Can Flight Attendants Have Acrylic Nails?

Can Flight Attendants Have Acrylic Nails, or should their nails be trimmed? What are the airlines’ codes and regulations for air hostesses? Find out all answers by scrolling down!

Starting a career as a flight attendant is not a bed of roses; you have to follow some uncanny and strict rules and regulations because flight attendants are the persons who have direct interaction with the passengers, and they all have charisma and beautiful personalities.

But flight attendants, before joining the profession, messed with a myriad of questions, such as Can Flight Attendants Have Acrylic Nails? Can they have long hair? What type of shoes do they have to wear?

If being an air hostess, your mind is overfilled with these questions, then it is pretty obvious because there are specific rules regarding dress code, make-up, hair styling, and piercing for flight attendants and other crew members. 

The answer to our main question is yes; flight attendants can have acrylic nails, but with some exceptions. The nails should be elegant, small, and clean; avoid having weird, dirty, long, and pointed nails. 

Detailed guidelines are mentioned below, read them thoroughly and try to follow the devised rules of your airline. 

Can You Have Long Nails As A Flight Attendant

Can You Have Long Nails As A Flight Attendant?

There are certain guidelines regarding nails for all flight attendants. Women attendants can have gel, natural-looking acrylic, or other nails. However, appropriate options are small conservative styles of nails because they look more suitable than other sharp-edged long and uncanny nails. 

Flight attendants’ job is to serve and greet passengers from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. While helping their food and drinks, their hands are seen by all; hence, manicured, small, clean nails will look great. 

Some Guidelines For Flight Attendants Nails 

Although many airlines allow their flight attendants to wear small earrings and acrylic nails, it does not mean that you wear large earrings and have mystifying nails that look bad to the eyes. 

There are certain guidelines concerning the nails of flight attendants, so you must follow them because it is good for you and the company. 

  • Females are allowed to have short and clean acrylic nails; males do not allow any type of piercing and artificial nails. 
  • You can wear nail varnish; the selected colors are nude, red, explicit, or French ombre. 
  • All these mentioned colors must not be matte finish; instead, they must be gloss finish. 
  • All nails are the same length; if anyone breaks, you must file the remaining ones to the same size.  
  • Metallic shades are not allowed.
  • File the nails square or round, and avoid sharp, pointed edges. 
  • The length must not be longer than half a centimeter above the fingertip. 

Some Useful Tips To Take Care of Nails as a Flight Attendant 

Can Flight Attendants Have Acrylic Nails? We hope you got the answer, but you must take care of your original nails too. We know the flight attendant job is joyful but hectic, too; that is why following these simple tips is suggested and keeping the nails and skin healthy. 

Nails And Hands Need To Remain Moisturized

Flying is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a nightmare for some, but as a flight attendant, you must bear some things with patience. Flying is hard for the skin because it makes it dull, dry, and dehydrated. 

We suggest using cream or lotion to keep the hands and nails moisturized. Apply it gently to the face, neck, lips, and nail tips to make them soft and moisturized. 

Nail Biting Is Unhealthy And Dangerous

Picking or biting the nails without any reason is very harmful. It will develop inflammation across the nails, which causes hindrance to proper growth. Nail biting also causes bacteria to come inside and gather in one place, ultimately leading to infections. Your airline may notice your bad nails and not allow you to go to the next flight. 

Frequent Hand Wash 

About 90% of diseases spread when people don’t wash their hands properly, so washing hands with good soap after meals or touching other things is advised. Washing hands will keep the bacteria away and is also helpful for nails to stay clean. 

Be Careful while Dealing With Certain Things in Plane 

Flight attendants’ job is challenging because they need to listen to passengers, serve them food, and make necessary announcements. In-flight services will be dangerous for the nails and hands. 

So be very careful while opening drawers, doors, cans, coat closets, or while dealing with oven cages. If you do all these tasks in a hurry, the chances are higher that nails get stuck in anything and break.  

Go For Manicure And Pedicure 

As a flight attendant, you must go for a mani and pedicure every month, and why not? You have the right to look charming, beautiful, and attractive. A proper dress code, and neat and clean skin, nails, and hair are needed to look fresh and elegant.  

The Bottom Line

When we join a profession, adopting its standards and policies is compulsory. In case of persistent disobeying the rules, you can lose your job. However, people are very worried about acrylic nails – is it allowed to wear this kind of nail or not? Let me tell you – yes, air hostesses are permitted to wear acrylic nails with some exceptions. 

However, manicured and shorter nails that look natural are more palpable than long or pointed ones. 

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