How Do Pilots Go To The Bathroom?

Flying a plane and driving any vehicle are two different things. In cars or trucks that are on roads, drivers can easily go to the bathroom by finding nearby hotels, resorts, or tuck shops but How Do Pilots Go To The Bathroom? This question can come to anybody’s mind because they are humans and need to go to the bathroom during flights, especially when they fly for 12 hours. 

We know passengers can easily go to the plane’s bathroom, but things are not the same for pilots. Then, what did they do? Take a sigh of relief because most modern-day large aircraft have bathrooms for plots near the cockpit, but they can be used only when two pilots are in the plane. 

Unfortunately, pilots flying the plane alone need to wait for the destination or land at the nearest airport by taking permission from Air traffic control, or they can use urine collector devices. For extreme situations, they need to use some advanced devices especially introduced for them. 

This blog post includes the answers to almost every query, particularly how do fighter pilots poop? So we suggest not to miss any part; give a thorough read to develop a complete insight!

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How Do Pilots Go To The Bathroom

How Do Pilots Go To The Bathroom?

During a flight, airline pilots can use the bathroom near the cockpit, but in many aircraft, there are no bathrooms for the pilots, mainly in small airplanes. If a single pilot aircraft cannot land to use the airport bathroom, they can use diapers, catheters, or collecting devices. 

Going to the bathroom is simple for pilots fortunate enough to fly an airplane with a bathroom and have fellow co-pilots seated next to them. They go, use the bathroom and come back in minutes, as simple as you think.

However, in 2015, an unfortunate incident happened with flight number 9525 when one pilot went to the bathroom by handing the plane to a fellow pilot. The other pilot suddenly locked him in the cockpit and crashed the aircraft to commit suicide. After this incident, the rules changed because he not only took his life but killed all 144 passengers with him. 

Now, when any pilot needs to go to the bathroom, any flight attendant must be in the cockpit with the other pilot to ensure nothing will happen again. When the pilot returns from the bathroom, the attendant will open the door so that he will resume his duty. 

Are There Bathrooms in Small Aircraft?

Most small airplanes do not have bathrooms and fly for short-haul flights; this is why companies don’t add bathrooms to them. But they have a passenger seat that can be turned into portable toilets but are not safe to use, as there is no privacy. 

The weight and space a bathroom takes need large-size airplanes. All airplanes have 40 seats and do not have enough space for bathrooms, but larger ones have enough space for bathrooms.

Many small airplanes and jets have travelers’ bathrooms installed with less effort, and many aircraft manufacturers installed this type of toilet as an add-on. It is common because it takes less space and is not so heavy. 

Are There Bathrooms In Helicopters?

Most helicopters are not manufactured with a lavatory facility due to their size and because they can land easily on any smooth place, such as plain ground, residential areas, large parking lots, and even in cricket or football stadiums. 

The only helicopters with enough power and size to have a bathroom are the Russian Mi17 or Mi38, the Sikorsky S92, and the S61. It is not easy for helicopters to be built with bathrooms as they need a lot of space and make the helicopter even heavier. 

Mostly helicopters are used for short-distance trips; hence a bathroom facility does not matter much. But when the owner is too rich and owns a large helicopter, they can spend money installing one in their helicopter.

The only known helicopter with a bathroom facility is Sikorsky S92; it has 16 seats and a good lavatory, so travelers will feel at ease if they need to go to the bathroom. It is not affordable for everyone due to the hefty price tag; only the wealthier people of the world can buy this. 

Can Pilots Wear Diapers If There Is No Bathroom Facility In Aircraft?

Pilots are human; like other people, they need to go to the bathroom during flights, especially if they drink coffee or tea before the flights. So what if they don’t have a bathroom in their particular aircraft? Then, How Do Pilots Go To The Bathroom? I wonder: do pilots wear diapers? And yes, what about fighting pilots: do fighter pilots wear diapers?

I am confused—how do fighter pilots poop, while they are on duty? How do they manage these bathroom things?

Many large aircraft have bathrooms near the cockpit, which pilots can use, but if they have their co-pilot in the flight, they have to look for alternatives. Yes, pilots can wear diapers during long and short-haul flights. 

The biggest reason they can go for diapers is that they don’t have a fellow pilot. Still, if the airplane has a bathroom, many pilots don’t prefer to use the bathroom by leaving the plane on autopilot. They think it is not safe to leave the cockpit alone. 

Diapers are mostly used by single pilots, as they are very useful. Wearing them means the pilots don’t have to leave the cockpit and don’t need to undress. 

Pilots can sometimes go to the bathroom, but this is not the case with fighter pilots who don’t even have a bathroom facility. The use of diapers is less messy and is also convenient.  

Our Summary :

How Do Pilots Go to the Bathroom? We have mentioned every little detail in the text above about this topic; we hope all your queries are resolved. Pilots need a lavatory because there is no specific time to go to the bathroom; after all, we are humans and have a proper digestive system. So it would be better if the aircraft had separate bathrooms for the pilot and airlines arranged for two pilots for every flight, no matter if the flight is short-haul or long-haul. 

We hope you will find this information helpful; stay safe!

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