side of the luggage that ensures extra safety of your belongings, and no one except for you or a TSA agent will be able to unlock the bag. The inner sides of the bag are split into two halves to provide you with extra space, and these spaces are distinctively separated by zippers to let you organize your stuff in a more manageable way. There are also cross straps to give more firmness to the stuff packed inside the bag.

The handle of the bag is another bounty in terms of lock fixation, push-button handle, and robust support to the entire luggage while dragging along in the airports. The telescope is specially kept lightweight to maintain the overall weight of the luggage. The inside of the luggage looks very neat, elegant, and strong; moreover, it comes with many pockets for better stacking options.


  • Retractable pull handle
  • Multidirectional dual spinner wheels
  • TSA Compatible lock
  • Fully lined interior
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • No USB port

3.) American Tourister:

The American Tourister has been a well-renowned name in the world of luggage transportation for many decades now. It has built confidence in the hearts of people through durable and long-lasting products that exude style and class as well.


American Tourister 4 Kix is a product that is built for durability with high-quality material that is long-lasting. The inner space of the bag is quite ample, with dimensions around 20″ X 14″ X 11″; these dimensions fulfill the criteria of most airline luggage restrictions. 

The weight of the luggage is staggeringly low and lets you pack as much as you can. The Wheelcanto rotates 360 degrees with ease and comfort at hand so that you can along long airport distances. The one-push button pull-out Handle is robust and lets you have the option to long at the desired height for your convenience. 

The blouse pocket attached to the lid of the door lets you keep important stuff separated from the rest of the bag inside. The inner side is immaculately lined and offers massive space for your belongings to fit in comfortably. 

To avoid any wear and tear during excessive flying, the sides of the luggage are given special protection with tough rubber to make it more durable. The expansion options let you enjoy around 1.5 inches of additional space for more stacking of your clothes. 

The design is simply attractive and covers all the main attributes of an ideal choice for a traveling bag that can be trusted with its agility, lightweight, and anti-wear features.


  • 360 Rotation
  • Side guards
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Expandable
  • Extendable Handle


  • Not many color options
  • Not two sections

4.) Briggs & Riley Baseline:

Briggs & Riley Baseline traveling bags are the ultimate choice, especially for flight attendants and frequent travelers, as the features are lucrative in terms of storage and easy access. This luggage has a lot to offer in terms of strength and ease.


Brigg & Riley Baseline offers 22 inches capacity luggage that has multiple options encapsulated in this small package for your traveling needs. The material the bag is built with is tough to stains, water resistant, and scratch resistant as well. 

The luggage boosts outer dimensions of around 22″ X 14″ X 9″ with a smooth yet professionally aligned inner lining of silver fabric. The handle of the bag has a flat interior surface for a good grip and keeps the clothes wrinkle-free inside the bag. Speed through pocket on the outside is the perfect option for immediate access to belongings for the aircrew. 

The most innovative option is the built-in-tri-fold suit folder that makes things less complicated for you when traveling with your special garments and to be ready for the next appearance. In addition to that, there is a mesh lid zip pocket to keep stuff separately and a cinch-down mesh garment panel for keeping the clothes more organized and free from unwanted creases.

The double swivel wheel at the bottom of the bag provides an expansive 360-degree rotation to navigate without any difficulty throughout your running through the airport.

The quality that makes it stand out in the market is the lifetime guarantee that is offered by the company. Briggs & Riley are the only bags that come with a lifetime guarantee, and the offers are simply flabbergasting.


  • Strong Outer body
  • 360 Swivel wheels
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • SpeedThru Pocket
  • Inner 3 Fold Garment technique


  • Heavy price tag
  • Limited color options 

5.) Travelpro Maxlite 5:

Travelpro Maxlite 5 gives them the experience of traveling with professionally designed luggage which is there to keep your journey full of myriad options. The luggage is durable, extremely lightweight, high set for easy mobility, and adds style to your personality. 


