Can A Man Be A Flight Attendant?

Can A Man Be A Flight Attendant

Most airlines used to hire only females as flight attendants in the past, so most male aspirants wonder, Can a man be a flight attendant?

Men can pursue a career in aviation, even though it is typically considered a female-dominated field. Men today have a difficult time finding careers that are both well-paying and satisfying. A man flight attendant, however, is both! The reasons why fewer males are serving as cabin crews are discussed here, along with some advice.

More than three-quarters of 78% of women prefer working as cabin crew over their male colleagues, who currently make up 22% of the airline sector workforce; therefore, the trend is projected to continue. The number of women working as flight attendants has been increasing recently. 

This does not imply that men are prohibited from working as flight attendants!

This article will walk you through every step of becoming a male flight attendant, including learning which airlines hire men for cabin crew positions, understanding their application procedures, and receiving training so that once you submit your job application, the commercial airlines will be sufficiently impressed to call you in for an interview.

So let’s get started!

Can A Man Be A Flight Attendant?

Although it used to be the case that airlines would not employ men as cabin crew, this has changed in recent years. Men can now apply to work as flight attendants, provided they meet the standards and finish the required training. The answer is YES for all the guys reading this who would love to be paid to meet people and travel!

Many more than 25,000 males work as flight crew today. This applies to larger airlines like United and Delta and smaller, more localized ones.

What is a Male Flight Crew Called?

What the title is for males who work as flight attendants is one of the frequently asked questions. Nobody wants to mispronounce someone’s name and risk offending them or aggravating a bad situation worse.

There are numerous ways to address a male flight attendant. The first is to use the flight attendant simply. Although historically, most flight attendants were women, this does not mean that the phrase is only used to refer to women.

The phrase “flight steward” is also frequently used. This is the masculine version of a term that was once commonly used to refer to flight attendants.

You might also call them “cabin attendants.” This is likewise thought to be factual and professional and won’t likely offend anyone.

Last but not least, you may always refer to a man who works as a flight attendant as a member of the cabin crew. This applies to a range of positions in and around commercial airplanes.

Why do Airline companies require a Male flight attendant?

Because some passengers prefer speaking to a male crew member for religious reasons, particularly in Middle Eastern nations where there may be worries over a man conversing with a woman, certain airline companies mandate that there be a minimum of one male crew member on board every trip.

Another justification is if a male traveler would instead communicate to a male crew member about certain medical issues.

A male flight crew is also accommodating because they are typically thought to be more powerful and better equipped to deal with people who, in rare instances, need to be restrained by rowdy customers.

History of the Aviation Industry’s Hiring

In the early decades of commercial aviation, flight crews were hired more for their charm and good looks than for their competence in carrying out the required safety procedures. As a result, young women made up the majority of flight attendants, and the position was frequently used as a springboard for other careers.

However, the hiring of male flight attendants in the 1970s started to modify this. Male flight attendants swiftly surpassed the first astonishment of some passengers to see guys in what had previously been a female-dominated profession in airports worldwide.

In many large airlines nowadays, men cover up a significant portion of the flight attendant workforce, and the position is no longer viewed as primarily being held by women.

What are the responsibilities of Male Flight Attendants?

The duties and responsibilities of a male and female cabin crew are essentially the same. Members of the cabin staff put in a lot of effort to ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable trip.

An airline’s cabin attendants, who put in an average of 16 hours daily, are its foundation. All passengers must have their seat numbers visible and feel secure amid delayed flights or other alterations to the normal course of air travel.

Before passengers board, flight attendants are generally responsible for cleaning up the area around the cabins of the aircraft, checking in the cargo compartment as needed, and then making sure they are well-rested after working at most 10 to 12 hours straight.

They are in charge of attending to all individual needs from the minute they board, ensuring that everything goes without a hitch as they move through various areas of an airplane or helicopter cabin, and even offering assistance when necessary!

If there is any ambiguity during flight time, cabin personnel also provide details on what is happening nearby, especially information released by air traffic controllers.

Most of a cabin crew member’s shift is usually standing; however, if it is outside, where the ground may not always be completely stable, walking may also be required.

What are the Requirements to Become a Male Flight Attendant?

Each airline is unique, and every airline follows its list of particular criteria. The following is a list of general specifications for air carriers that also apply to potential male flight attendant candidates:

  • Minimum age of 18 
  • Satisfy the height criteria, which range from 158 to 185 cm, depending on the airline. Some specifications call for a 212 cm minimum height reach when barefoot.
  • High School Diploma
  • The majority require English proficiency for airlines.
  • No apparent tattoos
  • Possess a background in customer service and be people-oriented
  • Physically active and having a healthy BMI (BMI)

How to Become a Male Flight Attendant?

