Trunkster Luggage Reviews

Trunkster is a high-tech smart luggage brand that has gained significant popularity in recent years. With innovative features such as a zipperless sliding rolltop door, an in-built suitcase scale, USB charging ports, and a TSA lock, Trunkster’s products are designed to make traveling more convenient for business and leisure travelers alike.

Trunkster’s luggage also comes with a global GPS tracker that allows you to keep track of your suitcase wherever you go. This feature is particularly helpful for those who are worried about losing their bags or falling victim to a stealthy thief. Trunkster’s luggage is also equipped with a removable battery, which means you won’t have to worry about running out of battery juice on your smartphone or other devices while on the go.

Trunkster’s innovative designs have garnered attention from travelers all over the world, and the company has received significant funding from investors and even appeared on Shark Tank. Despite some manufacturing and shipping delays in the past, Trunkster’s team of designers and luggage geeks have continued to improve their products and offer new features that cater to the needs of modern travelers.

Trunkster Luggage ReviewsTrunkster Luggage Reviews


In comparison to other well-known luggage brands like Rimowa and Tumi, Trunkster stands out for its use of technology and convenience. While traditional luggage options may have their shortcomings and imperfections, Trunkster has managed to carve out a unique space in the market with its sleek designs and high-tech features.

Trunkster’s success can also be attributed to its Kickstarter campaign, which helped the company raise a princely sum in funding from loyal customers who were excited about the brand’s potential. The initial Kickstarter launch also allowed Trunkster to offer its first customers immediate delivery at a discounted price, making it a more accessible option for those who were hesitant to invest in a new brand.

Trunkster has become a well-respected name in the travel gear industry and is a popular choice for those who are looking for a convenient and innovative option for their next weekend trip or business travel. With its global luggage GPS tracker, optional upgrades, and competitive coupon and listed prices, Trunkster has continued to exceed the expectations of travelers who demand more from their luggage.

Features of the Trunkster Luggage Reviews:

Trunkster is a company based in San Francisco that has revolutionized the luggage industry with its unique features. One of their most popular products is the hard shell spinner suitcase that comes in different sizes and colors to suit every traveler’s needs. The sticker price is on the higher end, but it is justified by the high-quality features.

One of the most unique features of Trunkster luggage is the built-in digital scale that allows travelers to weigh their luggage without any hassle. The power bank with USB ports is also a convenient addition, allowing travelers to charge their iPhones and other devices on the go. The app-synced tracking device ensures that travelers can track their luggage easily and never lose it.

The water-resistant sliding front entry with a lock is a great feature that keeps your belongings safe and secure. The carry-on approved suitcase is compliant with TSA regulations and adheres to luggage weight restrictions. The GPS tracker is also a game-changer that allows travelers to keep an eye on their luggage at all times.

Trunkster luggage is made with high-quality materials such as polypropylene and airplane-grade aluminum with a matte finish that is debossed and scratch-resistant. The zipperless entry rolling door with compression panels ensures that your belongings are safe from rough baggage handling. The custom TSA-approved combination lock adds an extra layer of security to your luggage.

The omnidirectional spinner wheels are rubberized and allow for easy maneuverability. The aluminum telescopic handle with full-width grab handles is also a convenient feature. The hidden sleeve pocket is a nice touch that allows travelers to store their passports and other important documents. The sensor for the heavy-duty scale is also removable for convenience.

The charging output and charging cable are other convenient features that ensure that travelers never run out of battery. The flimsy telescopic handle has been improved upon with the rolltop door and corrugated sliding door. The digital display on the brushed airplane-grade aluminum is also a nice touch that adds to the aesthetics of the luggage.

Trunkster luggage is durable and made with a polycarbonate material that can withstand rough handling. A limited number of products were launched through a Kickstarter campaign, and the company offers a five-year warranty for all its products.


The following are the pros of the product:

  • It features cool “smart” technology.
  • The suitcase rolls very smoothly.
  • It has a very cool style.
  • The zipperless sliding rolltop door eliminates the need to fumble with opening and closing.
  • The telescopic, perfectly arm-height, full-width handle is designed not to interfere with packing space and is capable of carrying belongings with little effort.
  • The premium construction of the suitcase makes it stronger and lighter, as it is made from 100% virgin, scratch/impact-resistant polypropylene.
  • The rubberized spinner wheels are omnidirectional and roll silently across flat terrains.
  • The suitcase has a USB charging feature with a removable 10,400 mAH battery that has 3 amps of charging output and can charge up to 4 iPhones.
  • The suitcase has easy opening and closing.
  • The USB charger with the Trunkster carry-on eliminates the need to search for a plug at the airport to charge dying gadgets.
  • Even if you become separated from your luggage, you can easily locate it.
  • The suitcase helps you avoid excess baggage fees.
  • You can be more confident that the contents of your suitcase are secure even when you’re not looking.