The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is systematically constructed with rigid material that is even consolidated with a DuraGuard coating to protect the luggage from stains, scratches, and moisture. There is another special arrangement of the H20 Guard that is responsible for the protection of the inner lining of the bag.

The Maxlite 5 is particularly famous for its lighter weight, around 5.4 lbs, in comparison with the Maxlite 4, so now you get even more monopoly over your clothing weight inside the bag. Also, the double expansion option increases the option of stuffing in even more than you can imagine. 

Low-profile carry handles are specially placed on the sides so that the luggage can be carried with ease on uneven surfaces. The maneuvering is made easy with the contour grip handle to pass with agility through airport aisles. Moreover, the wheels are to support this maneuvering with their 360-degree navigation.

The inside of the bag is provided with multiple options, like a separate compartment towards the lid of the bag. The main body of the bag has adjustable hold-down straps to keep the clothes tight and in order while traveling. The whole inner lining is made with lighter fabric to avoid any extra weight on the luggage. The zippers on the outside are endorsed with high tensile strength and designed ergonomically to facilitate the users.

The front pockets on the exterior provide spaces for belongings of immediate access during your flight. Travelpro Maxlite 5 is a soft-sided spinner that ensures agility with its lightweight and keeps its users free from any tension.


  • Soft-sided
  • Carry on 21 inch
  • 360-degree navigation wheels
  • Lightweight
  • DuraGuard for maximum protection


  • No USB port

6.) Travelpro Crew Tote Bag:

Travelpro Crew is always there to flabbergast its customers with its practical yet innovative designs throughout the decades. This tote bag is simply what is needed for the cabin crew with a personal panache along with the obligation of a bit of weight to be carried. 


The Travelpro View Versapack Deluxe Tote Bag is simply a fantastic package in a small body. The material used in the construction of the tote bag is ballistic nylon that exhibits high density, with DuraGuard coating so that it can easily resist any stains, dust, and routine wear during long flight hours. 

Travelpro-Totee Bag proffers an area of around 11″ X 16.5″ X 7.75″ for accommodating the belongings. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty that will cover some amount of impairment done to the specific components of the bag, like zippers and the carrying handles. 

The whole bag is endowed with Supra Zippers for closure; these zippers come with a guarantee of damage resistance that is usually expected during long journeys. This Versapack Deluxe Tote Bag is laced with quick access front pocket to manage the belongings in a more organized way. In addition to it, there is a side pocket available to hold an umbrella or a water bottle. 

To avoid the drudgery of carrying the tote bag, it comes with the option of a removable shoulder strap so that you can comfortably carry it on your back. There are also straps at the back that can slip in around the handle of spinner luggage.


  • Ballistic nylon with high density
  • DuraGuard coating
  • Hand washable
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Limited lifetime guarantee


  • Not much space 
  • No wheels

7.) TUMI – Voyageur Tres Léger:

TUMI Voyageur is another brand that brings along reliability and durability when it comes to travel with the best and most sturdy bags for flight attendants. These bags fall precisely under the allowed dimensions for the cabin crew and accompany you for years on end.


TUMI – Voyageur Tres Leger is a simple yet sophisticated carry-on luggage option that is built for purpose with fine nylon material that could resist wear and tear during abrasive flight hours. The bag has two-way inlet zippers so that you can access it whichever way is more suitable and more manageable. The zippers are sturdy and can be held inside a holder to avoid any damage.

The dimensions of the bag are about 21″ X 14″ X 8.5″, which fits in perfectly with the airline crew’s baggage restrictions. The inside of the bag comes with multiple options; it is divided into two main parts, which are divided by zipping and flip cloth to make them separate. There is a tie-down strap in one of the compartments to hold down the clothes in an organized way inside the bag. 

The voyager has a unique way of adjusting its telescopic handle inside a pocket so that if not needed, you can simply tuck it inside to save from extra wear. There are pockets towards the front of the bag that have a laptop compartment and other pockets for electronic essentials. In addition to it, there is a small card pocket and a pen pocket as well to keep things more manageable and organized.

