Can You Be A Flight Attendant With A Disability

Want to become a member of an aircrew with a disability? Well! Before answering a head-on question you’ll have to know about some crucial things. 

Disable means any impairment of sense, ability, movement, and activity. Firstly, it all depends on the type of your disability whether you are suffering from a short-term disability or long-term disability. 

In order to apply for a flight attendant job, you must know the exact difference between permanent and temporary disability. Not only for a flight attendant job, but overall you have to know about your disability and whether it may recover or not. 

For that purpose, I have discussed temporary and permanent disabilities for answering the titular question. An individual can recover temporary disability whereas there’s no chance of recovery from a permanent disability. 

For instance, walking disability due to bone fracture may be temporary. On the other hand, night blindness or color blindness is permanent. In order to tackle the titular question, let’s come down:

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With A Disability

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With Temporary Disability?

Probably yes! Temporary disability makes a person unable to perform their duties for a limited period. Sometimes, this certain period refers to four to five days. 

Suppose, a person is ill or unable to regularly work for five to six days with this temporary disability. As airlines require a proper medical report for the confirmation of your temporary disability. 

But here is the question: can you apply for a flight attendant with a temporary disability? Yes! You can easily apply for your dream job. 

What to do? If you are going for an interview with a temporary disability (fever). In this typical situation, I’ll recommend you bring a medical report issued by a reputable doctor. 

Moreover, a person may get partial disability by lifting heavy luggage overhead, and pulling and pushing the heavy carts. 

Further, airline workers also get temporary disabilities or injuries at the airport. So, it’s not a big deal to apply for a flight attendant job with a temporary disability. 

Let’s discuss some temporary disabilities for flight attendant job types.

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With A Lack Of Vision?

Partial blindness is about lack of vision or weak eyesight. Probably yes! You can apply for a flight attendant job except for pilots with lack vision. As it’s crucial to have keen eyesight or 6/6 visual acuity. 

Suppose a person has 6/9 or 6/7 visual acuity and still can apply for the flight attendant. Bear one thing in mind, a person with partial blindness must have to wear professional, moderate spectacles and a lens. 

Spectacles must have decent color frames such as golden, brown, silver, and black instead of green, yellow, and pink. 

Moreover, lenses should be able to work in a dry environment for the long term. Cheap and low-quality lenses must be avoided because they result in irritated, red, and watery eyes. 

Can you be a pilot with partial blindness? Not! Although every single airline has its own rules and regulations, all airlines require 20/40 visual acuity. It means they must have to see the intended object placed 40 meters away from their place. 

Whereas a normal eye can see the intended object placed 20 meters away from its place. Although having lack vision, you may become a flight attendant by wearing proper professional spectacles. 

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With Permanent Disability?

Various permanent disabilities make a person unable to perform any work. Sometimes, any accident may cause you to become disabled. 

Moreover, persons with disabilities such as total blindness, permanent mental illness, loss of legs and arms, and paralysis can’t become a member of the aircrew.  

As we know, accurate visual acuity is crucial for becoming a pilot or air hostess. Unfortunately, you can’t be a flight attendant with these permanent disabilities.

As flight attendants need to be active, mentally or physically fit, but a permanent mental disability makes a person unable to handle passengers or work properly. 

Moreover, flight attendant needs to evacuate passengers in an emergency, but can a person with a mental disability evacuate passengers quickly? Impossible. 

Additionally, flight attendants have to follow instructions properly given by their airline. But a person mentally disabled may not be able to think even properly.

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With Color blindness?

A frequently asked question by numerous people is about their night blindness and color blindness. As we know, color blindness and night blindness have no proper treatment. Moreover, these disabilities have no dangerous effect on your health.

But do you know? It can affect your career in becoming a member of the cabin crew. Additionally, less visual acuity is quite enough but color and night blindness are not bearable.

According to my research and based on my personal experience, almost every airline doesn’t hire people with night blindness or color blindness. Unluckily, you can’t become a flight attendant with night or colorblindness.

Can You Be A Flight Attendant Without Any Disability?

It all depends on other factors such as height, weight, and eyesight. If you are physically or mentally fit you can become a flight attendant. 

Make sure one thing, you must meet some standards set by the desired airline. For instance, if you are taller than 6’65” without any disability, you’ll probably be rejected due to your height. 

Further, there is an age requirement below 21 aged people can’t apply for flight attendants. Moreover, a professional and charismatic personality is the basic requirement for almost all airlines. 

Additionally, some airlines require specific arm lengths with physical strength. Physical strength is a crucial factor, because flight attendants have to move equipment, and have to pick heavy luggage overhead for passengers. 

Not only disability factors, but some other exclusive factors also matter a lot for flight attendant jobs.


Can you be a flight attendant with a disability? Well! It all depends on your type of disability. As there are two basic types of disability such as short-term disability and long-term disability.

Firstly, temporary disabilities such as weak visual acuity, unexpected fracture, illness, and all other disabilities make you unable to work for a short period. 

On the other hand, permanent disabilities such as complete blindness, color and night blindness, complete deafness, or all other disabilities make you unable to work as a flight attendant.


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