Lithium Battery Toothbrush Airplane

If you are an individual who is considerably a seasoned air traveler, then you are probably aware of how to pack your suitcase. However, if you are new to the concept of electric toothbrushes and are hoping to travel light, you must know whether lithium-battery toothbrush airplane is prohibited. 

Packing lithium battery toothbrush airplanes in your luggage is incredibly liberating. It helps you keep your baggage weight within the limit and save money you would have otherwise spent on pesky luggage fees. 

Well, it’s time you fear no more and pack your bags with complete confidence. We will provide you with an inside scoop on lithium battery toothbrush airplanes and whether they are allowed or prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration under their regulations. 

Lithium Battery Toothbrush Airplane

Beginning with addressing the general guidelines of TSA, it is completely appropriate and permissible for passengers to bring electric toothbrushes on a plane in any luggage bag, be it checked or carry-on. 

However, one thing to note is that if the electric toothbrush you are taking along has a lithium battery, it is recommended to be packed in hand luggage. Lithium Battery Toothbrush Airplane

Lithium-ion batteries pose a possible and severe hazard of initiating a fire inside the cargo; therefore, the TSA restricts and prefers it best for everyone’s safety to pack a lithium battery toothbrush in carry-on baggage. 

FAA And TSA Statements 

There are contradicting and confounding statements issued by the TSA and the FAA on the issue of bringing a lithium battery toothbrush on an airplane. 


TSA’s website states that all travelers should bring their electric toothbrushes in carry-on bags, whether they contain lithium-metal, lithium-ion, or another type of battery. Undoubtedly, TSA has a good reason to propose this measure to be followed. 

Most frequently, all-electric toothbrushes nowadays typically have a rechargeable lithium battery, and it is always advisable to adhere to being cautious with them. 

Although it is very unlikely to happen and has a remote chance of happening with modern-day electric toothbrushes, regardless, a real chance of lithium batteries igniting after overheating does exist. After all, batteries are built-in within electric toothbrushes. 


On the other hand, the FAA proceeded with a rather different stance concerning lithium battery toothbrushes and clarified that the item should be allowed for transportation in any kind of luggage. 

According to the FAA, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices containing lithium batteries should be transported in hand luggage. These portable lithium-powered electronics are to be secured in the luggage after being turned off to avoid any accidental damage through activation. 

However, if you are not adamant about brushing your teeth with your electric lithium battery toothbrush in the air, then theoretically, you must pack your brush in checked luggage. Store it securely, and be sure to turn it off. 

The issued statement declares that all travelers isolate any capable electronic devices that could generate heat or cause a fire when activated by removing the heating element- lithium batteries or other components. 

Our Stance 

Lithium battery toothbrushes are generally allowed in checked and carry-on luggage. Still, our stance on the matter and our sincere advice to readers is to carry them in the hand luggage for a quick freshen-up mid-flight before you land. 

Feel free to pack your trusty electric lithium toothbrush in hand luggage, but keep in mind to remove the batteries of the toothbrush before you place it in the bag. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry later. Through this removal, you will eliminate the previously existent chance of overheating, fire, or shorting that could have arisen.  

Nevertheless, if the lithium batteries of the toothbrush are built-in and cannot be removed, place them in the hand luggage to minimize any potentially hazardous situation. 

Packing Lithium Electric Toothbrush In Hand Luggage 

Planning on bringing the lithium electric toothbrush in the hand luggage? Rest assured, carry-on luggage is the best method to ensure that the electric toothbrush arrives at the destination sound and safe. 

One way to pack lithium toothbrushes in hand luggage is by removing the head of the brush and separately placing it in a clear, plastic, quart-sized bag. Aside from its other components, this packaging of the brush head will allow the airport’s security agent to easily and quickly see the brush without opening and rummaging through your bag. 

Remember, as a passenger, the authorities only authorize you to bring a single quart-sized bag. If you are carrying a liquid along, then it will be more necessary for you to pack the liquid in the bag and transfer the toothbrush to your checked luggage. 

Hence, look at other items that are supposed to go in your luggage, and then consider whether you should pack a lithium electric toothbrush in a carry-on. 

Alternatively, suppose you go ahead with placing the electric brush’s hand in the quart-sized bag. In that case, it will be beneficial because the bag will prevent and guard the bristles against damage or from being bent during the flight. 

Last but not least, before you summon up an electric lithium toothbrush in your hand luggage, just make sure to turn it off and remove the brush batteries to avoid any accidents. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Can I bring a battery-powered toothbrush on a plane?

You can bring a battery-powered toothbrush on the plane through checked or carry-on luggage. 

Can I bring a toothbrush on an airplane?

The toothbrush is part of your toiletry items and can be brought along on an airplane.

Is an electric toothbrush a lithium battery?

Most of the time, yes, electric toothbrushes are lithium batteries.

Are electric toothbrushes allowed on planes in Europe?

All planes flying to Europe permit passengers to have electric toothbrushes.


Anytime you are about to pack a lithium battery toothbrush airplane for your flight, just try and be decisive over the area of its placement. You would not want to risk your boarding procedure or other travelers on your flight by packing an electric lithium toothbrush inappropriately, so beware!  

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