Can Flight Attendants have Tattoos

Prospective flight attendants must understand whether they are permitted to get tattoos, so they often ask, “Can a flight attendant have tattoos?”

If you are one of those aspiring flight attendants who wonder, Can flight attendants have tattoos? This article is for you!

To answer shortly, It depends on the airline you are applying to!

Although it can vary by airline, flight crew are generally not permitted to wear any visible tattoos while in uniform.

Some airlines may allow their flight crew to have noticeable tattoos in regions while wearing uniforms as long as they can be concealed, even by cosmetics.

Other airlines do not permit their flight crew to hide prominent tattoos when they are dressed professionally.

Some airlines even outright restrict their cabin crew from getting tattoos, whether or not they may be seen while wearing a uniform.

Given all the fantastic benefits, it makes sense that you are interested in working as a flight attendant, but you are perplexed that your tattoos might prevent you from getting hired. Not to worry! We have done a thorough investigation to guide you properly.

Read all the way through!

Can Flight Attendants have Tattoos

Can Flight Attendants have Tattoos?

Many airlines are changing their policies and are no longer as harsh about tattoos as they once were. Each airline company has its guidelines for flight attendant appearance.

You represent the firm as a flight attendant, and airlines expect their front-facing staff to dress to a high standard.

Although there are no longer any weight requirements for flight attendants, there are still requirements for crew members’ looks.

Visible body tattoos

Tattoos that are visible while a flight crew is donning their uniform are referred to as visible tattoos. Tattoos on the lower legs, wrist, lower arms, hands, neck, and feet are some popular areas with visible tattoos

While some airlines permit their flight crew to cover up any apparent tattoos, others won’t, and as a result, won’t hire you.

Hidden tattoos

In general, particularly in the United States and Europe, non-visible tattoos—that is, tattoos hidden by a flight attendant’s uniform—are permitted.

In other parts of the world, there are some exceptions, though.

Why aren’t tattoos allowed on flight attendants?

Because they serve as a representative of the company and its brand, flight attendants are not permitted to have visible tattoos.

Therefore, airlines want their flight crew to always present a positive and professional image.

On almost every flight, passengers interact with and occasionally view the aircraft’s aviator piloting.

Airlines want their passengers to quickly link their flight crew with a professional appearance that leaves a good, lasting impression because they are essentially the airline’s face.

To grow, airlines need to project an image of professionalism, worldliness, cosmopolitanism, approachability, and efficiency—attributes that tattoos might not convey, especially in light of the numerous diverse cultures and worldviews that exist today.

The Interview for a Flight Attendant

Knowing the airline’s tattoo policy is crucial before going in for a flight crew interview. Make sure you can hide your tattoos for the meeting before you even start writing your CV.

If in doubt, avoid displaying tattoos during an interview with a flight attendant.

If you don’t already have a tattoo, to give you the most remarkable advice is to wait to acquire one until you are out of probation because the contest for flight attendant employment is tough.

Newly hired flight attendants are on probation for six to twelve months!

If you already possess a tattoo, you should concentrate on covering it for your flight attendant interview. Tattoos must be concealed throughout training in addition to when you are wearing a uniform.

Can Flight Attendants have tattoos?

Flight attendants may or may not be allowed to hide their tattoos, depending on the airline.

Some airlines permit their flight crew to cover their tattoos using cosmetics, a scarf, or other uniform-appropriate apparel.

Let’s look at some of the most well-known airlines’ policies regarding tattoos for flight attendants.

Airline’s Tattoo Policy for Cabin Crew

American Airlines

Alaska Airlines: Visible tattoos no longer than a working badge are acceptable for flight attendants. They must be covered up if they are bigger or on the face, neck, chest, or hands.

American Airlines prohibits visible tattoos on flight attendants when they are in uniform.

Delta Airlines prohibits visible tattoos on flight attendants while they are in uniform.

Frontier Airlines prohibits visible tattoos on flight attendants when they are in uniform.

JetBlue: While in uniform, flight crews are not permitted to wear any tattoos that are clearly visible.

Southwest Airlines: Flight crews are permitted to conceal tattoos with their scarves, long sleeves, hair, or pants.

Spirit Airlines prohibits visible tattoos on flight attendants when they are in uniform.

United Airlines: Visible tattoos that are no longer than a working badge are acceptable for flight attendants. Larger tattoos, as well as those on the hands, neck, or face, are prohibited.

Continental Airlines

The majority of European airlines are more tolerant of tattoos and permit flight crew to cover them.

For instance, Wizz Air, EasyJet, Ryanair, and let visible tattoos be covered up, including with cosmetics.

Central Asian Airlines

Airlines from the Middle East are stricter.

Finding a Middle Eastern company that permits flight attendants to conceal their tattoos with cosmetics would be unlikely.

For instance, Etihad and Emirates forbid flight attendants from covering tattoos that are visible.

Other airlines, including Qatar Airways, outright prohibit tattoos.

Which airlines permit tattoos on their flight attendants?

