How To Pack Clorox Wipes For Travel?

Clorox wipes can be very handy to carry, especially because you might be traveling through dirty airplanes, which increases the likelihood of contracting a germ and falling sick when traveling. How to pack Clorox wipes for travel?

Fortunately, and per the TSA regulations, all passengers can board their flights with Clorox wipes, whether in their checked or carry-on baggage. Though no quantity limits restrict the packets of Clorox wipes, you want to carry; still, it is essential to know how to pack Clorox wipes for travel. 

Clorox wipes are a singular answer to all your questions concerning cleaning and maintaining secured spaces around you on an airplane. So, without further adieu, let’s get to assist you with packing your number 1 guarding product- Clorox wipes. 

How To Pack Clorox Wipes For Travel?

With the allowance of packing Clorox wipes in any luggage bag, as a traveler, you have multiple options and the freedom to choose between checked and carry-on baggage.

However, the decision for how to pack Clorox wipes for travel is determined by the quantity and the accessibility of the product you demand.How To Pack Clorox Wipes For Travel

Hand Baggage:

Since, despite the liquid that Clorox wipes are soaked in, it is surprising that they are not considered or subjected to the rules and regulations for liquids introduced by the TSA as the law of 3-1-1. 

According to the rule, all passengers are prohibited from bringing gels, aerosols, and liquids on a plane in their carry-on bags if the liquid container is beyond the set capacity of 100ml. 

As airplanes can be quite an unclean place that presents itself as a breeding ground for bacteria and infection, you might prefer to pack Clorox wipes in your hand baggage.

When Clorox wipes are packed in your hand baggage, you can retrieve a wipe at any time and use them on the plane to either clean the area around you or simply sanitize your hands after having a meal. 

You must follow no packaging guidelines, requirements, or restrictions for the size and quantity of Clorox wipes. Simply throw the wipes in your hand baggage, and you are ready for your long-haul, no-layover flight. 

Checked Baggage:

If you think you will not need a Clorox wipe during the flight, then the alternative you must seek here is to pack them in your checked baggage. Utilize the space and the weight of your hand baggage by eliminating the packaging of Clorox wipes from here and transferring the packets to the checked baggage. 

Again, as with hand baggage, even in checked baggage, there are no limits to the quantity and size of the Clorox wipes you can carry. Likewise, there is no particular packaging method that you must follow to keep the wipes secured in your luggage.

However, we recommend that all our readers double-check all Clorox wipes packets beforehand to ensure they are sealed. If not, the wipes can run out dry before you land at your destination. 

Clorox Wipes & International Flights:

Another frequently raised question by travelers is about the permissibility and packaging of Clorox wipes on an international flight. 

Although Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only has jurisdiction to make and implement rules for travelers in the USA, it may come as consolation to you knowing that more or less similar rules apply worldwide and for international flights. 

This means that all the guidelines you must remember while traveling within the USA must also be observed outside the States. Thus, Clorox wipes and transportation of them in a plane are allowed through checked and carry-on baggage. 

No matter where you are traveling with Clorox wipes, you will not encounter any issues at the airport security terminals. 

Cleaning Airplane Seats With Clorox Wipes:

Clorox is a renowned disinfectant that is immediate at serving its purpose and utility of ridding germs by killing them. Precisely, when the disinfectant acquires the form of a wipe, it becomes all the more helpful and provides ease to all its users who wish to use Clorox wipes to clean their seats before being seated in them for continuous hours. 

Even though most airlines like United Airlines use antimicrobials to ensure a protective and long-lasting barrier between the aircraft’s interior and microorganisms, there is no way to know whether you are properly guarded against the risk of unhygienic spaces. 

Therefore, as the philosophy of hygiene states: create as many barriers between yourself and the viruses. For this, remember to grab that portable pack of Clorox wipes from any local store in your area, or else try finding them at the airport. 

Once you enter the airplane, and reach your seat, use a Clorox wipe to disinfect the armrest, TV, tray table, window, and anything else that catches your eye and is within the parameters of your seat. 

Scrub down all the hard surfaces with the beloved Clorox wipes to not feel conscious about the germs invading your space, and when done, comfortably seat yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I carry Clorox wipes on a plane?

Yes, you can carry Clorox wipes on a plane in any of the bags you prefer: checked or carry-ons.

Can you put Clorox wipes in a Ziploc bag?

Though this is not mandated, you can put Clorox wipes in a Ziploc bag for your peace of mind.

How do you pack wipes on a plane?

There is no specific way to pack wipes on a plane; just ensure the packet is sealed. 

Are wipes considered a liquid when traveling?

No, wipes are not considered liquid when traveling or subjected to the 3-1-1 rule. 


There is no standard way for how to pack Clorox wipes for travel. 

Considering the liberty TSA has given all its passengers through approval of traveling with Clorox wipes has already provided travelers with several ways to pack the item in their baggage.

Feel free to pack away the wipes in any way you like because there is no right or wrong with packing Clorox wipes.

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