Can You Fly With A Dry Shampoo?

In case you’ll be doing any airline travel this year, dry shampoo is an essential beauty item to pack. The journey from takeoff to landing can be fraught with tension, so it’s important to be ready for everything.

And naturally, you need to maintain your energy for the activities you have planned once you land. With the help of dry shampoo, you can avoid ever giving the impression of being tired and greasy. That’s why bringing it along is a must.

However, the restrictions may be unclear to you if this is your 1st time flying or if you have never brought dry shampoo on a trip before.

Can you fly with dry shampoo? Do you just need to go through the security checkpoint, or should you be concerned about any further screening processes?

Whether you’re trying to avoid a hassle or you’re paranoid about not making it through airport security, you can relax. With the knowledge you gain from this article, your next flight will be a breeze.

So let’s get into it!

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Can You Fly With A Dry Shampoo

Can You Fly With A Dry Shampoo?

Long flights can make your hair appear like you were dragged through a bush backward, so you may want to give it a quick trim or do something else with it before you land. Normal liquid shampoo won’t work, but dry shampoo could be an alternative.

The TSA permits you to bring shampoo and conditioner on an aeroplane, but there are restrictions, especially for carry-on bags, where the bottle must be no more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) in aerosol form and put in a quart-sized fluid bag. You may find that the powdered dry shampoo you use is more generous in size.

So that the security guard at the airport doesn’t take your dry shampoo, I’ve laid out the guidelines as clearly as I can below.

Carry-on Bags:

The TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule allows you to bring dry shampoo in containers of up to 3.4oz/100ml in your carry-on luggage.

This is due to TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule encompasses liquids, gels, and aerosols, under which shampoo and conditioner fall under.

Any bottle of dry shampoo should be stored in a 1 quart-sized bag, that needs to be removed from your bag and deposited in a checking bin as you travel through airport security

Baggage Accepted for Check-In:

There are several restrictions you should be aware of if you plan on bringing shampoo and conditioner to your checked bag.

The maximum volume or weight for a dry shampoo bottle, as specified by the TSA, is 0.5 kg (18 ounces), or 500 ml (17 fluid ounces).

Weighing in at 2 kg (70 ounces) or 2 L (68 fluid ounces), your whole supply of toiletries, including dry shampoo, must not exceed the permitted maximum.

Flights Within the Country vs. Flights Abroad:

Even though TSA only has power in the USA, you will discover that the exact rules apply.

So, whether you’re traveling to or from Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, or anywhere else, the maximum size of the dry shampoo container you can bring on board is 3.4oz/100ml.

By Airline \sAirlines obey TSA restrictions.

In other words, the total volume of dry shampoo in your carry-on cannot be more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

The maximum quantity of dry shampoo allowed in checked baggage is one ounce or half a kilogram.

Besides the airline-approved kind, are there any other shampoos you’re allowed to bring on board?

Shampoo in a Liquid Form:

Both carry-on and checked luggage are permitted to contain liquid shampoo, although the size of the bottle in the former must not exceed 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

Shampoo in a Powder Form:

While you can bring a powder shampoo larger than 350 mL (about 12 oz.) on board with you, it may be subject to further screening at airport security.

The powdered shampoo is permitted in checked luggage and is recommended by the TSA.

Shampoo with Medical Grade Ingredients:

A bottle greater than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) is permitted if you need to bring medical shampoo.

You should bring your prescription with you and inform a TSA officer that you are carrying a liquid that is larger than the allowed size.

What Is the Limit on the Number of Dry Shampoo Bottles You Can Carry on a Plane?

Any combination of drinks, gels, and aerosols cannot exceed 32 ounces when checked into your carry-on bag (or 1 quart of liquids).

Due to the small volume that dry shampoo takes up, this means you can bring seven to eight bottles on a plane in your carry-on.

Miniature dry shampoos: allowed on planes?

It was a huge relief when miniature versions of popular cosmetics became standard.

It eliminates the need to purchase individual-use containers and transfer liquid products to them by hand. The arrival of travel-sized dry shampoos was met with excitement for more than one reason.

As you probably already know, aerosol can’t be reused in a smaller bottle. The second hassle is having to pack them away in a suitcase.

As you might imagine, this is extremely inconvenient if you have important plans or appointments upon arrival.

Also, what if you don’t want to check any luggage and instead just bring a backpack? You will need to throw it away and get a new one once you reach your location.

The effort required to maintain a respectable appearance is too great to justify the trouble.

However, if you carry a travel-sized dry shampoo, you won’t have to go through that. Dry shampoos come in convenient mini sizes that are 100 mL or less, making them ideal for traveling.

There are other ways to bring dry shampoo on an aircraft!

While it is feasible to bring a smaller aerosol dry shampoo on board the plane with you that complies with all of the TSA restrictions outlined above, it is also conceivable to bring a larger aerosol shampoo and conditioner that will not pass through security.

If you’re awaiting your flight and becoming bored, you can kill some time and kill money at one of the countless shops that populate today’s huge airports.

You can buy toiletries from some of these shops, and since you have already gone through airport security, you can bring whatever size of purchase on board with you.

Is There a Risk That Dry Shampoo Will Go Off in the Airplane?

There is a very slight but unlikely danger that your dry shampoo will leak, ignite, or explode on the plane as a result of the changes in temperature and pressure.

Do Airline Regulations Permit Dry Conditioners?

The same restrictions that apply to bringing dry shampoo also apply to taking dry conditioner onto an aeroplane.

Dry conditioners should not be brought on board in a container larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

When flying, is it possible to bring hairspray?

Airline regulations allow passengers to bring hairspray on board in both their checked and carry-on luggage.

The maximum volume for liquids in carry-on luggage is 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces).

The TSA stresses the importance of safeguarding “release devices (button/nozzle) with caps or other adequate methods to avoid inadvertent release.”

Is It Allowed to Bring Hair Product on a Plane?

The maximum volume of hair gel you can bring on an aeroplane in your carry-on is 100 ml (3.4 oz).

This also holds for any type of hair wax, pomade, mousse, paste, etc.

Is it possible to bring a hair straightener or curling iron on an aeroplane?

Both curling irons and hair straighteners are permitted in carry-on and checked luggage, as stated by the TSA.

Carry-on luggage is the only place for items like batteries and gas/fuel cartridges.


So, can you fly with dry shampoo? You can, of course.

We expect that after reading this you will have a firm grasp on the specifics of TSA regulations about the packing of dry shampoo and other necessities. It is possible to bring shampoo and conditioner on an aeroplane as long as it fits in your carry-on or checked baggage and is not above the weight and size limits. Even if you use spray dry shampoo, you need not worry about an explosion.

Dry shampoos, like every other aerosol, should be kept away from open flames and high temperatures!

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