How Do Fighter Pilots Poop?

You might be curious as to how fighter pilots poop, given that fighter jets are designed for speed and efficiency, leaving little room for niceties like a toilet.

For convenience, most jet fighter pilots carry piddle packs or diapers with them during flights.

Because using the restroom in a military jet is unpleasant, distracting, and even dangerous, pilots will typically hold off on doing so until the mission is over.

While male fighter plane pilots are more likely to utilize piddle packs, female pilots are not excluded from this convenience.

Due to the short duration of most flights, fighter pilots rarely need to make a toilet stop. They will use the restroom before takeoff and try not to use it again until they land.

However, diapers and piddle packs are the go-to options for poop breaks.

How Do Fighter Pilots Poop

How Do Fighter Pilots Poop?

Fighter pilots face a unique challenge when nature calls—going to the bathroom in midair.

Given the difficulty in disengaging flying suits and the limited space in the cockpit, installing a defecation tube within a fighter plane would be impracticable.

Fighter pilots must either go to the restroom before takeoff, delay going till after their operation, or resort to diapers.

All male and female military pilots frequently use diapers, though it is recommended that they use the restroom before taking off.

If a fighter pilot has to go to the bathroom while in the air, how do they do it?

During extended flights, male fighter pilots will use relief tubes or piddle packs to relieve themselves.

Fighter pilots, on the other hand, are not allowed to urinate in flight and are instead instructed to use the restroom before takeoff.

Therefore, it is unusual for a fighter pilot to urinate in flight.

Male fighter pilots typically relieve themselves in waste bags designed to break down human feces.

Some older aircraft are equipped with “relief tubes,” which allow passengers to urinate into a pipe that afterward drains the urine outside the jet.

These days, urinating into a bag rather than a tube is the norm because it is more convenient. Piddle packs, consisting of a gel that softens urine for disposal, are common in today’s fighter planes.

Female fighter pilots typically use diapers rather than urinating into a tube because of the difficulty involved.

Fighter pilots, both male and female, should use the restroom just before takeoff.

Are you confused about how Piddle Packs function?

Most male fighter pilots wear a piddle pack, a device for collecting pee while flying. A typical piddle pack for a fighter pilot is a small bottle with a dried sponge inside, a tube, and an open funnel.

Combat pilots’ flight suits are designed with convenient openings for piddle packs.

A jet pilot urinates within the funnel while holding it close to their urethra.

The dehydrated sponge is housed in a small container, and the pee passes through a tube into the container.

The pee soaks into the sponge, which eventually fills the container.

Many times, dehydrated sponges will have antibacterial or odor-neutralizing agents added to them. Fighter pilots can use piddle packs to relieve themselves while seated, reducing the inconvenience of having their pilots.

The ability to urinate without opening a flight suit has been standard since 2008.

For example, the AMXD has a pump that collects urine in a bag.

Can you describe the bathroom situation for female fighter pilots?

As with their male counterparts, female fighter pilots have access to piddle packs, although they are more challenging to utilize.

When a female fighter pilot needs to use the restroom in flight, she is more likely to use a diaper than her male counterpart.

Due to its inclusion of a feminine hygiene pad, the  AMXD, the aforementioned Advanced Mission Extender Device, is favored by certain female jet pilots.

Overall, female fighter pilots have a more difficult time using piddle packs to relieve themselves during flights.

What About Diapers for Fighter Pilots?

To relieve themselves, yes, fighter pilots frequently use diapers while in the air.

Fighter pilots of both sexes use piddle packs, but women tend to rely on them more frequently.

As a result, female jet pilots sometimes resort to diapers for both defecation and urination since they find piddle packs more cumbersome to use.

To avoid embarrassing accidents, male jet pilots often only use diapers when they need to poop.

While changing a baby’s diaper may not be the most exciting thing in the world, it’s far less distracting than dealing with a piddle pack, which may be a challenge for even male fighter pilots.

Is There a Preferred Break Time for Fighter Pilots?

The last thing fighter pilots want to do is use the restroom during takeoff.

A close second would be right after they land on their flight.

The last thing you want to do on a fighter aircraft refueling in the middle of the sky is getting up to use the restroom.

Will Fighter Pilots Avoid Food and Water Before Takeoff?

Most fighter pilots eat before taking off.

Fighter pilots are permitted to bring their food and drink into the cockpit with them on missions.

Fighter pilots’ health and performance would suffer if they deprived themselves of food and water in the hours leading up to a flight.

Could It Be Dangerous to Use the Restroom While Flying a Fighter Jet?

Using the restroom aboard a fighter plane is not dangerous per se, but it is unsanitary and inconvenient.

A fighter pilot’s attention can easily be diverted away from the controls when using the restroom in a fighter jet.

At least nine deadly collisions featuring F-16 jet fighters and an A-10 attacking jet have been attributed to male pilots struggling with piddle packs.


However, it is normally safe to use a diaper or piddle pack while piloting a fighter plane.

Since most missions are very brief, fighter pilots prefer to use the restroom before takeoff.

But kids can use diapers and piddle packs to go to the bathroom throughout the flight if they need to.

Fighter pilots of both sexes use nappies for defecation, but it is more difficult for women to utilize piddle packs, so they often also use diapers for urination.

Even while it’s usually safe for military pilots to use the restroom while in flight, it’s still not very pleasant.

Fighter pilots are strongly advised to relieve themselves before takeoff.

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