Can Flight Attendants Have Nose Rings

Can Flight Attendants Have Nose Rings – yes or no? Are you confused? Stay along with us to understand the piercing standards and policies.

Can Flight attendants have nose rings? It is a common question that comes to mind for those who love establishing their career in the airline industry. But remember, being a flight attendant is tricky; you must sacrifice a lot, especially for females. 

So, as far as pricing is concerned, females can only have one kind of piercing, which is ear piercing but not the nose, tongue, or any other sort of visible piercing when they are in uniform, as it is against their set dressing code.

Walk through this article to understand more about nose piercing and why it is considered unprofessional in air hostess policies and standards.

Can Flight Attendants Have Nose Rings

Can Flight Attendants Have Nose Rings?

We all know that women love to apply makeup, wear jewelry, and want to look stylish, elegant, and different from others. But wait, if you are a flight attendant, fulfilling all your wishes when on duty is impossible. 

Most world-renowned airlines forbid their flight attendants with many types of piercing, such as nose, eyebrows, tongue, or lips. 

Females only allow one earlobe piercing in which they can wear small earrings, and they can apply a small amount of natural-looking makeup and lipstick. When talking about nose rings, it is evident that if there is no nose piercing, there will be no nose ring. 

Piercing Not Allowed For Flight Attendants

As a flight attendant, your appearance is undoubtedly the first thing passengers notice and leaves a long-lasting impression. 

That is why almost all the airlines of this world set proper guidelines, rules, and regulations for pilots, airport staff, cabin crew, and flight attendants. Can Flight attendants have nose rings? Can they wear earrings? These questions are raised by people who want to become a part of prestigious airlines. 

With the proper dress and uniform, there are rules about piercing for both males and females. Many renowned airlines don’t allow different types of shooting given below, so avoid them if you want to become a flight attendant.

  • Eyebrow piercing 
  • Wrist piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Lip and tongue piercing
  • Sharp colored piercing
  • And dangle ear piercing

Although Airlines do not allow their flight members certain piercings, it does not mean someone with a piercing looks odd. The airlines forbid this because they believe flight attendants are the persons having direct contact with the passengers, and a clean, elegant image will leave a positive impression on the airline, their staff, and on-frequency travelers. 

Piercing other than the ear is considered unprofessional and leaves a bad impression; in other words, it is unsuitable for airline staff. 

Wearing a nose ring on duty is also not allowed for flight attendants due to strict rules and dress code policies. Females can apply little make that gives them a natural look and makes them presentable. You know the sharp makeup and oversized earrings will provide more of a fashion model look than a flight attendant. 

Large-size earrings are also dangerous for many reasons we mentioned below; read them, and before going to an interview for a flight attendant, always be well prepared. 

Flight Attendants Are Not Allowed to Have Piercing: Why?

All airlines of this world agree on one point related to piercing for flight attendants and other crew members. Only one earlobe piercing is allowed; all others are prohibited. Here are a few reasons why piercing and wearing large earrings and nose rings are prohibited for airline staff. 

Let’s have a look! 

Safety Comes First 

Piercing is considered offensive and dangerous, especially during duty hours, because it can lead to uncertain situations and leave wrong impressions in passengers’ minds. However, all women flight attendants are allowed to wear small size earrings. Nose rings look odd during duty hours, so it is better to avoid wearing them. 

Females are not allowed to wear fashionable large earrings because the large earrings do not give a pleasant look to the uniform. Secondly, they may come in contact with the life jacket, smoke hood, or oxygen mask, ultimately worsening the situation. 

On the other hand, lip or tongue piercing causes interference while communicating with the passengers and other staff members, especially when the megaphone and emergency whistle are needed in case of an unfortunate emergency.  

Flight Attendants Need To Look Presentable 

Airlines across the globe, such as United Airlines, Australian Airlines, America, France, and other European airlines, may have different uniforms for their staff, but they all share some standard rules regarding the flight attendants and other staff members of the airline. One rule is related to piercing; in most parts of the world, females, and males are not allowed nose, lip, tongue, or wrist piercing. 

All airlines want to make their staff presentable, especially flight attendants who directly interact with the passengers. In short words, they are known as the company’s face. 

People from across the globe travel by plane and belong to distinct backgrounds, cultures, religions, and countries. 

Hence, airlines should set specific rules for both females and males. They need to look more traditional than offensive so that people will go to the next flight by having a positive image in their minds. 

The Bottom Line

Flight attendants have a strict duty and are somehow bound by their dress and lifestyle. There is a dilemma about whether the flight attendants are supposed to wear nose rings or not. Well, let me summarize, flight attendants are not allowed any piercing except the ear lobe.

For further detail, you can thoroughly read this article!

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