Best Waterproof Bag For Disney

Planning a trip to Disney land is an exciting adventure where you embark on thrilling rides and explore charismatic attractions. But to keep the trip safe and sound you need to assure the protection of the belongings from the water. As the water is an imminent part wherever you go. So, this biggest challenge lies in the selection of waterproof bags that protect your essentials from getting wet due to water rides, accidental spills, or sudden rainfall. 

Luckily, by looking at the best waterproof bags for Disney you can put an end to impediments. Because these waterproof bags not only protect your items from getting wet but also provide you with spacious compartments, allowing you to set the items in symmetry. Most interestingly, these bags are quite attractive that are sure to make a fashion statement. 

Top Pick:

Therefore, to make your struggle easy Oniva Soft cooler backpack is spotlighted as the best waterproof bag for Disney. This bag is made up of polyester: A material that provides the bag with the water protection ability. Apart from it, these backpacks contain large compartments to store the items without creating a mess. Moreover, they are designed according to the theme of Disneyland which seems eye-catching. So, by having this backpack you can easily reach the saturation point where you can balance both performativity and style at the same time. 

Best Waterproof Bag For Disney Best Waterproof Bag For Disney


Under Armor Unisex Hustle● Highly water Resistant 
● Machine washable 
● 100% use of polyester 
● UA storm Technology 
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Waterfly Cling Crossbody● Water repellent 
● Easy To Clean 
● Large Compartments 
● Breathable
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Oniva Soft Cooler Backpack● Lightweight 
● Water repellent 
● Durable polyester 
● Padded straps
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Vera Bradley Sling bag● Water repellent fabric
● Zipper pockets 
● Adjustable Straps
● Weight 8.4 ounces 
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Fjallraven Mini Backpack● Polyester fabric 
● Waterproof Vinylon F
● Lightweight 
● Adjustable straps 
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1.) Under Armor Unisex Hustle Backpack:

Under Armor Unisex Backpack is one of the best backpacks to carry to Disney land. Because it is designed using a durable, lightweight, and waterproof polyester fabric that provides unfailing protection against any water damage. Moreover, UA storm technology used in this bag assures an additional water-protective lining across the stitching and all over the zipper for more security. 

Furthermore, this backpack contains numerous spacious compartments that permit you to organize the stuff for the park such as snacks, water bottles, cameras, chargers, etc in a manageable, accessible, and secure way. This bag is designed in a way that it contains 2 mesh bottles holder at the sides, one padded pocket, one large compartment, zipper inner pockets, and one outer pocket. So all the essentials of the park are effortlessly managed. 

Apart from it, the adjustable straps of this bag put forward user-friendly support for long wear. You can easily carry it on your shoulder the whole time at Disney world without feeling any stress. The best factor of this bag is that it comes in the market with the versatility of design and color that match the preferences of both males and females. 

So, you can easily pick the bag that suits your style. However, this bag does not contain a padded panel and straps which causes difficulty for those who prefer a bag with padded straps and the back for more ease.

  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable 
  • Spacious compartments
  • Lack of padded back panel

Final Verdicts: 

Overall, the Under Armour unisex backpack is easy to carry for Disneyland because it is light in weight and provides awesome protection to the items against water damage.

2.) Waterfly Cling Crossbody Bag:

Want to buy a waterproof bag for Disney land at a low price? For this, water fly sling Crossbody bags are perfect. These bags are made up of durable and lightweight material i.e. Nylon. This material not only provides resistance again daily decay but also provides the bag with a water-protecting ability. This means that whether you are going to enjoy the water ride or there is sudden rainfall, you do not need to worry about the stuff. Because this nylon material does not let a single drop of water penetrate the bag. 

Moreover, this bag has 7 spacious compartments which provide your ease of putting all the stuff necessary for the park. Its main compartment is spacious enough to carry the 13 inches laptop. Its side mesh holder allows for quick access to the water bottles whenever needed. Other than this, the water fly sling bag also contains an additional zipper net pocket to carry the wet umbrella or towel at the bottom. Most interestingly, it contains two antitheft pockets one at the back and the other on the shoulder strap where you can easily put stuff like cash, credit card, or keys. 

Apart from it, the adjustable and versatile nature of the straps allows you to wear this bag like a cross-body bag, shoulder bag, chest bag, or sling bag. This means that you can easily carry a waterfall throughout the day at Disneyland without putting any stress on your shoulders.  

Beyond this, the water fly sling crossbody bag is the perfect choice for music lovers because this bag contains a headphone slot. However, this bag lack in one factor the pocket it contains is small in size, So, adjusting the bulky items in it seems challenging.