  • The price point is relatively high.
  • The amount of packing space available is limited.
  • The handle is shorter than the average.
  • The rubberized edges, which are designed to protect the suitcase from damage, make it challenging to slide across metallic security line tables.
  • The built-in digital scale is both difficult to grip and generally unnecessary.
  • The absence of a built-in locking mechanism and owner name tags can be frustrating given the price.
  • The simple one-container design may not be suitable for some travelers who use packing cubes or travel organizers.
  • On carpeted surfaces, the spinner wheels may struggle, and they do not glide over ramps very well.
  • These bags are expensive.
  • There isn’t much organization inside the bags except for one sleeve, so packing cubes and travel organizers would be beneficial.

What is Trunkster?

Trunkster is a revolutionary luggage brand that has changed the way we travel. It boasts innovative features that make traveling more convenient and hassle-free. The Trunkster luggage line comes in two different designs – the Carry On Trunkster and the Checked Trunkster, both built to last and endure the toughest travel conditions.

One of the most notable features of Trunkster luggage is its roll-top design, which makes it easy to pack and unpack. Additionally, the hard case exterior ensures that your cargo remains safe and unharmed even in the toughest of blows. Moreover, the luggage capacity of the Trunkster is quite impressive, making it an ideal travel companion for all types of travelers.

The Trunkster luggage line also comes equipped with a digital scale that allows you to weigh your luggage before you get to the counter, ensuring that you do not exceed the weight limit. The GPS tracker is another feature that makes Trunkster stand out. It allows you to keep track of your luggage’s location at all times, giving you peace of mind when traveling.

The removable power bank and USB ports allow you to charge your cell phones and other electronic devices on the go, making Trunkster a convenient charging station. Additionally, Trunkster comes with a charging cable that allows you to charge your luggage’s power bank using a standard outlet.

Who Makes trunkster luggage?

Trunkster, the new breed of luggage maker, has taken the travel industry by storm. Unlike traditional luggage companies with decades of experience, Trunkster began as a Kickstarter campaign that was later seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. The campaign was backed by over 3,500 pledging over $1 million to make this suitcase a reality, making it the most crowdfunded travel campaign ever.

Trunkster’s innovative design sets it apart from other luggage makers such as Away and Raden. The suitcase features a sliding roll-top door, a built-in digital scale, a removable power bank, and GPS tracking. The luggage also has a durable polycarbonate shell that can withstand the rigors of travel.

Trunkster’s success is a testament to the power of crowdfunding and the changing landscape of the luggage industry. As more consumers seek out unique and innovative travel products, companies like Trunkster are poised to lead the way.

Trunkster Before Entering the Shark Tank:

Trunkster, the innovative luggage company, gained widespread attention after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. With a unique design that allowed travelers to pack and access their belongings from the front of the suitcase, Trunkster quickly became a popular choice for frequent flyers. The success of their Kickstarter campaign led them to also launch a campaign on Indiegogo, which helped them raise additional funds to fuel their growth.

Before entering the Shark Tank in January 2016, Trunkster had already received a significant number of orders and shipments, as well as investments from several prominent businessmen. These early successes were not enough to satisfy the ambitious team, however, as they set their sights on even greater achievements.

In preparation for their appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Trunkster continued to focus on improving their product and building their brand. They also participated in the Shopify Build-A-Business Competition, which helped them refine their marketing and sales strategies.

When Trunkster finally appeared before the panel of investors on Shark Tank, they were well-prepared and confident in their pitch. Their hard work and dedication paid off, as they were able to secure a deal with Daymond John, who recognized the potential of their product and the team behind it.

Trunkster’s journey from a successful Kickstarter campaign to a deal on Shark Tank is a testament to the power of a strong product and a dedicated team. Their experience highlights the importance of building a solid foundation before seeking out major investors and the value of constantly striving for improvement and innovation in business.

Trunkster on Shark Tank:

Trunkster, the innovative luggage brand that made waves on Shark Tank, impressed the panel of investors with its unique features and prototypes. The founders of Trunkster, Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet, showcased their product that featured a sliding rolltop door, built-in digital scale, and GPS tracking, which received a lot of positive feedback from the Sharks.

