Do Flight Attendants Have To Wear Skirts?

Does a modernized outfit is required for a cabin attendant? Do flight attendants have to wear skirts? Here you can examine all the policies of cabin crew’s outfits during working hours.

Flight attendants must be dressed attractively; to make themselves more glamorous and attractive, airlines try to design cabin attendant’s uniforms best. Usually, a flight attendant’s uniform includes a jacket with trousers or a skirt, a headpiece, and adorable footwear.

Airline stewards present their company, so they must look more charming and attractive. Do Flight attendants have to wear skirts? Although wearing skirts is not mandatory for all female cabin attendants, airlines give them the option to wear trousers, but some airlines are strict with their policy of wearing skirts with high heels. 

Well-dressed and iconic flight attendants affect the company’s reputation positively. Wearing a skirt is not essential, but looking glamorous is a must for every cabin attendant. Stay along and explore more about flight attendants and their skirt-wearing policies.

Do Flight Attendants Have To Wear Skirts?

Why Do Flight Attendants Have To Wear Skirts?

Cabin crew are there for the safety of passengers; some airline companies are very strict about wearing skirts as there is a reason behind it. Trousers and tights are made of nylon, a fire reactant, so some airlines don’t allow the cabin crew to wear trousers.

 Additionally, for business purposes, some airlines ask girls to wear mini skirts as girls look more attractive and eye-catching, and businessmen like to travel through their airlines. 

Flight attendants have to work long, and skirts are breathable. Although it’s a genuine reason to wear a skirt, comfort, and protection in public come first; cabin attendants must be comfortable during the flight.

Why Are Trousers Becoming The New Standard?

Women’s fashions evolved throughout the centuries. New fashion and trends come and go every year. 

Do flight attendants have to wear skirts: to maintain the updated fashion? In the airline field, some fashion standards have not changed with time but are losing value, and new trends are progressing.

From the mid-20th century, flight attendants started wearing trousers, and this trend was most likely at that time, and many airlines started making it standard for their cabin crew’s uniforms. Before this, air hostesses had to wear knee-length pencil skirts, and the airline company’s policy was rigid with this dress code.

How Have Airlines Changed Their Vision?

Many airline companies have changed their policy of wearing skirts since the mid-20th century. Still, some companies were rigid with their policies and didn’t want to change their standards to maintain the tradition of the appearance of flight attendance. 

Do flight attendants have to wear skirts, and should they stick to the tradition?

 However, airline companies have changed their perception of skirts and their policy. Look which companies set a new standard for their uniform:

  • From 1st April 2020, Japan Airlines has changed their outdated uniform; they give the option of trousers and a range of footwear to cabin attendants.
  • On 15th January 2020, Aer Lingus introduced its new uniform with trousers.
  • In 2019 Etihad Airlines extended its policy of trousers for ground staff as well as for air hostesses.

These companies take a lot of time to change their vision, as they don’t want to change the tradition. It has become a tradition that without the skirt and heels, a glamor look of an air hostess can not be achieved. However, after much more effort and pressure from the staff, the airlines decided to make changes.

Which Airline Companies Allowed Their Cabin Crew To Wear Trousers But Not The Skirt?

Now, let’s learn about the companies which have allowed cabin attendants to wear trousers instead of skirts since 2010.

  • KLM Royal Dutch airline introduced trousers for their cabin attendants in 2010.
  • Bangkok changed its skirt policy in 2011.
  • Virgin Atlantic hired a fashion designer Vivienne Westwood for the uniform and added the option of trousers in 2014.
  • In 2015 Air India changed its traditional dress, sarees, to trousers.
  • British Airways and Alitalia changed their policies and added trousers for cabin attendants in 2016. 

What Does Change In The Uniform Policy Symbolize?

Change in policies for women is an excellent achievement for all women. The ability to wear trousers is a symbol that represents freedom and gender equality. As all women don’t have to wear skirts or trousers, every airline tries to give both options. It’s up to the cabin crew what to choose.

The appearance of the airline steward is a long discussion; do flight attendants have to wear skirts? Let’s know about the benefits of wearing trousers:

Benefits Of Wearing Trousers Instead Of Skirts

There are many benefits of wearing a trouser rather than skirts:

  • Cabin attendants will not have to bear the cold and snowy climate; they will feel warm in trousers.
  • They will feel protected at their destination from Malaria and Zika virus in trousers.
  • Cabin crew can feel more comfortable in trousers while working during flight.
  • Trousers are safe for air hostesses, as passengers can harass them in mini skirts.

Final Words

A flight attendant’s well-designed outfit with heels is a traditional look. Do flight attendants have to wear skirts? Skirts are not mandatory for cabin crew to look more glamorous and elegant. 

The tradition of wearing skirts for cabin attendants is changing because flight attendants do not feel comfortable in short skirts, and if they are not cozy, the cabin crew can not work correctly. That’s why many airline companies have changed their rigid policies and added an option of wearing trousers for cabin crew.

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