The four wheels at the bottom of the bag are robust to hold well the weight of the bag and move firmly during long dragging walks. The TUMI carry-on luggage is simply the most desired solution for flight attendants, which comes with multiple practical options that are most desired for frequent travelers to fulfill their travel needs.


  • 2 Way access
  • Laptop holder pocket
  • Telescopic Handle
  • 2 compartments inside


  • No spinner wheels
  • No side handle

8.) Samsonite Underseat Carry-On:

Samsonite is serving travelers with its staggering and most desired features when it comes to luggage that is meant to accompany you for years on end. They are the trendsetters in functional, innovative, stylish, and durable baggage especially designed for the cabin crew.


The Samsonite Under-seat Carry-on Spinner is an intelligent choice in compact luggage that can be adjusted under the seat and works well for most airlines. This luggage comes with myriad options in terms of pockets and organizing the stuff inside. 

The dimensions of this bag are 15″ X 13″ X 8″, and it weighs up to 7 pounds. The bag provides an ESB charging port so that you don’t have to worry about charging your electronic devices while traveling long distances. The spinner wheels are sturdy, lightweight, and multi-dimensional for ease of maneuvering through tight spaces. 

Samsonite offers multiple pocket options on the outside so that you can stack your urgent documents, laptop, and other belonging at a hand’s distance. It even fits a laptop up to 13″in size, and stability is ensured with a holding elastic strap. The side pocket of the bag adds jazz to the design of the bag and also provides some extra storage capacity for headphones or books for traveling. 

The handle of this Under-seat Carry-on Spinner luggage is ergonomically designed so that it fits in your hand with ease and also has a push button locking system. The back of the bag is equipped with intelligent sleeves that let it rest on the top of most luggage with ease. 

Samsonite’s luggage ensures durability and has a long life to be a long-term companion on your travels around the world. It is incredibly lightweight, around 5.5 lbs, and makes you move with confidence during long airport walks.


  • Spinner wheels with 360-dimensional navigation
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Three-year warranty
  • USB charging port


  • Smaller capacity
  • No side handle

9.) DELSEY PARIS Helium Aero:

DELSEY PARIS is a company producing emblematic luggage for over 70 years now, and its products have been accompanying people comfortably and are full of options for traveling worldwide. The luggage is lightweight, and the stylish designs are simply impressive. 


DELSEY Paris Helium Aero is an exciting option in terms of design and multiple functionalities for frequent travelers like flight attendants and cabin crew. The overall dimension of the bag is around 21” X 14” X 9” with an exceptionally low weight of 8.2lbs is what suits you the best. 

The bag is built with a robust and exceptionally durable polycarbonate material that offers excellent resistance against any scratches and cuts. The body of the bag has a deep metallic finish that adds intense jazz to the product and makes it appealing to the eyes. 

The inside space of the bag is divided into two compartments with fabric and zippers to secure the compartments. The tie-down strap and mesh web straps hold on tight to the clothes and let them travel without any creases or wrinkles. 

There is easy front access to the inside cubicle, which is provided with several pockets to hold the laptop; another two pockets are available to hold other computer devices or even your skincare products. The primary purpose is to provide better arrangement and organization of your special and immediate access belongings. Eight spinner wheels are running swiftly while you are dragging it along with you to the airport, without any jerky movements, and with commendable smoothness. The suitcase is also expandable and even up to 2 inches which will significantly enhance the inside space for your belongings. 

There are two handles provided, one at the top and the other one on the side, to carry the suitcase in whichever way you want. The plus is that these handles are made up of highly soft material so that your hand takes the load with ease. The cherry on the top feature is the TSA lock available on the bag, which keeps your mind at peace regarding any theft.


  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • Scratch resistant
  • Eight spinner wheels
  • TSA lock
  • Many pockets 


  • No USB port option 

10.) Travelpro Platinum Elite:

Travelpro is never lagging in flabbergasting its users with unique traveling options all encapsulated in every luggage product. Travelpro makes sure that you are traveling with a professional whose gonna look after every bit of traveling detail. 


