Can You Bring Lightsaber On A Plane?

The lightsaber is a sophisticated weapon rarely brought on journeys. Star Wars fans, though, often pack a lightsaber just in case. Do you consider yourself to be a part of that group?

That won’t be a problem for a lightsaber if it has to go in the hold. But what if you can only bring a carry-on for a short trip? So, “can you bring a lightsaber on a plane?”

Come on, let’s figure this out!

Your lightsaber can be in your carry-on or checked bag, according to the TSA’s rules.

You should know that when the TSA says “lightsaber,” they mean a plastic toy, not a real blade.

If you want to avoid any mishaps, it’s best to pack your lightsaber in your carry-on or treat it as a personal item.

Just keep on reading to find out!

Can You Bring Lightstaber On A Plane?

Can You Bring Lightsaber On A Plane?

Be aware that most airlines ask that customers who bring lightsabers as carry-ons keep them inside the overhead compartments of the plane.

Hold on to the lightsaber until the plane is completely deplaned and everyone has put their luggage overhead. You can protect it from being scratched or dented by other passengers’ bags by doing this.

In principle, this is perfect, but in practice, you’ll inevitably encounter a passenger who examines the overhead compartment every ten minutes and complains about the length of the stick.

The TSA failed to clarify that there are some limitations on carrying a lightsaber on a flight.

No club-like objects are one of the many TSA regulations.

As far as I’m concerned, this is quite nonspecific and leaves the call up to the TSA agents.

Disney lightsabers are typically allowed with few restrictions because they are seen as useful toys rather than weapons.

You should pack your lightsaber in your checked-in luggage if it is handcrafted or seems too substantial to be deemed a toy.

The lightsaber’s battery can be a hassle to bring along on a trip. Anything powered by a lithium battery must be carried on rather than stored in the hold.

Since lithium batteries are prohibited by the TSA from being taken in checked luggage, you will be required to remove them before packing your lightsaber.

The batteries in most toy lightsabers are interchangeable, and it’s not hard to tell if they include lithium.

You still can’t put your lightsaber in the checked bag if it has an internal rechargeable battery because that would mean it uses lithium.

According to the TSA, lithium batteries are a major security risk and should be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, most modern lightsabers use AA batteries that are easily changeable and may be brought on board in either carry-on or checked luggage without having to be removed from the lightsaber itself.

Checked bags can contain non-lithium batteries like alkaline, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, and others.

Should I pack my lightsaber in my carry-on or send it by mail?

As unfortunate as it may seem, this question does not have a clear answer.

It is safer to ship your lightsaber via mail if it is long and strong.

From what I can discern, the danger of damage when transported by mail is lower than when shipped in checked luggage, making mail the clear winner.

A further perk of mailing your lightsaber is the option to purchase shipping insurance.

Disney’s Droid Depot would let you ship your lightsaber home if you buy it there, provided you can keep your kid from stealing it first.

Please tell me the procedure for bringing a lightsaber on an airplane. Bring the lightsaber with you on the plane. You’ll have to put it through the CT scanner.

People may smile when they see the lightsaber on the scanner band, but the scanner will not harm the weapon.

Keep your lightsaber protected with a case like Savi’s. If your lightsaber doesn’t come with a carrying case, you may always disassemble it and store the pieces separately.

The aim is to reduce the size of your lightsaber as much as possible. You can fit it in your carry-on if you can break it down into smaller pieces.

Keep in mind that lithium batteries cannot be placed in your checked luggage and must remain with you at all times.

Here’s what you need to know about checking your lightsaber as luggage if it can’t be disassembled.

To begin, place your lightsaber on a table next to a robust wooden stick that is just a hair longer.

Then, glue the lightsaber to the stick and place it all in your checked luggage.

The stick will protect the lightsaber from being bent or broken under all circumstances.

Only the padawan luggage carriers’ force is effective with this approach.

Which airlines, if any, allow passengers to bring lightsabers on board?

Lightsabers are welcome on flights with both companies. Your lightsaber will fit under your seat, too!

Southwest Airlines flight attendants may ask you to put your lightsaber in the overhead bin.

Because of the risk of injury from in-flight turbulence, it is against the rules to bring any loose items on board.

How do you navigate the skies while using a lightsaber?

Lightsaber Security Procedures at the TSA:

Although the TSA website states, “you can transport a toy lightsaber in your carry-on or checked luggage,” keep in mind that “the final judgment lies with the TSA officer regarding whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”

Even though it has been said that the TSA usually lets people carry on lightsabers, the agency may require a passenger to check the weapon.

Lightsabers in carrying-:

Many people have said that they were able to put their lightsabers with metal handles in their carry-on bags without any problems. Lightsabers should be packed in an easily accessible portion of your bag in case a TSA inspector wants to check it, ask you questions, or even request that you switch it on.

If you insist on bringing your lightsaber on the plane with you, you should get to the airport early and have a plan B ready for stowing it in your checked bags in case a certain TSA agent refuses to let you bring it on board.

There have been isolated reports of lightsabers being confiscated by TSA agents because they resemble a “bludgeon,” a “club-like object,” or are a “tool longer than 7 inches.” There is a possibility that security personnel will flag lightsabers with claws or other pointed features on the hilt.

Carrying a Lightsaber in Your Checked Luggage:

Lightsabers are OK as checked luggage, according to the TSA. You should pack the lightsaber carefully with extra padding whenever feasible to reduce the chance of damage in transportation because checked luggage is sometimes handled more forcefully than carry-on items. Some passengers only bring the hilts of their lightsabers on the plane with them, while others bring the blades checked.

Delivery of a Lightsaber:

Consider sending your lightsaber via the United States Postal Service instead of bringing it on the plane. Even though a lightsaber requires a long box to fit the hilt and blade, shipping it can be cheaper than checking it. Make sure the lightsaber is well protected during shipping by using plenty of cushioning inside the box.


Last but not least, we trust that this response to the question “Can you bring a lightsaber on a plane?” answers any concerns you may have had. In conclusion, if your lightsaber is disguised as a toy, you will not have any trouble bringing it on board a flight. The TSA will take your lightsaber away, and you’ll be a Jedi without the power of the Force if it looks too much like a weapon.

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