Do You Have To Be Pretty To Be A Flight Attendant

As the airline industry is considered fully restricted, it’s crucial to know whether beauty matters or not. Moreover, the cabin crew is known for always looking professional and having a well-groomed personality. Despite the most famous myth of being pretty to be a flight attendant, the truth is, it’s not your beauty that counts but you and your personality as a whole.   

So, due to some strict rules and regulations, as a flight attendant, you will have to take care of every inch of your personality from your hairstyle to your spectacle’s frame colors and even your nails. For this, flight attendants are trained as per the rules mentioned in their academic handbooks provided at the time of joining the field. 

Still, if you need to know do you have to be pretty to be a flight attendant, you can consider reading this article to find a well-explained answer to this titular question. Let’s explain how you can look pretty as a whole to be a flight attendant! 

Do You Have To Be Pretty To Be A Flight Attendant

Do You Have To Be Pretty To Be A Flight Attendant?

No doubt, there are different beauty standards set in different industries. For instance, probably fair skin tone is considered a beauty standard in US companies. 

On the other hand, fair skin tone is not considered a beauty standard in West indies Companies. So, I must say beauty standards vary from country to country. 

Additionally, airline industries are notorious for their stringent beauty standards. 

Do You Need To Be Well-Groomed To Be A Flight Attendant? 

Yes! You have to be pretty to be a flight attendant, but you have to meet certain beauty standards your airline sets. 

No doubt, there are some beauty standards by various airlines that you have to meet as a flight attendant. 

Moreover, many people contend that these stringent beauty standards are discriminatory and outdated. Frankly speaking, I also found these beauty requirements unfair and obsolete. 

But, various airlines argue that these stringent rules are crucial for creating a polished and professional image of their airline. 

That’s why airlines set some beauty standards and required some exclusive physical standards such as weight, and height.

Whatever the situation is, you can’t deny that these beauty standards for becoming a flight attendant are controversial. 

Let’s discuss the crucial thing which needs to look pretty.

What Are The Beauty Requirements To Be A Flight Attendant?

Sky beauty standards vary from airline to airline. American Airlines launched a competition in 2011 for finding a beautiful female and handsome male for the cabin crew. 

This competition made me wonder, why these outdated and discriminatory standards such as thin, smart body, and sweet voice are taking place in our society. 

But don’t worry! Many other airlines require wel-groomed flight attendants instead of beautiful who look and behave professionally. Here are some general expectations from a flight attendant as per the beauty standards of most of the airlines:

Physically Fit

Standing for a long period and pushing, and pulling heavy luggage is a basic task to perform as a flight attendant. Suppose, an attendant has a fair complexion, and a slim and smart body but is unable to push and pull heavy carts, he/she definitely won’t be a good fit for the role. Additionally, during an emergency, the attendants have to evacuate the passengers which requires impressive strengths and this is why you have to be physically fit along with being pretty to be a flight attendant. 

Well Groomed 

A Well-groomed and professional appearance for the whole day is a basic requirement of the airline industry. 

Additionally, a well-groomed person must have a neat and clean hairstyle, conservative makeup, trimmed nails, wrinkled-free and neat uniform, and healthy white teeth. 

Do you have a well-groomed personality? If yes! You find yourself as medically and physically fit. Must go and apply for a flight attendant job. 

Communication Skills

As I have mentioned, during emergencies you have to evacuate passengers immediately. 

If your communication skills are not effective, maybe you make the emergency more messy and difficult to handle. 

Further, As passengers quickly panic in this situation, you have to handle them wisely with your effective communication skills. 

On the other hand, flight attendants are considered ambassadors of their airlines. They must have to know how to speak, face, and handle the passengers.  

Looking pretty doesn’t mean you must have a fair complexion, glowing skin, shiny hair, and present yourself as a slender supermodel. 

Moreover, you may become pretty by making yourself presentable and well-groomed. 

Do you know about some exclusive beauty standards set by airlines? Well! I have broken down some exclusive beauty standards set by airlines, let’s come down:

Secured Hairs

While inclined forward, your hair should be neat or off the front face. Create a low bun or secure your hair on the center of the head. 

Moreover, airlines require you to secure your hair properly with a single ponytail placed near the neck. 

Additionally, your bun and ponytail should be placed between your ears behind the head.

Which airline required a ponytail? JetBlue airlines require this hairstyle. Maybe, a ponytail or low bun is not compulsory on other airlines. 

Finger Nails

Can you imagine airways setting some standards for the length of the fingernail too? United Airlines has set the length and shape of the nails of the flight attendant. 

They must want their flight attendant to look pretty, professional, and decent. That’s why United airlines set a length of about ½ inches above the fingertip. 

Doesn’t the rule look so crazy? Still, you have to follow it as a flight attendant.

Unacceptable Habits

Whilst in costume and uniform, members of the aircrew must have to take care of their walking, sitting, and standing styles. 

Bear in mind, that this rule is specially made for flight attendants of Rex Airlines. Further, slouching and hand in pockets while walking is not permitted. 

Moreover, folding arms and crossing arms while standing are also not allowed. 


Do you have to be pretty to be a flight attendant? Probably yes! The exact answer to this question may vary from airline to airline. 

Moreover, if you want to work as a flight attendant you just have to meet the physical and medical standards in my point view. 

But as United Airlines, set some beauty standards, flawless skin, neat complexion, attractive slim and thin are things you need to be considered pretty for some airlines. 


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