How To Hide Money From Airport Scanner?

When you travel, you shouldn’t put too much faith in your surroundings. Having a plan for hiding your cash while you’re on the road will help you feel safe and give you time to relax.

Perhaps you’ll be thinking “how to hide money from an airport scanner”

You may be a potential victim because you are a tourist. Thieves know how well off you are financially, so they are always ready to take advantage of any situation they see as a chance. It is very important to outsmart them and make it hard for them to steal from you.

A thief might not target you on your next trip. It’s so that if the worst should happen—and it could—you’ll be prepared. Many first-time tourists make the mistake of storing all of their money in a single wallet. 

An extremely grave sin! 

If you want to keep your money secure and separate, you’ll need to apply some clever strategies.

So, without further ado, here are six easy yet efficient ways to hide money when traveling.

Now then, let’s get this started!

How To Hide Money From Airport Scanner

How To Hide Money From An Airport Scanner?

TSA agents often stop travelers who have a lot of cash with them on a domestic trip. The TSA is not allowed to take your money, but they may try to have an officer come and grab it for civil asset forfeiture nonetheless.

You can prevent setting off the scanner’s alert in a few different ways. If you have a well-made money belt, you may easily and discreetly conceal your cash from the airport scanner. For women, there are several places they can put their cash. Women should invest in a money belt that has RFID-blocking technology. To keep food warm on a flight, you can also carry a slow cooker.

Tie your cash to your waist.

A money belt is an excellent way to keep some of your cash safes while you’re on the road. You should usually conceal your money belt. When it comes to protecting your cash, this is These are among the most time-tested and reliable methods around. People who have traveled extensively are more likely to have worn a money belt.

The classic money belt is worn all around the waist, but many styles can be worn on the neck or the thigh.

Get a belt that also holds the money but doesn’t draw attention:

When you need to hide small amounts of money, this is better than a traditional money belt. because it’s just a regular belt with a zipped pouch where you can stow some cash.

This belt’s hidden pocket is inaccessible to anyone but you. When compared to the conventional money belt, which draws unwanted attention if worn outside of one’s clothing, this is an even more secure solution.

Utilize Concealed Carry by Donning Clothing with Zipper and Slot Pockets:

If you need to conceal some cash, you can have a secret pocket sewn into your pants or coat. Thieves are quite unlikely to be able to spot your hidden interior pockets. An effective method for concealing a modest sum of cash.

On the other hand, there are many pieces of clothing with hidden pockets that are perfect for hiding some spare change.

On Your Breasts (For Women):

If you’re looking for a safe spot to stash some cash while on the road, this is one of the best options. There is no way for someone to get the money you have stashed in your bra without you knowing about it. Because of that, this strategy is highly efficient.

The only drawback is that the cash will be touching your flesh. If you have very sensitive skin, you should be careful because the paper could irritate your skin if it touches it.

Tucked Away in a Hair Brush’s Grip:

As a traveler, this is a clever and easy way to conceal some of your cash. A hairbrush is an unlikely place to hide money from burglars.

You can purchase a hairbrush with a hollow handle and a cover that can be removed discreetly to use as a money stash. The hairbrush serves its purpose and coordinates with your other cosmetics, so no one will ever guess its true identity. Leave it in your hotel room while you go out and see the sights.

Hide it in your Shoe:

Even though it’s a cliche, hiding assets in your show is a safe bet if you’re afraid of being robbed. This strategy has been tried and true for generations. You can’t possibly lose this cash unless the robber also takes your shoes.

However, there are risks involved with hiding assets in your shoe. If this is a chronic problem, you may want to try an antiperspirant foot spray. The change should be placed in a tiny plastic container so that it does not come into contact with your bare feet.

If you’re not a flip-flop kind of guy, this is a simple and cheap way to conceal cash when traveling.

Use a Fake Wallet:

You should always have two wallets on you; the second one should just contain a few modest bills and some old or false cards. If you find yourself in a sticky In a scenario where you’re confronted, you can give over the fake wallet, which doesn’t have any of your actual credit cards or valuables inside.

The only drawback is that the cash will be touching your flesh. If you have very sensitive skin, be careful because the tissue may irritate your skin if it comes in contact with it.

A dry-water bottle:

Keep an empty bottle of water in your bag, or clip one to your purse, key ring, or another item of clothing.

People frequently carry plastic water bottles or water bottles, particularly in hot areas. Theft of a water bottle is unlikely because few criminals value such a mundane item.

Utilize a Wallet on Your Wrist:

A wrist wallet is a discreet way to carry money for use in cafes, pubs, or on excursions.

Small bills only!

Get the cash you’ll need for your trip, but don’t take too much. Instead, secure the money in a safe place at your home or hotel.

Tips on how to conceal cash when on the road:

To paraphrase: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Diversify your holdings and invest in several areas. This way, if someone breaks into one of your locations, you can still get to the things in your other locations.

Keep a decoy on hand at all times.

When venturing into dangerous territory, a decoy is an invaluable tool. Take this as a prime illustration:

Carry two forms of currency on your trip. One should be concealed (but not entirely, like the second) and contain very little money.

The other one, which will contain more money, requires careful concealment

Any potential thief will be fooled if you put the decoy wallet on top of your bag, on your back, or in your rear pockets.


We trust that this article has satisfactorily addressed your curiosity regarding “how to hide money from an airport scanner.”

Don’t give thieves the pleasure of making your trip hard and annoying by picking your pockets or taking your stuff. Put your money in more than one of these hidden spots, and you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be a target of thieves. It’s all about creating small, manageable groups to easily defeat.

One last time, here are some easy but efficient and ingenious ways to hide and keep money hidden when traveling.

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