Although becoming a male flight attendant is never simple, you’ll be well on your way by following these instructions.


You must be at least 18 years old, possess a high school diploma or the equivalent in the GED, and clear an English proficiency test. You must also be at least 5 feet, 9 inches tall (212 cm on most airlines). Depending on the nation and airline company you are applying for.

Your qualifications are crucial to getting a job as a cabin crew, therefore if you’re interested, make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Effective emotional intelligence and charisma to engage individuals in conversation about their flights in front of an audience;
  • The ability to strike up a conversation quickly because those who can relate to or connect with people on an emotional level may make people feel safer, making it easier for them to open up when necessary! Be prepared in case anything goes wrong so everyone can enjoy themselves securely on board.

Applying for Jobs in Different Airline Companies

After all, if a company doesn’t have any opportunities, you cannot apply there. Make sure to keep up with the local airlines’ job boards. Cabin crew employment is an essential component of aviation safety despite being scarce. Therefore, go forward if you wish to get your ideal work as an airline traveler. Look for positions on the career pages of all the organizations.

To apply for a position as a cabin crew on the websites of any airline companies, such as American Airlines and British Airways, first, go to each site’s homepage and select “career opportunities” from the menu in the top right corner, which is located next to the option labeled “Jobs.”

Once located, keep scrolling down until you find “Cabin staff” and other comparable listings, such as those regarding Trainee Opportunities.

If your company doesn’t work out, keep up with the most recent sector and job opening news to uncover new opportunities.

Physical Condition

Although it is a fundamental requirement, this element should be highlighted separately. The cabin crew must be physically capable and in good condition to manage the flight’s safety and security. Therefore, be sure to maintain your physical health.

Before hiring for your preferred airline firm, you must pass a medical fitness test. You must pass the medical examination and be clear of specific disorders to pass.

Finalization of Interview

Open houses and interview rounds, one-on-one or group exercises, will be held. You must complete the screening and evaluation days to be a flight attendant.

Wait for the Call

You will have to wait for the call from the airline firm where you applied to see if you were hired. This is the so-called “golden call.”

Submit all supporting documentation

Make sure you have all the paperwork required for your position. The flight attendant’s application paperwork must be comprehensive and exact to prevent delays in processing your employment.

Gain certification as a flight crew

You will receive training from the airline company after being employed. To succeed as a male flight attendant, complete all the examinations and training sessions.

How much do male cabin crew members make?

Additionally, there are no differences in pay or perks between a male and female crew. The following items make up the salary paid to flight attendants: Basic Salary plus Flight Hours plus Overnight Accommodation.

Basic pay is the regular monthly base salary you will receive.

Flying hours compensation is the wage you receive for each hour you spend on a flight.

The per diem allowance for a day you spend resting after your flight duty in a different nation is known as a “layover allowance.”

The pay will depend on the variables mentioned above, and male flight attendants typically earn more money if they work for more monthly flights.

Which gender makes up the cabin crew?

As long as you’re motivated, capable, and meet the requirements for the position, you can work as a flight attendant, whether you’re a guy or a woman. But be aware that certain airlines will only post career events with a particular gender in mind.

Please don’t take the situation personally because the airline needs this to fill the position and meet its quota.

Why should you choose to work as a flight attendant?

  • You get to go on vacation.
  • Flight attendants are well-paid.
  • In the fight, you’ll encounter several new folks.
  • An exciting position that requires you to be outgoing and social friendly; the nicest benefits available are given to flight attendants, including complimentary meals, reduced airline fares, access to hostels, discounted vehicle rentals, and more.


We sincerely hope we have alleviated your worries about the most frequently asked question, “Can a man be a flight attendant?” You can register as a male crew member and submit your application if the airline firm has not indicated a gender in the job listing. It is a well-known truth that working as a flight attendant is among the world’s most thrilling and fulfilling careers. To join this flying profession, meanwhile, is also exceedingly difficult. There are many incredible advantages to working as a flight attendant, which you’d undoubtedly adore.

Along with those above financial and travel advantages, working as a flight attendant may be a fantastic way to meet new people and experience things that you might not otherwise have if you worked a standard 9 to 5 job.

Wishing you luck on your travels and hoping to meet you soon in the skies!

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