Can Flight Attendants Have Dyed Hair?- Complete Guide Related To Hair Requirement

It’s not a secret that the aviation industry is fully restricted in all perspectives as compared to other jobs. A flight attendant must obey all rules assigned by the airline. If you think it’s similar to a 9 to 5 job, you’re wrong. Flight attendant job positions have their perks. Firstly, the things that matter a lot for flight attendants are your eyesight, ears, weight, height, physical strength, and other medical requirements. On the other hand, there are more requirements for flight attendants, such as no tattoos, piercings, loose hair, etc.

In this blog post, I’m going to break down all the hair requirements such as can flight attendants have dyed hair? Or Can they have long hair? Let’s come down to a brief guide on hair requirements.

Can Flight Attendants Have Dyed Hair

Can Flight Attendants Have Dyed Hair

Flight attendants are considered the face of the aircrew and airline. That’s why each and everything from their perfume to their hairstyle matters a lot. Let’s discuss hair length first.

Can A Flight Attendant Have Long Hair?

As we know, rules and requirements vary from airline to airline. But almost every airline company prefers to have short hair. In this scenario, you have to style short hair uniquely and attractively that can’t be pulled back. But in case, flight attendants who have longer hair (below their shoulder length) must be worn up. Is the hair-up rule made for appearance purposes only? Not! This rule is specially made for appearance and safety purposes for cabin crew and passengers. 

Every aircraft has a safety device known as a smoke hood. In an emergency, it is worn around everyone’s neck. If a flight attendant’s long hair is down, probably device gets unable to be worn around the neck. If you have a short and bob haircut, don’t worry! This device works properly. Further, long hair down doesn’t give a professional look. Moreover, probably your long hair falls over your face or passenger due to windy weather while performing your duty. It will give a very unprofessional look to your airline. 


Can Flight Attendants Have Dyed Hair?

As I have mentioned, airlines have abundant restrictions related to flight attendants’ feet, legs, hair, and even lips. For instance, there is a stringent rule for earrings to wear only studs instead of other fancy earrings. Similarly, hair requirements, from their hairstyle to hair color are restricted by many rules and regulations. Flight attendants allow dyed hair in natural colors such as dark black, brown, etc. Other sharp and vibrant colors such as green, red, and blue are not allowed. 

Although the airline doesn’t specify the style and color of the hair, still there are restrictions on those colors which look unprofessional. Flight attendants understand the need of ethical, ecological, and unique hair color for a professional look. Besides this job type, natural dyes also become a trendy and personal choice for people. As I’m a well-traveled person, I also experienced flight attendants of different airlines who don’t have improperly dyed hair color. So, the best answer to the titular question is: can flight attendants have dyed hair? Probably not! But if they want to dye their hair dye, it must be a natural color dye. 

There is no standard or ideal hairstyle specified by the airlines. Generally, you just have to wear your long hair properly. If you want to know about some professional hairstyles for flight attendants, keep reading the article. 

Flight Attendant Hairstyle

According to the aesthetic and safety perspective, members of the cabin crew must have a neat and presentable hairstyle. As I have experienced, the abundant flight attendant (female) often used these given hairstyles below. Bear one thing in mind, if any below-mentioned hairstyle doesn’t meet your airline hair requirement criteria. I suggest you skip that style and jump to another hairstyle.


Easy Bun

The first and most acceptable hairstyle for the flight attendant is a bun. Hopefully, you are familiar with the process of bun (if not, take help from youtube videos). There are different sorts of traditional and classic buns such as messy bun, high bun, low chignon, and knot bun. Further, make sure to secure and plate your bun with the help of a hair clip, scrunchie, bobby pins, and a hairnet. Moreover, ensure the chosen type of bun is acceptable or approved by your airline. For instance, lower and eye-level buns are allowed on Gulf airlines. On the other hand, messy, high, eye-level buns are acceptable on European airlines. Sometimes, a uniform requires a hat overhead which makes you unable to do a high messy bun (probably not fit under the hat). In that case, skip this hairstyle and jump on to the next one.


French Roll

The second and my favorite hairstyle for all flight attendants are french twist (also known as french roll). This unique hairstyle enables you to look more elegant, classy, and professional. Well! You need to do some practice for making french twists. At first, it doesn’t look easy, but I keep practicing to make it easy. Further, for fixing french roll you may require u-shaped hairpins (not bobby pins) or comb (support french twist) easily available in the shops and pharmacies. Additionally, try to hide pins in your hair in a way that looks elegant and secure too. Moreover, try to fix pins on opposite sides with pins. If you don’t make french twists properly, your hair will fall immediately. 


Short Hair Bob

As depicted, if you have short hair or are unable to try the above-mentioned hairstyle due to any reason. Further, if your hair is unable to touch your collar, don’t try to tie it up. Simply, comb your hair and try to keep them neat and clean all day. There are other less exclusive flight attendant hairstyles such as plaits, fishtails, and ponytails. Moreover, male flight attendant needs to have a conservative hairstyle, get classy hair cut, and keep them neat and clean. 


Want a one-word answer for the head-on question: can flight attendants have dyed hair? Probably not! Flight attendants are not allowed to get crazy hair dye. Although they are permitted only natural hair dye, green, red, and other crazy colors are restricted. Further, they are not permitted for other hairstyles such as dreadlocks, high buns, and crazy coiffures.


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