Best Flight Attendant Shoes

The flight attendant is a vocation that reflects perfection and service at its best to give all the passengers an ultimate Comfort and luxury experience. But to meet the demands of this highly loaded job, you need to stand up to the mark in appearance and service, so the apparel and footwear are something of colossal importance.

The footwear of the aircrew should add elegance and sophistication to enhance the personality. Yet, it should be comfortable enough not to hamper the work. The flight hours at the time are pretty long, and the job demands to be at your feet all the time. This calls for the best to clad your feet, so you serve for hours on end with style and ease. 

The shoes needed for the aircrew are comfortable, but you cannot compromise on the style that is an inevitable career need. This article explores options that suit you best in carrying out your daily chores of long duty hours with ease; whether rushing between the aisles or catching up large distances on expansive airports, these shoes will exude grace while keeping you on the top level of comfort.

flight attendant shoes

Best Flight Attendant Shoes

The flight attendants simply cannot compromise on anything lesser than the best in design and comfort for their profession. So here is a selection of the top choices in shoes that will support you throughout your arduous work hours with the comfort of flats.

No. Product Name Description Check Price
1 Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump
  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushion soft
Check Price
2 Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane – Comfort Shoes
  • 100% leather
  • Modeled EVA footbed
  • Integrated insole
Check Price
3 DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Heel Knee High and Up Boots
  • 100% synthetic
  • Hand finished 
  • Almond toe
Check Price
4 ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford
  • 100% imported solely
  • Polyurethane sole
  • Moisture absorbent
Check Price
5 Naturalizer Women’s Talissa Mary Janes Pump
  • Synthetic sole
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Cushioned inside
Check Price 
6 LifeStride Women’s Sevyn Dress Pump
  • 100% synthetic
  • Flexible outer sole
  • Soft system technology
Check Price
7 LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump
  • 100% synthetic material
  • Rubber sole
  • Round toe pump
Check Price
8 Shoes for Crews Olivia, Women’s Slip-Resistant High Heel Dress Shoes for Work
  • Role sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Water-resistant
Check Price
9 Shoes for Crews Women’s Riley Sneaker
  • Rubber sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Trip guard
  • Extra cushioning
Check Price
10 Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer
  • Snakeskin
  • Rubber sole
  • Smooth textile lining
Check Price


Clarks’ shoes are synonymous with comfort and simplicity that will run you through your work routine with the grace of a stylish heel and the comfort of flat shoes. Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump is simply elegant. It provides its user unmatchable comfort that drives you through your work hour. 


The Emslie Lulin Pump is made with 100% high-quality leather and is exported from abroad. The leather is the best material, providing flexibility and enduring wear and tear. The shoes are a perfect choice for flight attendants and women with extended duration standings at workplaces related to the high comfort that they proffer.

The shoes have a rubber sole, meaning they will not embarrass you by slipping but provide you with a firm and graceful gait that helps you rigorously conduct your duties. The heels add around 2 inches to your original height, which works great. The heels are not too high, so you can easily manage your work hours. 

The footbed is made from exceedingly soft material that ensures the comfort of your foot, and the whole shoe is built with a textile lining material. The textile lining material also ensures softness and smoothness between the shoe and the foot. It curtails any harsh rubbing against the foot.

These shoes are the must-haves for women who need to be on their toes all through their job hours and cannot put their steps into the perils of an uncomfortable zone. 


  • 100% leather
  • Sole built with rubber
  • Cushioned interior
  • Textile material lining
  • 2” heel


  • Color restriction


The Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump is an ultimate choice for flight attendants and women with long working hours and standing duration as the shoes are all about comfort and ease. The leather and textile inner lining gives you the flexibility your foot requires throughout the working hours. It’s simply an inevitable choice for your workplace. 

Dansko has built its name in reliability and comfort for decades and has always satisfied its customers by providing them with the best. The Dansko Women’s Mary Jane Comfort shoes are specially built to endure long standing hours without any pressure on the feet. 


Fawna Mary Jane Comfort shoes are elegantly designed with beautiful cuts and curves that exude simplicity and provide utmost comfort. The whole design utilizes the best 100% imported leather that ensures a long life of the boot. 

The rubber sole at the bottom guarantees your firm step towards success and accomplishment without tripping your way towards your goal. The leather uppers are stitched together with soft innards that are secure for your comfort.

The optimal arch support is another lucrative feature that could be added to the shoe and cushioning. The removable EVA footbed is what you need to make the shoe especially customized according to the curve of your foot.

Dansko Comfort shoes have also come with an insole with a shank and tuck board to provide more appropriate fitting qualities and better stability. The rubber outsole also adds to the shoe’s durability and long life.