Starting in June 2022, Virgin Atlantic flight attendants will be allowed to have a visible tattoo below the neck, but any tattoos deemed offensive must still be completely covered.

This change has been made to enable flight attendants to “express their individual identities.”

Since 2019, any visible tattooed flight attendants sport “non-offensive tattoos.”

What Happens When a Flight Crew Is Caught Trying to Hide a Tattoo?

During Training 

If a flight crew is discovered to violate the airline’s policy by having a tattoo during the recruiting and training process, they will be sent home immediately.

While Employed

Even if a flight attendant was able to hide their tattoos during the recruiting process, there will still be repercussions after they start working for the airline.

When a tattoo is discovered that violates the airline’s policy, a flight attendant will lose their job.

Are tattoos Worth Removing?

Several criteria determine if tattoo removal is worthwhile or not.

First, having a tattoo does not automatically disqualify one from employment as a flight crew member.

Simply choosing which airlines to apply to more carefully will be necessary, while doing so can lower your likelihood of landing a job as a flight attendant.

It can also matter how much you desire to employ for a particular airline.

Furthermore, take into consideration that not all tattoos can be completely removed, multiple treatments may be necessary, and laser treatment can be costly.

What if you’ve got a tattoo on your forearm?

Can I be a flight crew with arm tattoos? is a question I hear frequently. Long sleeves are a common feature of airline uniforms. Therefore, you will be safe if you can totally conceal your forearm using cosmetics or if you wear long sleeves.

Since many airlines do not enable tattoos to be concealed by bandages, your only options are makeup and long sleeves.

Is Getting a Tattoo on Your Wrist Okay?

Unless you can conceal your wrist tattoo with makeup, a watch, or long sleeves, it can be regarded as noticeable.

It might be possible to conceal a wrist tattoo with a watch since all flight attendants are required to wear one.

If the wrist tattoo complies with Alaska Air’s requirements and is no bigger than a credit or debit card, you can fly with it.

As long as it is no bigger than a credit card and isn’t deemed “offensive,” Alaska and United will allow this kind of tattoo.

Will tattoos ever be permitted on flight attendants?

Some airline companies have already updated their dress codes in recent years to make them more adaptable to the outside world.

This includes relaxing the rules regarding tattoos and whether flight attendants must cover them.

Even more, airlines are likely to change their appearance requirements in the upcoming years, although tattoos that are deemed offensive will still be prohibited.

But it’s likely that tattoos on the hands, neck, and face will always need to be covered up.

Are Piercings Allowed on Flight Attendants?

Each airline has its own grooming requirements, and piercings are considered part of those requirements.

Airlines prefer conservative staff who interact with customers.

All airlines permit earlobe piercing for flight attendants, however, none of them permit tongue piercings. As long as there is only one stud in each ear, some airlines let male flight crew wear piercings.

The only airline I am aware of that is moving toward gender neutrality is United Airlines, therefore the earring regulation is the same for both sexes, no gauges are allowed, and earring sizes can be strict.

Because earring sizes can be tight, if you’re applying for a job, keep your earring collection to one little piece per ear—either a stud or a dime-sized hoops—as these are typically suitable for female cabin crew.

Although it differs from airline to airline, some are beginning to be more progressive and permit nose and Cartlidge piercings.

Can Flight Attendants wear Nail Polish?

As the years go by, airlines are becoming less fussy regarding their flight attendants using colored nail varnish.

When compared to how severe their previous appearance standards were, United Airlines now permits nail polish on all genders.

The allowable polish colors differ from airline to airline. It’s usually a good idea to put on neutral nails for an interview.

Do you require tattoo removal?

Does having a tattoo prevent me from working as a flight attendant? You have the choice.

Go ahead and have your tattoo removed if you are not thrilled with it.

Removal is a choice if it’s challenging to conceal or you don’t want to go through the hassle of wearing makeup to hide it.

Although laser treatment can be painful and time-consuming (it can take two years or longer! ), for some prospective flight attendants, the benefits may still exceed the drawbacks.

Find a fantastic tattoo removal specialist if you decide to go that route.

What other standards for appearance must flight attendants adhere to?

In addition to generally not being permitted to have tattoos or piercings, flight attendants are also required to have their hair in a ponytail if it is longer than shoulder-length.

The color of your hair should also look natural.

The hands and fingernails must be neatly groomed, clean, and of a reasonable length and shape.

Each airline will provide a brochure outlining its expectations for flight attendant appearance, which must be followed at all times.

The general definition of flight attendant appearance requirements is “a manicured look that fits customary norms.”


Because they had lied about getting tattoos, some prospective flight attendants were expelled from training; when they returned, the truth was revealed.

It’s advisable, to tell the truth, and cover up any tattoos to avoid the heartache of being returned home.

Sooner or later, all airlines will start to accept minor, “tasteful” tattoos.

Even if it is against corporate policy to have visible tattoos, you don’t need them to fulfill your aspiration to work as a flight attendant.

That’s all there is to it. I believe I addressed the query, “Can flight attendants have tattoos?” in full. Are you amazed by the response?

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