Flight Attendant With Misdemeanor

Want to become a member of an aircrew? But you don’t know about the background check process and the demand by the FAA and airlines.

As we know, airlines have different hiring policies that vary from company to company.

So, your hiring or selection depends on these internal policies of the airline.

Wondering about your selection as a flight attendant with a misdemeanor?

Stop worrying and keep calm. In this blog post, I’m going to break down the ultimate background check process.

At the end of the article, I’ll recommend to you what to do if you have a misdemeanor such as a criminal offense, bad credit, DUI, and so on. Let’s find out the background check process of airlines

Flight Attendant With Misdemeanor

How Do Airlines Checks Applicants’ Background? 

There are two types of criteria that a flight attendant or applicant has to meet. Firstly, the airline itself has some specific hiring policies for applicants. Secondly, the Federal Aviation Administration known as the FAA has set some standards for flight attendants related to their background. Probably, you are assuming background investigation means they will take a drug test, check credit, or check your criminal records. You’re thinking right, you must have to meet these sets of standards. Additionally, there are two exclusive reasons behind the background investigation. The first and foremost reason is to check applicants have the confidence to tackle passengers in any trouble. The second reason is, that if an applicant has been involved in criminal activity once can be involved repeatedly. Let’s have a look at the FAA background investigation.

Does The FAA Allow Flight Attendants With Misdemeanor?

In 2003, the FAA proposed a new rule for flight attendants that they have to be certified with a required program. If you want to apply for a flight attendant job, you must pass this program to become certified. Further, if you have violent and felony criminal history, you’ll be rejected as a flight attendant. One of the most important tests required by the FAA is given below:

Drug Test

If you want to become a flight attendant, you have to clear pre-employment drug testing. Bear one thing in mind, if you get hired as a member of the cabin crew you have to undergo alcohol and random drug testing. As the FAA and airlines are concerned about their safety, if you are under the influence of a small drink you’ll be disqualified or rejected. FAA ordered to check 10 years back criminal background history of the applicant. 

As laws and rules vary from country to country, if your country considers one thing a criminal act whereas other countries might not consider it a criminal activity. For instance, you have to wait at least 10 years (if you are living in New York) to clear your criminal history. Probably, this process may vary from another country. If you have a drinking habit consult with your lawyer for legal advice. 

Can I Apply For A Flight Attendant With Misdemeanor? 

Misdemeanor involves crimes such as shoplifting, trespassing, vandalism, stalking, bullying, and many others. If you’re looking for a one-word answer to the titular question, unfortunately, you won’t get it. Because it depends on the nature of the misdemeanor criminal act, and the policy of the airline. If your criminal act is less serious than a violent felony crime. Probably, you’ll be qualified for the flight attendant position. Bear in mind, that misdemeanors involve those crimes that enable you to live in jail for a short time (might be less than one year), and get small fines and temporary punishments. 

If you did a crime like stalking or bullying, which did not lead you to go to jail. But a misdemeanor will automatically appear in your list of 10-year crime history. If the interviewer asked a question related to your criminal history. Speak honestly and give them detailed information about your criminal activity. Further, try to convince them by accepting your mistake. Ensure it will never happen again in your dream employment. I’ll recommend to all applicants, that if you have done any misdemeanor, don’t hide it.

Thinking about becoming a flight attendant with DUI? Probably yes! It depends on your period. As it happened 10 years ago, maybe your criminal record got clear which resulted in the airline being unable to find it. In that situation, don’t declare this crime during the interview. If you drink while driving without a license, probably no one can save you. Moreover, if you are going to apply for flight attendant even having a DUI with a license. You can apply, no one can let you stop. Further, it depends on the airline whether they select you or reject you as a flight attendant. I’ll recommend to all applicants who have DUI, to stop drinking and drug-taking habits. Frankly speaking, if you are rejected or disqualified as a flight attendant due to drinking habits. Try to disclose these bad habits, as they affect your employment as well as your health.

One of the most common types of misdemeanors is an infraction, which is not as serious as other crimes. Infractions such as violation of the signal or placing a vehicle in no parking are not included in your criminal history. These petty offenses such as getting a traffic challan, and a fine for non parking areas may affect your employment. Further, these offenses can damage your overall personality. But if you are going for a flight attendant interview, don’t mention these activities as they’ll affect your employment. 

How To Apply For A Flight Attendant With Misdemeanor?

I have found only one trick for flight attendants with misdemeanors, which is to be forthcoming, honest, and straightforward while giving required details related to the question. Bear one thing in your mind, airlines do background investigations against all qualified applicants. If you hide necessary information related to criminal history, they will find out. After that, they will disqualify or reject you as a flight attendant. 


Want to become a flight attendant with a misdemeanor? It depends on your state’s airline and your criminal history. If you did a serious crime like DUI without a license, have serious credit issues, and are convicted of felonies. You’ll probably be rejected or disqualified on the spot. In case, having a less serious criminal history will be bearable. But honestly speaking, almost every airline tries to hire flight attendants with zero criminal history.

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