Dansko Women’s Fawna Marry Jane Comfort Shoes is the ultimate choice in terms of comfort priorities for long-standing hours on the flight. The lovely curves with top-class leather and flexibility are all that you desire. It keeps your feet at ease and makes you step ahead in your career with class and confidence. 


  • 100% leather 
  • Imported quality
  • Removable EVA sole
  • Durable outsole


  • Basic design

Dream Paris Women’s Chunky Heel is the product that is meant to boast your fashion panache and make you stand out in the crowd. It is desired by all the women and raises their style signature.


The Dream Paris Chunky Heels are precisely what is coveted by a stylish woman to carry on with her fashion status in the cold weather and long working hours. These knee-high boots are built with elastic suede upper that provides an elegant finished look and makes them easy to wear. 

The side zipper closure ensures that it’s not time-taking while putting on and taking off so that you don’t waste time and get ready to serve with full zest on your flight. The chunky heel adds to the style statement of the boots, and its size and proportion are precisely what you need for your extended work periods. 

The outsole is designed with careful consideration of resistance and durability to let you walk confidently and endure more work pressure without wearing. The base of the boots is so light that you feel like wearing nothing at all while enjoying all the ease of the shoe.

The up boots are around 14″ in their measurements for the opening, and they boast a heel of around 2.5″, which looks stunning. The heel with this much height is remarkably competing in style yet remains comfortable. The shaft height is about 15″, which fits easily on most people.

The inside of the up boots is padded with faux fur, making you stay comfy even in the chilly weather. The Dream Paris Women’s Chunky Heels is simply a class apart that befits you in the cold weather with its comfort and embellishes you with staggering style. The comfort and ease are also commendable with these boots; you covet them for your loaded work hours. 


  • Fully Synthetic 
  • Synthetically manufactured sole
  • Almond Toe 
  • The heel of 1 inch


  • Not for all season
  • Lacking a high heel

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford is tantamount to comfort and luxury for the long-duration flights to make you perform at your best, keeping your feet at ease. ECCO has developed a name that ensures quality and comfort as one of the top priorities of its shoes.


ECCO Helsinki Oxford is specially designed, keeping the utmost comfort level in walking, hiking, long standings, and all the things you can think of with your workplace. The shoe is designed with unique leather manufactured in its tanneries by ECCO, so there is no compromise on the quality and standard of the final product. 

The inside sole of the shoe comes with the lucrative system of comfort fiber that ensures that any moisture produced by sweating is absorbed immediately to give the foot a fresh feel throughout the time. The soft foam bed underneath the sole also ensures the comfortable ground of the shoe. Also, it acts as an absorbent to reduce any moisture inside the shoe. 

The under-sole of ECCO has much more to offer than an ordinary shoe as it is built with polyurethane, which is more durable and can stand more wear and tear than any other regular plastic sole. This feature takes the ECCO shoes way ahead in the market, providing its wearer the comfort from day one to the last for years. 

ECCO Shoes flaunt elegant seams and curves that fit best on your foot with the contoured heel and the arch support that testify to its coziness and comfort.  


  • Full leather 
  • Sole of Polyurethane 
  • Heel measure 1 inch
  • Lining for moisture wicking


  • High price tag

Naturalizer Women’s Talissa Mary Janes Pump is a striking addition to the collection of your shoes, with its amazingly fancy heels and comfort claims. The Naturalizer is an acronym for style and status and reveals the best out of you at work.


Tallissa Mar Janes Pumps are a gorgeous pair of shoes with an almond toe and a shiny suede or versatile leather upper that dramatically enhances the look. The shoe is laced with a buckle closure that runs over the vamp and ensures a great fitting on the foot.

To provide you with relentless comfort and unending ease, the shoe is specially designed with cushioning for the anatomically sculpted sole so that it keeps the foot at rest and fills in with every contour of the foot. Naturalizer boasts comfort with elegant style and makes you perfectly serve your job duties.

The shoe’s inner side is as intricately worked as the outer. The whole inside is smoothly sewed with soft lining to exude comfort for its users and provide the foot with the cushioning and breathing it needs.

The outsole is built with exclusively durable material that is anti-slip and endures long hour standings without any wear. The outsole guarantees your full mobility during long-hour flights with confidence and firmness. This is a perfect choice for the style icons who prefer to be a class apart.


  • 3.55” heel
  • Suede or leather upper
  • Sole is synthetic
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Smooth inside 


  • Too high for long flight hours


Lifestride shoes are designed to provide comfort to the feet all around the clock, with confidence and stylishness going hand in hand. Lifestride Women’s Sevyn Dress Pump is one product that will bring you elite feeling with utmost comfort and ease. 


