TSA Can I Fly With A Paper ID?

Traveling within or to another country is fun unless you carry all your credentials. No one can imagine reaching the airport without a passport; hence, all residents carry temporary paper licenses, proving they are US citizens. 

But now, because of strict security reasons, people ask the TSA Can I Fly With a Paper ID? Well, normally speaking, the TSA needs state-issued identification so that the traveler can easily pass the airports’ checkpoints. 

All the passengers carry a temporary driving license known as a paper ID if they lose the original ID. But unfortunately, the TSA can’t allow them to fly with a paper ID because their rules say it is not acceptable to confirm one’s identification. 

To explore more, stay with us because this blog post has revealed many TSA rules. Give a thorough look from top to bottom and make traveling easy in the US and across the globe. 

TSA Can I Fly With A Paper ID

TSA Can I Fly With A Paper ID?

You might have no idea how much US citizens are worried about TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules and regulations because, with each passing day, global trends have been changing. This is why questions, like What, is TSA precheck? TSA can I fly with a paper ID and can I fly with an expired ID is hype!

Did you know the TSA has increased security measures in all US airports?

So, all US citizens, it is not allowed to travel with a paper ID, as it is not proof of your identification. Therefore the passengers need to carry another copy of the Photo ID or must have any other identity ID with the paper license. 

Still, if you have a paper ID, the TSA won’t allow you to fly because it is a temporary paper ID, and you must possess many other things that prove you are a US citizen. The most important of these things is a passport, whether expired or active, and a photo ID that the federal government issues.

Remember that your passport needs to be activated if going on international flights. If you have a connection with the Federal Agency, you need to carry just an ID from your University or college. For your convenience, TSA allows you to have a military ID with a temporary paper ID. 

So, always ensure the original ID when traveling through US airlines, as this is the only way to prove your identification. 

What About International and Domestic Flights Without ID?

In the US, the rules are pretty soft for domestic flights. While on the other hand, when someone wants to take a flight other than the US, they need to fill the bag or pockets with all the necessary documents which show their identity. 

No worries if you lose the ID on the way or forget it at home; TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has many other methods from which they can check one’s identity. 

They can take help from the database to see if you are allowed to take the fight or not. But without ID, passengers have to pass the long verification process. So, if you don’t have an ID, make sure to reach the airport on time because you have to pass through many TSA security checks. 

After arriving at the airport, officers first check the general information such as name, home address, date of birth, etc. Then they will search for you in the database for further details. 

The story is not the same on international flights. TSA cannot allow travelers to fly an international flight with paper ID; they must always carry their original passports. Obtaining a visa where you are going to travel is also mandatory.

No matter if your seat is reserved in Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, or any other big air carrier, paper ID is not acceptable as per the rules of TSA. 

Is It Allowed to Fly With an Expired ID?

You will be pleased to know that one is allowed to travel with an expired ID; even one can travel globally with this ID. Recently the TSA changed the rules a bit for international flights. People who are busy or forget to renew their ID after the expiry date need not worry; even if they have an expired state-issued driving license, they can still use it for one year after the expiry date has passed. 

What If Passengers Only Carry a Paper ID?

If someone only has a paper ID, it doesn’t mean they are not allowed to fly, even though the TSA does not recognize it as a valid ID. If someone has other necessary documents showing the identity clearly, they are proof of your identification, and you can fly by with one. 

Travelers can use the documents mentioned below and the paper ID to confirm their identity. Passengers can show the TSA their credit or business cards with a photo. Utility bills might help; travelers can also use a library card, other expired IDs, birth certificates, voter registration, or ID photos for identification. 

It is advised to fill out a report at the nearest police station if you lost the ID, as the police report may help you at the airport. 

For ID confirmation, TSA officers ask travelers to pass through the time-taking verification process in which they ask questions about their name, recent address, and other necessary information. 

What Things TSA Banned on Airlines?

TSA has many things prohibited from taking on airlines, even those that are not harmful to others. Always ensure to see what items not to carry with you in the luggage. 

Below we mentioned the details, so let’s know what they are! 

  • Lithium Batteries:

TSA has guidelines for taking lithium batteries on planes. Passengers must carry installed lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries in the carry-on luggage. 

  • Liquids Items:

Travelers can bring solid food in the checked-in and carry-on baggage. But liquid food items of more than 3.4 ounces are prohibited in carry-on bags, so if you bring tasty beverages for your relatives, put them safely in the checked-in baggage. 

  • TSA scans Electronics Items:

Before going through the security checkpoints, passengers are told to take off their laptops; in most cases, they must take all the electronic items from the bag. The TSA agents said to remove them for scanning. All airlines prohibit taking the Apple MacBook Pro on the airlines due to overheated batteries. 

You Need to Remove the Shoes For Security Reasons:

Not all airlines in this world ask passengers to take off their shoes for check before entering the plane. But, all the airlines in the US now ask travelers to pass the security check by removing their shoes. It is not an insult to the passengers; all US airlines use this procedure for security concerns. 

Do Kids Need ID for Flying?

Children under 18 do not necessarily need an ID to fly domestically in the US. But the airline may ask you to show some documents for proof of the kids’ age. So, it is advised to travel with the birth certificate copy of the kids. 

Our Summary:

Those flying domestically and internationally via the USA asked TSA Can I Fly With a Paper ID? Briefly, we can say TSA cannot allow passengers to travel with a paper ID. So, be very cautious; always try to keep the original ID with you, especially when traveling outside the US. It is necessary for your identification and also essential for security concerns. 

We have covered more for you in this blog post, crack important information, and always bring all necessary documents with you to stay away from any hindrances during flights.

Have a safe flight!

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