  • Super easy to restore its original shine. 
  • Affordable 
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Compact Pockets

Final Verdict 

So, the water fly sling bag is worthwhile to buy because with just a small investment you can get a bag that is waterproof, adjustable, comfortable, and durable.

3.) Oniva Soft Cooler Backpack:

If you are going to Disney land with your family, then consider picking the PTX soft cooler backpack because it can hold 23 cans. This means that you can easily store maximum food for the family. Additionally, its insulted cooler keeps the items cool and fresh. Therefore you do not need to worry about the food at all. 

Apart from it, the polyester material provides water protection ability, ensuring great resistance against water penetration into the bag. 

Other than this, the adjustable padded straps of this bag allow you to adjust the straps as per your body potential. Having dimensions of 11×7×12.5 inches this bag is perfect to carry for a whole day at the Disney parks. So, irrespective of putting strain on the body it’s lightweight and adjustability, ideally making it easy to carry at the Disney land. 

Moreover, this Oniva soft Cooler Backpack comes in the market with the design of a Mickey which resembles the theme of Disney Land. Therefore, while ensuring the performativity you can maintain your style and elegance as well. 

Most interestingly, the polyester material used in this bag provides it with a lifelong guarantee. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its damage while setting the trip to a rushy place i.e. Disney land. But, despite its huge space and waterproof ability, this bag has small sides mesh water bottle holders which make it difficult to carry reusable water bottles.

  • Insulated cooler 
  • Lightweight 
  • Attractive design
  • Compact side water bottle holders

Final Verdict: 

Overall, these bags are ideal to carry for the Disney land where you need to store the snacks and cans for the family, as it has a spacious insulated cooler. Moreover, the durability, lightweight, and water-protecting natures also make this bag worthy enough to consider for whole-day trips to Disneyland.

4.) Vera Bradley Sling bag:

If you are looking forward to buying a waterproof but standard-size bag then the Vera Bradley Sling bag is the best option to opt for. 

These bags are designed by using recycled bottle material i.e. polyester that not only enhances its ability to set the shield against the water. But also adds a lot to its life. 

These bags contain two zipper pockets. One compartment is large enough to carry the items like sunglass cases, small bottles of water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a few snacks, while its outer pocket is small but spacious enough to carry your mobile phone. Apart from it, it also contains D shaped key holder near the straps.

Moreover, Highlighting its adjustability you can adjust the strap at your convenience because it can change into a cross-body bag or even wrap around your waist turning into a fanny pack. But,  because of its standard size, the pockets of this bag do not provide you with any additional space. So, you need to be careful while storing your stuff in it. Make sure that all the items you have added are essential to use in the park.

  • Affordable
  • Removal or adjustable straps 
  • Versatile in nature
  • Small size compartments

Final Verdict: 

So, if you are looking forward to enjoying the time at Disney land without any stress on the mind and the body. Then opt for Vera Bradley Sling minibag because its compact size makes it easy to carry the whole day at the park. Also, its durable and water-resistant properties assure the safety of your essentials throughout the day.

5.) Fjallraven Mini Backpack:

If you want to buy a backpack with a cool classy design for adults or teens then consider Fjallraven Mini Backpack. Because these bags provide you with huge color options i.e. 60. So, you can easily choose the color that compliments your outfit. 

Apart from it, the Vinylon fabric is used in the manufacturing of these bags that make them water protected. Therefore, you can ensure the protection of your items while enjoying the water rides at Disney world. 

Other than this, Fjallraven Mini Backpack contains 1 interior pocket to store the items like small tablets, snakes, chargers, etc.  While its 3 exteriors compartment allows you to put small stuff such as wallet credit cards, mobile, hand sanitizer, etc in a symmetry. However, it contains two side water bottles mesh pockets, that are too small in size and won’t handle the water bottle. Therefore, what you can do is to get hold of a small bottle and adjust it into the interior pocket. 

Moreover, the adjustable strap of this bag allows you to the quick access to things. Other than this, top straps also help you to handle it as a bucket bag whenever you want to. 

But one thing that sometimes concerns is that it does not contain a padded strap which means that they are not easy to carry for the entire day.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Suitable for teens and adults 
  • Padded back
  • Petite side mesh pockets 
  • Do not contain Padded straps.

Buying Guide: 

Irrespective of the bags mentioned as the top pick. If you want to buy other designs of waterproof bags for Disney land. Then make sure to accompany these essential features to avoid ambiguities. 

Use of waterproof materials: 

If you are looking for a waterproof bag then the very first thing you need to consider is the use of material. Make sure that it contains materials like polyester, nylon, and other water-coating protective layers. These materials set the barrier against the water entering the bag and also provide outstanding durability. 

This means that all the item that you Carry with you will be protected and saved no matter if it is Electronic or unknown electronic. 