Sevyn Dress Pump is simply an emblem of style; wearing it makes you confident and takes each step towards achievement with confidence and competence. The shoe is designed using 100% synthetic material that polishes up its look and makes it highly desirable.

Lifestride has always endeavored to provide its customers with utmost ease and comfort when standing for long hours on your job by keeping the shoe’s comfort as their prime focus. Sevyn Dress Pump incorporates unique soft system technology to offer full-time comfort to the wearer. Each step taken with Sevyn is cushioned with breathable foam to snuggle your feet in an embrace of comfort.

The heel is about 2.5″, which adds sophistication to your look. The arched heel support provides complete support that makes you take each step confidently. The outsole is also utterly flexible, ensuring that whatever moves you make, the shoe is never a hindrance in your way; instead supports and assists you in your steps. 

The design is such that it complements most of the outfits and adds to the style of the wearer. Wearing it all day long on your long flight hours is fun with the level of comfort and flexibility it gives to you. The variety of sizes and shaft sizes ensure it is purposely built for your foot.  



  • Synthetic material
  • Full flexibility
  • Outsole also flexible
  • Heel almost 2.5.”


  • Heavy price tag

Lifestride is meant to keep your feet comfortable throughout your heavily loaded flight chores; no matter how long it gets, this footwear will never let you falter. The Women’s Parigi Pump is the perfect choice for staying on toes, providing the style symbol and assistance. 


The fabulous Parigi Pump is all built with 100 % synthetic fiber that exudes the classical look, making you stay on your toes the whole day. The traction sole accompanies immense durability and gives a high level of flexibility that keeps the foot at ease with every step. 

Lifestride is famous for the comfortable cushioning and soft lining of the shoes that ensure all-day smoothness and support along with its flexibility. The feet constantly feel comfortable with the flexible outsole as it bends along your foot to provide full support. 

Another added feature is the rubber layering on the outsole so that the shoe doesn’t slip while you walk briskly during your working hours and keep you sturdy all day long. The excellent support and cushioning is something desirable by the wearer, and Lifestride always comes up to the expectations. The extra arch and heel support benefit each other while making the shoe an ideal choice for stability. 

It’s an essential pump for your workplace with about 2.5″ of the heel that will keep you agile and let you do your work efficiently without any tripping over. The round-toe pump reflects style, and the covered heel saves you from embarrassing routine heel noise in the workplace.


  • Fully Synthetic 
  • Rubber sole with anti-slip
  • Soft inside
  • Better arch support


  • High price tag

The Olivia shoes are serving its customers in their workplaces with utmost confidence and efficiency wherein they can rely totally on their foot ware for firm walk and comfort for the whole flight hours. These exceptionally designed shoes are meant for flight crew who must be on their toes. This stylish design ensures comfort as a priority.


The Crew Olivia Women’s shoes are designed with plain curves to support and encapsulate the foot into a realm of comfort throughout the flying hours. The shoe is made of soft material that fits well on your foot and stays easy.

The Shoe for Crews is a name that has built a reputation of comfort and snugness over the years by introducing its innovative designs for ant crew to perform at their best. The heel is around 2.5″ high, which isn’t much high to manage and isn’t too short. These shoes have an SFC slip-resistant outsole that plays a pivotal role in the firmness of the shoes. It makes you take your moves and keeps you firmly supported on its part. 

The shoe’s surface is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about heavy loads of work where you mostly encounter any liquid spilling on your shoes, as it would do them no harm, and you will be saved from the unsettling feeling of spoiling your shoes. The water-resistant quality makes you carry on your work with utmost peace of mind in case of spilling incidents.

The under sole is designed to ensure anti-slip, and in case of slippery and watery surfaces, the sole is capable enough to allow fluid movements to prevent any tripping. It’s extremely easy to put it on without any hustle and keeps the foot breathing throughout the day. 


  • Rubber Sole
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • Smooth and comfortable inside
  • 2.5” heel
  • Flexible


  • No snazzy design

Shoes for Crews is a brand name that flaunts itself as the best for people who are on their toes throughout their working hours, and it stands up to its proclamations. The shoes are utterly desirable in terms of comfort and ease to serve at your best.


Shoes for Crews present a variety of shoes fulfilling different style symbols adapted by different people. The Women’s Riley Snickers are the choice when you decide to go easy on yourself as it has only half an inch of the heel. 

The shoe is built with incredibly soft material that treats your foot with care and caress. The sole is highly anti-slip, made with the SFC slip-resistant material. This sole ensures a firm grip on the ground and lets you do your work more firmly on the job, walking briskly or high pace steps, do it all with confidence. 

