Can Flight Attendants Accept Gifts?

A current debate raging on flight attendant gift acceptance and frequently asked question by numerous people is, can flight attendants accept gifts? Or can they have to buy gifts for the cabin crew? I had worked as a flight attendant for long period, this is why I know how to exactly answer the head-on question. 

As the airline industry is known for its stringent rules and regulation, flyers are concerned about their confectionary gifts acceptance. First of all, it depends on your motivation behind gifting flight attendants whether you want to show appreciation or get discriminatory and special consideration.

For instance, there are some flyers on the board, that offer cheap sweets and chocolates to flight attendants and expect preferential treatment and an upgrade such as extra food and free drinks. In this typical situation, the flight attendant wouldn’t accept your gift and you’ll get nothing in return except shame.

In order to stringent standards set by the airline industry, can flight attendants accept gifts? Absolutely yes! Although there are specific criteria for the gifts which affect flight attendant gift acceptance and rejection, you can give them certain gifts. 

However, gifts are not mandatory but it’s crucial to show appreciation and kindness to the flight attendants. In this blog post, I’m going to explore some exclusive gifts which meet the airline industry’s rigid standards. Let’s have look at these precious gifts.

Can Flight Attendants Accept Gifts

Can Flight Attendants Accept Gifts?

When I was a flight attendant,  used to welcomed flyers on the board but unluckily, very few flyers answered my greetings. So, I think it’s crucial to gift flight attendants with respect, and kindness. Although there is no restriction by the airline company, it’s their own choice whether to accept or reject the gifts. 

Moreover, it depends on the nature of your gift too such as large in size, cash envelope, and off limits. As it’s difficult to put large boxes of gifts in the compartments of a plane. In order to purchase the right and appropriate gifts, let’s discuss a list of acceptable gifts: 

Can Flight Attendants Accept Expensive Gifts?

No, Extravagant gifts are restricted by the airline industry. Although you have no evil intention behind your intended gift, the whole airline industry will consider an extravagant gift a sign of a bribe. Moreover, female flight attendants get uncomfortable when they receive heavy gifts from male flyers. 

Further, accepting high-cost and high-priced gifts by passengers isn’t ethically justifiable whilst performing duty. On the basis of personal observation, I have encountered a few flyers on the board who give overpriced gifts to me as bribery in order to get a fancier business class seat or want to get a free upgrade. 

Bear in mind, that free upgrades and bribes are restricted and against the rules. Unfortunately, if flight attendants accept an extravagant gift from passengers they would end up by getting punishment and a fine. So, I’ll recommend to both flyers and flight attendants not to give and accept overpriced gifts.

Can Flight Attendants Accept Largesse Gifts?

Absolutely not! Due to meager space in the compartment on a plane, it’s become strenuous to handle the largesse gift. Moreover, the cabin crew itself doesn’t allow flyers to bring a large gift with them. Further, large-size heavy gifts may symbolize suspicious items which may lead to explosions.

For that purpose, airline security may have to unwrap the gift for safety reasons. So, to avoid this typical scenario, I’ll recommend you not to purchase largesse gifts for flight attendants before boarding.

Can Flight Attendants Accept Bakery Food As A Gift?

Well! It depends on their personal choice and the nature of the food whether you are offering a homemade meal or stored food. According to the airline industry’s rules, If a flyer wants to offer food as a gift, it must be well packed and sealed such as well-wrapped sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. 

It’s crucial to appreciate flight attendants by offering them food as a gift. Make sure one thing, acquire a separate food bag, especially for flight attendants before going on board. I’m sure the flight attendant will accept your completely packed food as a gift.

Can Flight Attendant Accept Candies And Chocolates?

As a flight attendant, I had to get an abundance of candies and chocolates every single day. In order to tackle the head-on question, it’s a big yes from me, flight attendant loves to get confectionary gifts such as sweets and chocolates. Overall, flight attendants and the whole cabin crew themselves considered sweetmeats edible gifts.  

Additionally, some exhilarated and joyous flyers acquire an abundance of sweets in a bag. Unluckily, due to largesse size of the sweetmeats bag, probably flight attendant reject your gift. Moreover, probably you have to face rejection due to putting some cash as a tip in the bag.

Sometimes, There are few halal ingredients in the chocolate. If your flight attendant is Muslim, obviously he/she will not accept your precious gifts. For that purpose, ensure to bring forbidden free candies and chocolates.

What Are Other Acceptable Gifts For Flight Attendants?

If you’re not satisfied with food gifts because it may cause some serious health issues. For instance, I have eaten sealed bakery food items gifted by my favorite passengers. Unfortunately, this food gave me swear stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. 

This is why I’ll recommend you to purchase things like precious perfume (male flight attendant), and makeup accessories such as concealer, highlighter, lipstick, nail paints, and foundation. (female flight attendant). 

Hopefully, you’ll get the best gift option for the flight attendants in this blog post. Bear in mind that all these above-mentioned gifts are allowed for the cabin crew.


Can flight attendants accept gifts? Definitely yes, flight attendants are allowed to get gifts from passengers. For safety concerns, the airline industry has few restrictions on gifts such as largesse, and expensive gifts that can symbolize bribery aren’t acceptable. 

Moreover, unwrapped and unsealed food gifts are restricted because they can lead to serious health problems such as food poising, stomach cramps, nausea, and swear illness. So, I’ll highly recommend you to gift other accessories such as a watch, perfume, and hair catcher to flight attendants.

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