If you are planning to spend your whole day at Disney World with a friend or family. Then it is necessary to pick the things that are super comfortable and easy to carry. And in this regard the weight of your bag matters because if you want to enjoy the day out at Disney World then you must have a relaxed mind. Heavy bags often create stress on the body which is quite frustrating. Therefore always prefer a bag that is light in weight and has adjustable straps to set the bag as per your comfort. Moreover, make sure to pick the essential stuff only. if you do not want to carry an overweight bag.

Size of the Bag:

If you want to buy a waterproof bag for Disneyland then look for one that is medium in size. The ideal dimension for the medium size bags lies within the range of 11 to 15 inches in length, 7 to 10 inches in width, and 12 to 15 inches in height. 

These dimensions will assure you the right size of the back that will be easy to carry and quite spacious to store the necessary things for the park. 


If you want to make your investment worthwhile then look for waterproof bags for Disneyland that contain sturdy construction and strong stitching. The bag you choose must ensure resistance against daily tears as the strong construction and the reinforced stitching are the indicator of a high-quality product.


If you want to make your trip trouble and tension free then make sure the bag you pick has adjustable padded straps. Because this adjustable nature of the bag allows you to set it according to your comfort on your shoulders. Other than this adjustability also provides you with different options such as you can carry the bag as a backpack or adjust the strips and convert it into a cross-body bag or a tote bag. Beyond this adjusting ability of the strip also provide you with an indication that no matter what your body size is you can easily adjust the strap according to your comfort level.

Style and design: 

When you are planning to go for an outing to spend an enjoyable day then for this your look plays an essential role.  So, to maintain their personality everyone tries to choose the thing that looks perfect as per their personality. These things do not include the outfit but also the thing that you carry along with you and one of the most obvious is the bags. To maintain the overall look and showcase your fashion taste look for a style and design that look neither too bold nor too dull to create a fashion statement. Do not compromise the performativity of the bag for the sake of this style because, in the end, you are the one who is going to suffer. So, by maintaining a proper balance between the performance of the bag and the style is the key to comfort. Therefore, opt for an attractive color backpack that resembles the theme of Disney Land.


Another important factor that helps you to avoid any complications regarding your visit to Disneyland is the proper organization of the stuff that you carry. And for this, you need to find a waterproof bag that provides you with numerous compartments. Look for a bag that has a separate water bottle mesh pocket, a secure padded compartment for electronics, a large compartment for carrying bulky stuff, and some interior and exterior small pockets for easy access to things.  Each compartment of this bag helps you to store the stuff without creating a mess. Additionally, the less messy the bag is the more easily you can access the things. 


Comfort is the utmost priority of every person no matter what the thing is. So if you do not want to ruin your day at Disney land with the stress of your bag then make sure to pick a bag that contains breathable yet padded straps as well as the bag. Because this padded and breathable nature keeps the burden of the bag away from your shoulders. 


Make sure that the bag you choose contains an additional hidden zipper pocket inside of the bag because it allows you to secure your card credits or cash. Especially when you are going to a place where you find a huge crowd i.e. Disney world 

People May Also Ask: 

Why is a waterproof backpack essential to carry at Disneyland?

A waterproof backpack is important for Disneyland because it is a place where you encounter several water-accumulated rides. Other than this, you may encounter m accidental spill or sudden rain. So, to keep your electronics, wallet, and other stuff safe and sound you need to buy a waterproof backpack. 

Can I take my waterproof backpack to the water ride at Disney Park? 

Yes, you can take your waterproof backpack along with you but it depends upon the ride you are going on. Because there are few of the rides that do have restrictions and provide you a locker to save your staff. 

What is the price range of a waterproof backpack for Disney? 

Generally, the price of a waterproof backpack lies between the range of $10 to $50. However, it will vary as per the brand or the quality you are going to prefer. 

Can I use the waterproof backpack for another activity besides taking it to Disney Land? 

Yes, you can use the waterproof backpack for any purpose or you can that it for other outdoor activities like hiking camping day out on a beach, etc as well. 

Where can buy a waterproof bag for Disney Land?

You can find a waterproof backpack from retail working shops or bag stores. Other than this, if you are looking to buy bags with the theme of Disneyland then the best place to buy them is from the Disney Merchandise store or the official website of Disney. 

Bottom Line: 

In a nutshell, waterproof bags are essential to carry for the places like Disney Land where you intentionally or unintentionally come in contact with the water. therefore, to keep your essential items safe and sound choose any of the bags mentioned as the top pick. Other than this, if you want to choose other designs of the bags then keep features like material, durability, construction, comfort, nature, etc in consideration. So that can you buy the perfect waterproof bag for Disney Land without making waste of money.

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