How To Thank Flight Attendants

Experiencing honorable treatment by a flight attendant? You’ll want to be thankful for this kind of behavior.

Further, numerous people asked me about how we thanked the cabin crew for their extremely excellent services.

Moreover, the airline itself wants to thank cabin crew members. For that purpose, 31st May is declared as an international flight attendant day.

This holiday is specially dedicated to honoring the services of the whole cabin crew.

It’s looking impossible to provide the best services even during the day and night shifts in the air, but the hard work and special efforts of the whole cabin crew make it possible.

One of the most crucial things is that they stay professional all the time during their duty. In order to answer these people, I’m going to break down some least and most exclusive methods for thanking these people. Let’s come down

How To Thank Flight Attendants

How To Thank Flight Attendants

Gift Cards

My personal favorite and safe option for appreciating flight attendant utility and generosity are gift cards. For that purpose, I’ll advise you to take little attractive and adorable cards on your next trip. This less time-consuming activity makes flight attendants happy, making them able to know that they are appreciated and noticed by passengers. Bear one thing in mind, write a thanks note instead of attaching cash behind the card. If you find something unique, and special in their behavior, write a thank you note by mentioning this unique quality. Now, the question is: how can you get these gift cards? Well! Getting a gift card is possible at the airport. Moreover, you can get these gift cards from online stores or in the market. 

Snack Gifting

In order to tackle the head-on question: how to thank flight attendants? The second and foremost option is to offer and give them snacks. Make sure one thing, snacks must be sealed and store-bought. Further, homemade drinks, foods, and beverages that are not properly packaged cannot be accepted as a gift for flight attendants. Additionally, don’t give them an abundance of snacks in a large box. Because maybe this box is not able to fit in the overhead compartment of the plane. As I’m a well-traveled person, I gave a lot of snacks to flight attendants such as a Starbucks card in a small package, a small bag of chocolates, a box of candies, and other well-sealed snacks. I’ll recommend you bring snacks for the whole cabin crew such as flight attendants and pilots too. 

Handwritten Note

The third and best option for all passengers is to write a handwritten thank note to flight attendants. This exclusive method is considered more true and sincere for thanking flight attendants. By using this method you don’t need money to buy any gift cards or snacks. If you are going to appreciate the flight attendant by giving them a handwritten thank you note, make sure to write grammatical-error-free and spelling error-free words. Try to start your note by writing thank you for grabbing the attention of the flight attendant. Then start writing your feelings sincerely and truly, and end up writing gorgeous and elegant words. One more question, Is it the right place to put the note on the seat? If you are going to place this handwritten thank you note on your seat, maybe the flight attendant will throw it. So, try to give your thank you note in the hands of the flight attendant with a great smile. Still want more detail about the handwritten thank you note? Simply, google it or take help from youtube videos. 

Respect And Kindness

Is it crucial to give them tangible gifts? Not! Empathy is considered the best gift to flight attendants instead of gifting them snacks or cards. One of the most demanding things in behavior is to show respect and kindness to flight attendants. Moreover, respect and kindness are also considered sweet types of gifts. But here is one more question: how to show respect and kindness? Simply hand out appreciation words, smile, and genuine compliments. Moreover, Offer them unsealed drinks, and snacks which you are eating. But the crucial and considerate act is to say thanks and some appreciation words such as you did your job fantastically, well done, etc. Further, Don’t forget to give them a sweet smile before leaving your plane. Additionally, if you’re looking for my recommendation, I’ll advise you to give the flight attendant some appreciation and respect. 


Donating cabin crew is possible? Yes! If you’re assuming to attach money behind the gift card. So, you are getting me wrong, it’s not the right way to donate. Further, the correct and appropriate way to pay an extra 20% of your flight ticket for donating flight attendant. This donation is not getting accepted by the airline in which you’re traveling. There is an organization specially made for flight attendants name as “Association of Flight Attendants”. Moreover, this organization is representing up to fifty thousand flight attendants at this time across 17 various airlines. It’s an honor for flight attendants if you donate some amount to this association. 

Other Ways

As I have written the best 5 exclusive methods in order to take the head-on question which is: how to thank flight attendants. Further, ways are to write the name of the airline on Twitter and write some appreciation words. Moreover, you can use the hashtag with gorgeous and attractive photos for thanking the flight attendant. Additionally, write an email regarding the behavior of the cabin crew with beautiful comments. If the airline has social media accounts, you may also leave a good and attractive comment in the comment section. 


Hopefully! You’ll get the accurate and best answer to the question: how to thank flight attendants? I have written five exclusive methods based on my personal experience. I’ll recommend you show respect and kindness to the flight attendant. This is considered the best gift for them. Moreover, want to treat them with a special gift? Giving Starbucks gift card is preferrable option for thanking them.

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