The negotiation between the Trunkster team and the investors was intense, with Mr. Wonderful, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Mark Cuban all vying for a stake in the company. However, it was Robert Herjavec who eventually made a deal with the founders.

After a thorough evaluation of Trunkster’s potential for success, Herjavec offered an investment of $1.4 million for 10% equity in the company, valuing it at $14 million. The Trunkster team considered the offer and decided to accept it, viewing it as a big success for their brand.

However, the decision was not without risk, and the team knew that they had to work hard to fulfill their promise of delivering a successful product to their preordered customers. Trunkster’s success on Shark Tank was just the beginning, and the team had to counter-offer the challenges that came with scaling up their business and maintaining the quality of their product.

Trunkster Now in 2023:

In 2023, Trunkster has come a long way since its appearance on Kickstarter a few years ago. The deal was made and co-founders Lori and Mark were lucky enough to fulfill the demand for pre-ordered Trunksters. However, there were still some demanding customers who were not satisfied with the quality of the product and requested refunds. Trunkster’s team had to go through a due diligence phase to improve their product.

Despite some setbacks, Trunkster’s founders remained active on their website and social media accounts, continuously engaging with explorers, travelers, and adventurers who believed in their brand. They even launched a new project – a mobile app to assist travelers in packing their bags efficiently.

Through entity recognition, semantic analysis, and contextual analysis, Trunkster’s team was able to better understand their customers’ needs and wants. They realized that their target audience valued sustainability and eco-friendliness, so they made changes to their business practices to align with these values.

Trunkster’s success did not come without some controversy. There was a class-action lawsuit against the company for what some customers perceived to be a scam. However, after a thorough investigation, it was determined that the founder who disappeared had no connection to the business, and the accusations were unfounded.

In 2023, Trunkster has become a reputable and successful business, with Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet at the helm. Through sentiment analysis, the team understands the emotional connection their customers have with their product and continuously strives to improve it. The brand has also partnered with Humanity.TV, a platform that showcases meaningful travel experiences, to further connect with their audience.

My Experience with Trunkster Luggage:

As a frequent traveler, I had the opportunity to experience Trunkster luggage during my recent trip to Chicago. Upon unboxing the suitcase, I couldn’t help but let out a few oohs and ahhs at its eye-catching design. Trunkster certainly knows how to blend style and technology seamlessly in their luggage.

One of the features that immediately caught my attention was the sliding front with a zipper entry. This accessibility feature allowed me to easily access items I had pressed for space in my backpack, without having to unpack everything. Additionally, the hard shells of the Trunkster suitcase proved to be durable and protective, especially when carrying delicate items like lumpy sweaters.

Another useful feature of the Trunkster luggage was its tracking device. By using the Trunkster app, I was able to keep tabs on my luggage and ensure that it was always within reach. This feature particularly came in handy during my layover at the airport when I had to rush from one terminal to another.

Furthermore, the Trunkster luggage comes with a charging bank that enabled me to charge my devices while on the go. This saved me the hassle of searching for an outlet at the airport and made my travels smoother.

In terms of mobility, the Trunkster suitcase was heavier than my regular backpack, but it rolled better due to its four wheels and extendable handle. The tilt and roll feature made it easy to maneuver the suitcase through crowded spaces like the airport.

My experience with Trunkster luggage was excellent. The industrial design, interior and exterior pockets, and the main compartment were well thought out and reviewed to cater to the needs of young travel-loving professionals like myself. The tracking, charging, and accessibility features were game-changers and made my travels stress-free.


Trunkster luggage is a carry-on suitcase that gained immense popularity on Kickstarter due to its smart technology and innovative features. The price tag of this luggage is higher than most other suitcases in the market, but for active travelers and tech lovers, the selling price seems like a decent value. One of the biggest flaws that the trunkster luggage faced was the promotional price, which was only available to early backers on Kickstarter. However, the nice toy that is the Trunkster luggage is still a great investment, as it allows you to charge your fully charged phone and stay connected while on the go.

Future iterations of the trunkster luggage are expected to improve even further, catering to the needs of light packers and avid travelers alike. The addition of new features, like more storage and better organizational compartments, could potentially make the Trunkster luggage a must-have for any travel enthusiast. Overall, despite its higher price point, the Trunkster luggage has proven to be a smart investment for those who prioritize convenience and technology in their travels.

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