Can You Take Unopened Drinks On A Plane?

Airplanes are wonderful, ideal places to enjoy a few delectable drinks, but is it always possible, and can you take unopened drinks on a plane?

Vacations are a break from the hectic work-life routine and come with special plans for parties when traveling to the dream destination with family, friends, travel group, or even with coworkers for business purposes. 

To make all these occasions remarkable, you need drinks; however, all passengers must stay alert and research TSA instructions about all that is strictly prohibited and allowed. 

As you already may know, all items before the flight are checked by the TSA and at the airport security terminal, and anything not allowed is disregarded from the luggage. 

So, let’s determine- can you take unopened drinks on a plane?

Can You Take Unopened Drinks On A Plane?

The short answer to Can you take unopened drinks on a plane is yes; TSA permits all passengers to travel with unopened drinks stored in their checked and carry-on luggage. However, the rules for carrying unopened drinks in the two types of luggage differ and must be followed to avoid unnecessary airport security issues. Can You Take Unopened Drinks On A Plane?

Carry-On Luggage 

Planning on taking along some soda with you in the cabin in your carry-on luggage? You would have to follow the 3-1-1 TSA’s liquid rule. The can of unopened soda should be under 3 ounces to clear through security and placed in one plastic quart-sized bag. If the soda exceeds the limit, you would have to either dispose of it or drink it before heading to the security terminal. 

There are no restrictions for a regular unopened drink like beer or coke in carry-on baggage as long as the volume is less than 100ml or 3.4 ounces (but this is rare). The problem occurs in the case where the limit is exceeded, then the advisable thing to do is to transport the unopened drink to your checked luggage. 

Supposedly, you buy a soda from the duty-free shop at the airport or the airline you travel with. Then, this duty-free soda is not included under the 3-1-1 liquid’s rule despite being a liquid and can be carried separately without having to be stored in a bag. 

Checked Luggage 

Unopened drinks can be carried in checked luggage without any quantity limitations, regardless of whether they exceed 3.4 ounces. Passengers are also permitted to carry a soda pack of 12 in the carry-on baggage, and when traveling with more than a single pack, it is best to take a cooler along. 

Alcoholic Unopened Drinks 

Don’t worry; TSA permits travelers to fly with their unopened alcoholic drinks as long as the associated regulations are followed, considering they are transporting hard beverages. 

Following certain rules will enable you to proceed with your air travel relatively smoothly and not have any items confiscated at the screening by the TSA.

TSA alcoholic unopened drinks rules dictate that the content of alcohol in the drinks should be up to 70% (140 proof) or less. It is worth highlighting that the rule’s application includes drinks like 151-proof rum and grain alcohol. 

For the quantity of alcohol unopened drinks, passengers must not carry alcoholic beverages more than 5 liters in checked luggage. Hence, 1.3 gallons of alcoholic unopened drinks can be taken and are to be maintained in their retail, unopened form of packaging.  

On the other hand, alcoholic unopened drinks with an alcohol content of 24% can be brought on board with no required quantity restrictions through checked luggage. 

Packing For Unopened Drinks 

As much as travelers need to follow all TSA regulations for can you take unopened drinks on a plane, simultaneously, it is also important to pack unopened drinks in a manner that they make it to your destination without exploding or leaking in the luggage. 

The following tips suggest some ways through which you can make sure to protect the can of unopened drinks in your checked and carry-on luggage. 

Inspect Cans

Before you go ahead with stowing the unopened drink cans away in the baggage, inspect all cans closely to see whether they are sealed and not opened. Regardless of the can being closed, place it inside a sealed zip-lock, a sturdy plastic bag, and then the suitcase. 

It is preferable to place every unopened drink in one bag and not force two or three cans into a single bag. This way, even if the can leak, your belongings will be guarded against getting wet as the liquid will remain in the plastic bag. 

Bubble Wrap

The threat of the can exploding or leaking mid-flight is real. Especially when placed in checked luggage, the unopened drink can leak inside your suitcase during transit. Thus, wrap the unopened drink in bubble wrap or your clothes and place it in the middle of the suitcase surrounded by soft items instead of the sides.

Pack In Cooler 

Whenever going to a destination to have an outdoor trip, pack your unopened drink in a cooler. Packing in a cooler saves you the hassle of packing unopened drinks safely and securely inside the luggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Can you take sealed drinks through airport security?

Yes, sealed drinks are allowed through airport security as long as they are in the stated quantity restrictions for checked and hand luggage.

Can you take unopened soda on a plane?

Unopened soda can be taken on a plane if it is less than 100ml and 3.4 ounces. Otherwise, the TSA agent at the security will confiscate the can or ask you to drink it before boarding. 

Can you bring your drinks on a plane?

Travelers can bring drinks on planes.

Why are drinks not allowed on planes?

Drinks are not allowed on planes to prevent the smuggling of any explosives through the cans of the drinks. 


Taking unopened drinks on a plane is allowed, but this comes surrounded by rules that must be followed. Whenever taking an unopened drink along, at first, discriminate and discern whether the drink is an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic beverage, and then survey its quantity for suitability in the luggage. 

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