Flight Attendant Appearance

Flight attendants are known for their refreshed and flawless looks even on early morning flights. As we know, flight attendants are the face of their airline company. So, they must have to greet passengers with refreshed, clean, and professional looks. This blog post speaks to those who want to know about well-groomed appearance. Moreover, the ideal appearance standards mentioned in this blog may vary from your airline. Let’s proceed on. 

Here is the head-on question: does a flight attendant’s appearance matter? Absolutely yes! It’s crucial to create a positive experience with customers through a tidy, neat, and clean professional appearance. Additionally, a well-groomed appearance is a part of a flight attendant’s job. Flight attendants must adhere to specific standards such as appropriate neat and formal uniforms. Further, Mostly airline companies placed a monetary value on the physical appearance of flight attendants. A dainty and elegant appearance is crucial for conveying a sense of reliability and competence to travelers, which keeps them probably comfortable and happy. 

Competition between various airlines has been booming in previous years. That’s why focus on physical appearance is more pronounced for providing the exceptionally best-traveling experience and services to their passengers. For that purpose, various airline companies have set some grooming standards for cabin crew. These specific standards cover every single thing from makeup to hairstyle. For instance, eye-level buns and high buns are not allowed in some airlines. Moreover, the first and most common reason behind successful flight attendants is considered a well-groomed personality. In order to tackle the titular question: does flight attendant appearance matter? Let’s have a look at a further blog post. 

Flight Attendant Appearance

Flight Attendant Appearance

After meeting medical requirements, One of the most demanding factors in flight attendants is their pleasant appearance. Moreover, perfect customer service enables airlines to edge over other competitors. Additionally, flight attendants are considered an extension of their airline. Further, flight attendants are known as brand ambassadors of their airline company because they provide services to their passengers. If their personality, physical appearance such as nice smell, and behavior are not quite good with passengers, it’ll ruin the image of the airline company. In order to check your appearance, various airlines (during the interview and application stage) demand recent photos of the applicant. Although having excellent communication skills, if the required photo doesn’t match their standards. Probably you didn’t get the final interview call for your dream job.

What Factors Matters In Flight Attendant Appearance?

As various airlines state some set of appearance standards, which a flight attendant has to meet. In this blog post, I have summarized some exclusive factors which affect flight attendant appearance. Let’s come down

What Are Basic Requirements For Flight Attendant Appearance?

The first and most common requirement for the whole cabin crew is hygiene. Further, almost every airline is restricted to having long hair and colored hair. In case, if any flight attendant wants to dye their hair, he/she must have to dye it in natural colors such as brown, or black. As a member of the aircrew, flight attendants have to stay in the public eye. For that purpose, it’s crucial to meet ideal impeccable grooming such as clean nostrils, clean nails, washing hands regularly, long-lasting hairstyle, and so on. Moreover, airlines prescribe accessories such as polished shoes and proper uniforms. As I have already mentioned, the grooming standards may vary from your airline. 

Does Weight And Height Matter For Flight Attendant Appearance? 

Yes! Almost every airline has an ideal height from 5’2 to 6’2 which may vary during changes in body mass index. Probably you see some shortlisted applicants after passing the initial test, who were selected due to an issued medical report as unfit. Moreover, applicants may also be rejected due to their being overweight. Suppose, a candidate has 5 ‘2 in height, but their weight is more than 70 kg. Unfortunately, he/she will be rejected due to their body mass index. If you want to get your dream job at any cost and don’t want to lose your job.  I recommend you to lose weight and maintain it (during your job) according to the mass index. 

Does Oral Hygiene Matters For Flight Attendant Appearance?

Yes! One of the most common tools for creating a positive experience for travelers is a smile. Whereas teeth are considered a vital part of the smile. Although regular brushing of teeth is essential for everyone, good teeth are considered the most important appearance requirement for flight attendants too. On the other hand, almost every airline set strict standards for flight attendants’ teeth. For instance, regular teeth brushing is important, as avoiding eating things that cause staining on the teeth. As teeth look like a small thing, it matters a lot as it helps in creating a welcoming and professional environment. Some airlines recommend to their cabin crew to use mouth spray for bad breath. Additionally, flight attendants must have a complete set of permanent teeth. In case, if a flight attendant has braces, which need to be cleaned and stain free. 

Does Clear Skin Matters For Flight Attendant Appearance?

Yes! One of the weirdest requirements for cabin crew is to maintain a clear skin complexion. Skin complexion may have pimples, hidden scars, and blemishes. Many airlines recommend to their crew to drink a lot of water and get a good sleep. Which may help to make their skin flawless and pimple free. Probably, this requirement may seem strange but it is a must for a flight attendant’s appearance. 


In this business world, the overall appearance is crucial especially when you are going to provide customer services. Flight attendant appearance which matters a lot is oral hygiene, nail regulations, proper worn-up hair, wearing a hat overhead, natural dyed hair (if flight attendants want to dye hair), pimples and blemishes-free skin, and weight/height. Moreover, all other things matter such as your talking style, walking style, and management style. Additionally, your overall behavior and appearance must have to be well groomed and professional. As I’m a well-traveled person, I’ll recommend to all flight attendants or applicants to behave professionally and try to meet the above-mentioned standards.


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