The Travelpro Platinum Elite suitcase is robust with hard shell polycarbonate material to provide ultimate strength and durability to endure long and frequent journeys. The sides of the bag are guarded by special metal protectors to avoid any wear or tear. 

The outer dimension of the bag is 23″ X 14.5″ X 9.5″, which is tested to fit conveniently in the compartments that are overhead of most airlines. The inner 21″ area is divided by zippers so that more items can be adjusted on both sides of the bag. There are special pockets for keeping delicate items with more care, and the inside is water resistant to avoid any problems. 

The handle is equipped with a unique Precision Glide system that ensures smooth movement and a rigid hold of the whole bag while rolling with you to the airport. The magnetic spinner wheels are endorsed with MagnaTrac technology, so they change directions as needed and move smoothly. 

The bag is equipped with a TSA lock to keep your things safe, and only the TSA authorities can open it. The luggage also provides a USB and C port connection for charging your devices on the go. The Travelpro Platinum Elite is built to give you the superior experience of traveling with all aspects covered appropriately.


  • Polycarbonate hard shell
  • TSA lock
  • USB and C port
  • Precision Glide system in the handle
  • MagnaTrac in Spinner wheels
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • High price tag
  • Not many color options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do flight attendants have to buy their luggage?

Flight attendants usually purchase their luggage from notable brands that are particularly recommended by the airlines for their high-quality providence in terms of long traveling. Particular retailers mainly design luggage that is designed according to the demand of the professional attendants and also fulfilling the measurement obligations of many airlines. The most famous retailers are Travelpro, Briggs & Riley, Samsonite, and American Tourister. 

Why do flight attendants use Travelpro?

Travelpro is one of the most commonly used and recommended brands by experts like pilots and flight attendants who have years of traveling experience and know which bag survived the test of travel. It’s mostly Travelpro as it has a lot to offer in terms of durability, maneuvering, lightweight, space, design, and also the reasonable prices that the company has to offer. These bags have stood the test of time, and that is why most flight attendants vehemently suggest them for relentless traveling. 

Where do flight attendants put their luggage?

The flight attendants usually retain the first front overhead cabin to place their luggage and belongings. These overhead bins are out of the bound of the passengers, and only the flight attendants get access to it and put their luggage in there. 

How much luggage are flight attendants allowed?

The flight attendants’ allocated weight can vary from airline to airline; however, a generally accepted rule for the flight attendants’ luggage is two hand carries which could be accompanied byhandbagbag or even a laptop bag while they are boarding the plane. 

What size is cabin size suitcase?

The dimensions of a cabin size luggage can vary according to the different airlines; however, the generally accepted size is almost 22 inches in height, 14 inches in length, and around 9 inches in width. There can be slight differences in the height, but primarily the worldwide accepted dimension is up to 22 inches in height. 

What is crew baggage?

Creww baggage is a specific term allocated to the baggage of the crew onboard a flight; it’s around the same size as that cabin-size luggage or a hand-carry. In some cases, the airline provides its crew members with the crew baggage, or otherwise, they are recommended some retailers from which they can choose according to their choice.

Are flight attendants allowed to lift bags?

The flight attendants are usually present to offer you a hand while picking up your baggage; however, they will never pick it up for you as it is officially restricted, and they are not allowed to do that on the passenger’s part.


While traveling frequently, flight attendants require the best luggage that would be accompanying them for days to years on end. Many brands offer durability, strength, lifetime warranty, multiple pockets for better organization, spinner wheels for sturdy rolling, robust handles to pull along, and many more. Travelpro, Briggs & Riley, Samsonite, and American Tourister are on the list, to name a few. This luggage is specially designed to fit in the overhead cabins with ease and provide as many options as they can to fulfill the requirement of frequent travelers. The article discusses the pros and cons of this luggage at length to give you a better and unbiased insight while going for your pick.

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