The extra cushioning inside the shoe is another way of ensuring comfort for the wearer, so the shoes are never a cause of nuisance while at work. The Riley Sneakers are equipped with trip-guard technology in their outsole; it ensures to decimate any tripping through the spaces provided in the sole so that the liquid can flow through in case of slippery surfaces. 

The cherry on the top feature of these shoes is that they are built with water-resistant material that takes it a notch higher in performance in case of dripping water or liquid during work. The water-resistant quality lets you focus solely on your work in case of spilling, as you will be sure it will cause no damage.


  • Half inch heel
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Trip-guard


  • Simple in design

10. Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer

Clarks needs no introduction to comfortable and long-lasting shoes; it gives you the best in the market. Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer is one such item that represents style with elegance.


Clarks’ Juliet Lora Loafer is specially designed with exclusive snake skin that adds glamour and allure to your attire while at work. The heel is almost 1 inch, which is appropriate for long-standing flight times. The shoe is stitched so that it easily slips on the foot and holds it well through walking or even brisk walking during your flight hours.

Clarks claims to provide total comfort to the feet by its entirely under-foot cushioning that makes you feel like walking on soft carpets. The material used in the underfoot is specially selected for the lightness of their weight so that the shoe remains light and walking doesn’t feel like a burden. 

The underfoot can absorb moisture, so the feet keep breathing well during their stay inside the shoe. The proper circulation of air through tiny pores is ensured so that the foot doesn’t get sweaty and there isn’t any hindrance in work. 

The whole body of the shoe is effective for its flexibility as the upper body bends with your foot movement and the under-sole. These features make the shoe more desirable for long working hours. 

The rubber sole under the shoe maintains good resistance and provides a good hold between the shoe and the ground to provide ultimate support. The shaft of the shoe is almost low-top from the arch, which makes it comfortable. 


  • Built with snakeskin
  • 1.02 inches heel
  • Rubber outsole
  • Slip-on


  • High in price


What are the best shoes to wear for flying?

The best flying shoes come with a classy design and also accompany utmost comfort for a long hour standing during duty hours and in covering distances at airports. The choice should be ultimate in terms of ease and elegance. Many brands are boosting such products, which are simply irresistible in design and comfort. Clarks, LifeStride, Naturalizer, and Shoes for Crews are some brands that proffer you shoes that are the best choice for your long flight hours. 

Can flight attendants wear boots?

The flight attendants can wear boots depending on the area’s weather conditions. However, if the flight company makes it mandatory for the flight attendants to wear heels, they will abide by that, yet the male members of the crew can go with boots.

Why do flight attendants wear heels?

Some airlines have made it mandatory to wear heels for the flight attendants to achieve a more professional and elegant look; however, this makes the task a bit tiring as the working hours often exceed many hours on end. For comfort, you should always go for the best and never compromise on money. 

What should I wear on a 15-hour flight?

The long-hour flights demand special consideration in terms of dressing and footwear. The choice of dressing should go with dark colors and loose fittings that will keep you relaxed and at ease during traveling. The shoes should also be comfy, which could be removed easily during the flight, and fit in perfectly for the long-expected walks through different airports.

What should flight attendants not wear on a plane?

The flight attendants should not wear tight clothes that affect their performance while conducting their chores. Too many high heels are not recommended, and backless shoes are not appreciated as they could hamper work efficiency. No heavy jewelry or loose hair as, again, it is usually against the norms of most airlines.  

What should I wear on my feet when flying?

While flying, the footwear should be given special consideration; it should be comfy and fit in well so that you can endure long distant walks easily in different airports. The shoes should also be easily removable without laces so you can take them off during the flight. Another good option would be keeping comfy slippers inside your hand carry so that you can wear that during the flight. 

What shoes do female flight attendants wear?

The female attendants wear different shoes; mostly, they prefer heels; however, the attendants must consider the airline’s obligations while selecting the footwear. The most important attribute when selecting the shoe is essential to comfort to assist with ease and comfort throughout the flight. 


The flight attendants spent several hours in the air, staying on their toes and serving at their best with composure while maintaining their impeccable appearance. To fulfill the relentless demands of their vocation, the flight attendants have to select the best shoes for themselves to perform at their best throughout the flight and while rushing through airports. Many brands proclaim and proffer their best shoes for sustaining the standards of aircrew, which are discussed at length in this article. Clarks, LifeStride, Dansko, ECCO, and Dream Paris are some top-of-the-list brands presenting the best options for flight attendants with ultimate comfort, extravagant designs, impeccable flexibility, and dependable anti-slip feature. I hope this article will help you in grabbing the best for yourself.

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