Emirates Cabin Crew Eyesight Requirements

Want to become a member of Emirates aircrew? If yes! This blog post will help you a lot. As every employee needs certain requirements and qualifications, Emirates airline also requires some specifications like keen eyesight, no visible tattoos, a healthy body, and so on. 

If you want to be considered as a flight attendant you must have aged up to 21 years. Further, applicants must have a high school certificate and fluent English communication skills. Moreover, you must be willing to work different shifts such as the early morning shift, overnight shift, and day shift. One of the most demanding things applicants have to know about swimming (for emergencies).

Additionally, the Emirates cabin crew requires some exclusive physical tests. Applicants must be physically fit and have the ability to lift heavy carts and luggage overhead. On the other hand, they have to clear all medical tests related to their health such as 20/40 visual acuity, accurate weight and height (according to body mass index), healthy heart rate, blood test, and other required tests. Moreover, there are some grooming standards set by Emirates Airlines such as proper hairstyle, short hair, nonvisible tattoo, neat and clean uniform, light perfume, etc. These are some exclusive grooming standards that applicants must adhere to. If you can meet all these standards, I’ll recommend you apply to flight attendant. 

After meeting medical standards, One of the most demanding requirements for the emirate cabin crew is having an attractive and charismatic personality. Further, applicants must have an arm’s length of 212 cm and a minimum height of 5’2”. Moreover, spoken and written English proficiency is required for becoming a member of the aircrew. On the other hand, visible tattoos, long hair, and bizarre stylish hairstyles are fully restricted by Emirates airlines. Further, one year experience of in customer services or hospitality is required for a flight attendant job. Additionally, Emirate airlines hire those applicants who have good qualities such as cosmopolitan, progressive, professional, empathetic, and visionary. On the other hand, applicants must have the ability to get comfortable in a new environment and work in different shifts with more energy. In order to tackle the title, further blog posts consist of detailed information related to eyesight requirements. 

What Are Emirates Cabin Crew Eyesight Requirements? 

After passing the initial test, you have to meet emirates’ medical standards. The first and crucial medical requirement is to have correct visual acuity. Almost every single airline requires 20/40 visual acuity with lenses or glasses. It means you have to see the object placed 40 feet away from your place with glasses, which a person sees while standing 20 feet away from the object. But here’s the head-on question: what are emirates cabin crew eyesight requirements? For getting the best and ultimate guide to this question, keep reading carefully. 

6/9 Vision

Can you apply for Emirates cabin crew with 6/9 vision? Yes! 6/9 is acceptable for Emirates cabin crew. 6/9 vision means you are able to see an object while standing 6 meters away from it, what the other person sees while staying 9 meters away from it. In other words, we can say that we have slightly weak eyesight. For applying to Emirates Airlines, you have to wear your glasses properly or contact lenses (must be not tinted, monocular, and stay for a long time). Some low-quality lenses can’t stay in a dry environment for a long time. Try to wear high quality expensive and long-lasting lenses or stainless glasses. But most of the time, Emirates cabin crew prefers to have 20/20 visual acuity for hiring members for cabin crew. 

6/12 Vision

Does the emirates cabin crew’s eyesight requirement meet your vision? Well! The Ophthalmologist table will decide the exact answer to this question. As you know that 6/12 vision is considered poor vision because you need to stand near the object for better legibility and visibility. Similarly (6/9 vision), you have to see objects placed at 6 meters, which other people can see at 9 meters. The good news is, you can apply for emirates cabin crew even with 6/12. Bear in mind, that this weak eye vision doesn’t acceptable for cabin service assistants.

Specific Spectacles

Having weak eyesight? It’s crucial to wear spectacles for increasing visibility like a normal person. Let me tell you one specific requirement of an emirate airline regarding glasses is to wear moderate glasses. It means you have to wear professional spectacles which are moderate in design and size. Further, there are some exclusive acceptable frame colors such as silver, gold, tortoiseshell color, and brown. Additionally, it’s also acceptable for emirates airlines to wear frameless spectacles. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to wear spectacles you may also wear lenses. As there are some grooming standards, lenses should have to be eye-friendly and soft permeable. Whereas hard and irritated lenses are not acceptable because they affect your eyes such as redness, swelling, and watery eyes. 

Night and Color Blindness

Having night blindness or color blindness? Unfortunately, your application will automatically be rejected if you have color blindness or night blindness. As color blindness makes a person unable to see colors properly. Further, it makes you unable to see differences in specific colors. Unluckily, there is no cure for these diseases. But don’t panic, keep calm because there are contact lenses and special glasses for color blindness people. In order to know about this disease, try to consult a doctor. Moreover, there is a medical test or exercise related to eyesight conducted by Emirates airlines. If you have a night or color blindness, I’ll recommend you to not apply for an emirate cabin crew. 


What are Emirates cabin crew eyesight requirements? Well! I have given detailed information regarding this question. 6/6 vision is not required, you may also apply for Emirates cabin crew with 6/9 and 6/12 vision. Unluckily, if you have color blindness or night blindness don’t try to apply for it. Additionally, having weak eyesight is not a big deal if you’re going to apply for an emirate cabin crew.


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