Can You Take Porridge Through Airport Security?

It’s time we all face it: Airport food prices are inflated, making it impossible for passengers to go anywhere to eat something else. Here, taking food from home saves you from spending at pricey restaurants in the airport. But can you take porridge through airport security?

Unless and until you are flying international or first class, being served a meal during your journey holds pretty slim chances, meaning you are responsible for packing your snacks. However, snacks like a paltry pretzel bag and gooey, sugary stroopwafels will only cause stomach turbulence, unable to stand a chance against your hunger. 

Therefore, it is essential to take healthy food items to feast on, but opting for this route brings the added challenge of determining whether the eatable is TSA-compliant. Let’s find out if can you take porridge through airport security.

Can You Take Porridge Through Airport Security?

Considerably, porridge is semi-solid, indicating that it is a combinational mix of solid and liquid, making it difficult to distinguish and classify whether the food item will be classified under the category of a liquid. Additionally, TSA has released no official statement concerning whether can you take porridge through airport security. 

Regardless, since porridge is also known as cooked oatmeal, it cannot be brought through airport security. Where the TSA officers at the security terminal would permit you to bring oatmeal in dry packets, they will strictly prohibit porridge from being carried on board. 

Unlike porridge, gels, liquids,and solid food items can be transported in checked or hand luggage. Still, often, travelers are instructed to separate such powder or food items from their bags to prevent cluttering and any obstruction of clear images on the scanners or the x-ray machines. 

Though TSA does not allow for porridge to pass through airport security, it is best that you still check in with the specific airline that you are traveling with. Depending on their cabin luggage regulations, the airline might have room to accommodate your hot porridge in a thermal flask. 

While some airlines may permit it, others prohibit bringing porridge in any container on the plane. Supposedly, the airline has specific policies allowing for traveling with porridge. Then, it is important to note that the airport security will ask you to open the porridge container for screening; hence, pack it so it can be conveniently opened and easily inspected. 

Packing Food In Luggage (TSA Rules):

Planning to board your flight with food items in the luggage? You should separate your food items per their formulation (solid or liquid) and store them in checked or hand luggage. 

Solid foods are ideal to be packed in either suitcase because there are no restrictions on their size or quantity. Comparatively, when it comes to hand luggage and gel or liquid food items, you would have to narrow down the amounts to comply with the limitations and pack them in containers of 3.4 ounces or smaller. 

When the limits of the liquid containers are exceeded, and there is nothing you can do to alter the quantity, then food safety-wise, it would make sense for you to transition the liquid food product to the checked bag for safekeeping. 

TSA loves it when travelers adequately organize their hand luggage to keep the bags uncluttered as it makes screening much more steady and assists in moving lines. But keep in mind, no matter how much you do your homework for pre-packing and following the TSA-spelled rules; snacks will always remain a subject of scrutiny by the authorities. 

Healthy Snacks Easily Passing Airport Security:

We understand how not being able to take porridge through airport security can be a possible setback for you. But do not bother because we suggest some options for healthy snacks that easily pass through airport security! 

Green Leafy Salads:

Regular or green leafy salads will wonderfully pass through airport security and hold up well for the subsequent hours. Again, you cannot expect to pass through security with a salad dressing bottle.

To counter this problem, pack those little packets of sauces from food joints and include them under the 3.4oz single pack of liquids. Another option could be to bring some salad dressing and pour it over the salad before passing security. 

Remember, there should not be a puddle of dressing at the bottom, so toss only some sauce, and we assure you that you will not have a problem with security. 

Packs Of Oatmeal (Quick Cook):

Want a dinner or breakfast on the go? It is a possibility with the quick cook packs of oatmeal. All you would need is a bowl and hot water that you could ask for on the plane from the flight attendant by requesting water for tea. 

Grain Salads: 

Quinoa grain salads are ideal because they can be eaten at room temperature or cold. Bring quinoa with tomato, cucumber, lemon, avocado, and olive oil, or with tomatoes, beans, avocado, bell papers, and cumin- it’s up to you.

If you want to add avocado later on, bring one separately, and as it does not go brown, slice it up right before you eat your salad.  


A sandwich is another good option that is easy and simple to quickly throw together before heading for your trip. Take whole wheat bread, load it with fresh ham or cooked chicken, and garnish with your favorite veggies, and you are set for required nourishment mid-flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can I take porridge in my suitcase?

No, you cannot take porridge in a suitcase. 

Can I take cooked food through airport security?

Yes, cooked foods are allowed through airport security. 

What food cannot go through airport security?

Gel or liquid food items more than 100ml.

What kind of food is allowed through airport security?

Vegetables, meat, non-liquid food items, and seafood are allowed through airport security. 


The answer we offered for Can you take porridge through airport security might not be what you wanted to hear. However, we say keep calm and instead opt for the healthy snack alternatives we have stated, which are easy to pass through airport security.

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