Can Flight Attendants Have Piercing

Can flight attendants have piercing is the most frequently asked question, so we have discussed it in detail.

If you’ve ever flown or wish to be a flight crew, you would have observed that flight crew are the epitome of professionalism, with immaculate uniforms and impeccable appearance.

Even though the flight crew is appreciated due to their impressive aura and personality, however, many aspiring flight attendants ask Can flight attendants have piercings?

Female Flight crews are typically only permitted one piercing in each earlobe, while male Flight Crews are not allowed to have any apparent piercings. Piercings on the nose, lips, and tongue, as well as piercings on other areas of the face or the body, are not permitted while wearing the flight Crew uniform. If a woman seems to have more than a single ear piercing, she is allowed to wear earrings in each earlobe.

So you would be wondering if piercings are permitted on flight attendants!

The flight crew is typically not permitted to have apparent piercings other than modest, inconspicuous earrings and studs that do not draw everyone’s attention to themselves.

But there’s more to piercings than that, particularly if you want to be a flight crew. To understand, keep reading till the end!

Can Flight Attendants Have Piercing

Can Flight Crew Have Piercing?

Most airlines want flight attendants to have no visible piercings. That individual will not be hired as a Cabin Crew if they possess any apparent piercings because they expect all Flight Crew to maintain an elegant or simple image and look uniform. 

Although, this is not to argue that anyone with piercings does not appear professional; it’s just that most airline companies believe that because Flight crews have frequent physical interaction and influence passengers, a ‘clean’ appearance looks decent apparently for the airline company.

Furthermore, because piercings other than the usual nose and ear are deemed forbidden in Islam, any other piercings on the face may disturb some Muslim travelers. If the Flight Crew does not have other piercings despite the standard ear piercings in females, it prevents irritating passengers who consider the piercings unprofessional or insulting. 

Extra piercings still create a negative image in some societies, and although facial piercings are becoming increasingly widespread, many individuals think they are inappropriate for the profession.

Piercings Flight Crew are not allowed. 

Almost all airlines throughout the world prohibit their flight crew from having the following piercings:

  • Piercings of the nose, lips, and tongue
  • Pierced eyebrows and wrists
  • Ear piercings with oversized hoops and dangly designs
  • Piercings in vibrant colors

Piercings Flight Crews Are Permitted to Have

Flight crews are only permitted to have one pair of tiny studs or earrings in their ears.

Furthermore, the studs or earrings:

  • It must be made of diamond, silver, gold, or pearl
  • Matching with the dress

Why are Piercings not allowed for flight attendants?

Flight crews are not permitted to have visible piercings for appearance and safety.

Safety of the plane

Piercings can be problematic onboard, especially in unexpected, risky conditions.

While they are allowed to wear earrings, there are standard type and size limits, as more oversized earrings might interfere with placing an oxygen mask, putting on a rescue jacket, or a smoke hood.

A lip or tongue piercings may obstruct proper speech, especially when using an emergency siren or megaphone.


Unsurprisingly, airlines place a premium on appearances, particularly those who represent them, such as the Cabin crew. Flight crews are the airline’s public face.

Flight attendants regularly meet with individuals from many walks of life, countries, and culture.

It is, therefore, preferable for airline companies to remain cautious and have those who work for and represent the airline with a more traditional image that is less offensive.

Which Airlines allow piercings for flight attendants?

Regarding piercings, airlines worldwide are nearly all in agreement: discreet studs or earrings are permitted, but everything else is not.

On the other hand, United Airlines has updated its appearance standards to foster a “more inclusive culture…to provide a more realistic reflection of the individuals and cultures that make United the brand, it is today.”

United flight crew are now permitted to wear nose piercings. However, any nose piercing should be discreet and not unduly visible.

More airlines following suit and revising their appearance requirements in the years ahead would not surprise us.

United Airlines’ Nose Piercing Policy for Flight Attendants

Limitations about this can be regarded as discriminatory by some people as the disadvantages of becoming a Flight crew. However, times are changing. Since 1st September 2021, The United Airlines Flight Crew has been permitted to wear nose piercings.

United Airlines listened to employee comments and believes that the revised and upgraded Image and Style guidelines provide an authentic portrayal of all people who are a part of United Airlines. In the future, more airlines may include. Still, for the time being, the other leading airlines in Delta, United States – American Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest have made no commitments to revise their regulations regarding the Style and Image requirements.

If you possess a nose piercing, I recommend that you verify the requirements for the individual airline for which you like to apply. Some airlines, particularly regional carriers in Australia, America, and Europe, may be more relaxed than the other airlines and have begun implementing new Image and Style criteria, as United Airlines has. Airlines in the Middle East and Asia are most probably to be the most rigid in refusing to amend their present style and Image restrictions of ear piercing for female flight attendants.

Are Male flight Crews with piercings permitted?

While the females are permitted to have single ear piercings, male flight crew are typically restricted from getting any piercings.

Some airlines, however, allow males to wear tiny, discreet earrings on earlobes, though it is not considered a norm.

Can you go for an interview with apparent piercings?

If you’re attending a Flight Crew interview or an Assessment Day, be mindful of getting rid of any piercings before. Females may wear studs in their ears -stud earrings with pearls are a secure bet. Aside from that, remove any additional piercings.

Show up with piercings, and the airline states clearly that piercings are not allowed. The evaluators will most probably send you back right away, well before you get the opportunity to submit your Flight Crew CV.

So don’t forget to take out any piercings! However, even if your piercings are removed, and if it leaves a mark, they will significantly diminish your recruiting chance. If you can remove the piercing without leaving a visible scar, it should not affect your possibility of being employed as a Cabin Crew. I’ve known flight crews who had pierced their tragus and numerous earlobes piercings and were still hired.

Cabin Crew Hiring Process

The hiring procedure for Flight Attendants is highly competitive; moreover, the examiners are seeking any reason for sending someone back early so that they have fewer applications to choose between. If you possess a tongue, nose, and lip piercing, you should remove it before attending Assessment Day. Furthermore, if you’re scheduled to participate in a Flight crew Assessment Day soon, I would put off getting any new piercings.

These piercing requirements apply not just to the aspiring Flight crews but also to present flight Crews – they aren’t permitted to obtain piercings other than those permitted during their career.

Several other appearance requirements 

Flight Crew Must Follow In addition to not having piercings, the flight crew is not permitted to have apparent tattoos.

Even if you can conceal the tattoo with cosmetics, it is still not permitted because cosmetics can be washed off and worn off on long-haul flights.

Flight attendants may wear natural, gel, acrylic, or any other type of nail, but they must be shorter and more conservative in appearance, unlike piercings and tattoos.

Everything comes down, leading to the airline’s distinct look criteria.

If you’re still in doubt, a “groomed look that matches traditional norms” are the best guideline to follow.



We hope that reading this post has answered your questions concerning “Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?” We attempted to cover every detail of piercing requirements in various airline companies. Most airlines have regulations to restrict visible body piercings on Flight Crew Crew. These restrictions will range between airlines, with some being stricter than others. Check the rules for the respective airlines for which you plan to apply.

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