Can You Bring Wet Wipes On An Airplane?

To have a stress-free and seamless journey, whenever preparing to travel on an airplane, an individual must familiarize themselves with the regulations instated by the TSA. Can you bring wet wipes on an airplane?

What makes wet wipes a popular choice among all passengers is the convenience they serve through being a versatile solution for all those travelers who want to take care of their hygiene when on the move and in the long haul. 

Practically disposable wet wipes are typically used for refreshing and cleansing, ensuring comfort and cleanliness throughout the air travel journey. Most travelers tend to bring wet wipes on the plane, unaware of whether they are allowed. 

So let’s determine if can you bring wet wipes on an airplane and interrogate the mandatory TSA guidelines to adhere to when bringing wet wipes aboard. 

Can You Bring Wet Wipes On An Airplane?

A rather direct answer to your query regarding whether can you bring wet wipes on an airplane is, indeed, you can. You can board a flight with wet wipes in any piece of your luggage. It does not matter if it is your checked or carry-on bag; the good news is that wet wipes are allowed without any restrictions or limitations. Can You Bring Wet Wipes On An Airplane

Additionally, do not bother yourself being concerned about the 3-1-1 rule, which demands all passengers carrying liquids to have their liquids poured into a container of 100ml or 3.04 ounces and then sealed within a single, clear, plastic, resealable, quart-sized bag. This is because wet wipes stand exempted and need not comply with the 3-1-1 rule commonly imposed by the TSA on toiletries. 

Moreover, the authorities have also granted all travelers the discretion to choose between the packaging in which they would want their wet wipes to accompany them. Supposedly, if you want to transfer wet wipes into a plastic resealable bag, you can. Otherwise, you can also simply take your wet wipes’ original packaging. 

The advantage of adhering to the TSA regulations is the edge to carry your wet wipes without any problem and have a more enjoyable and hassle-free flying experience. 

Useful Tips 

Admittedly, TSA has allowed all customers to take wet wipes when traveling on an airplane. Still, it is always wise to take an additional step to ensure no trouble arises at the eleventh hour when you are finally boarding for your dream travel destination. 

Read through our stated useful tips, and feel free to implement them if necessary! 


  • TSA has provided security checkpoint guidelines and permitted wet wipes to be transported with you on your plane journey. Regardless, you must check in with the airline you are traveling with to confirm whether they have specific wet wipes guidelines or restrictions.
  • Airlines might have their precise by-laws, so check for regulations asides from the one from TSA.
  • Properly dispose of your wet wipes after using them during your flight. 
  • Either ask or seek guidance from flight attendants or search for designated waste bins in the aircraft to throw the wet wipes away once they have been utilized. 

Wet Wipes In Hand Luggage

Majority of travelers prefer to keep wet wipes in their hand luggage. The reason behind doing this is apparent: convenience. 

It is easier and quicker for them to retrieve a wet wipe from hand luggage whenever needed than from checked baggage, where you would only get ahold of your bags once you have landed. 

Therefore, it is important for you as a passenger to be aware of the proper method to store wet wipes in your hand luggage which not only makes carrying wet wipes effortless for you but is also in compliance with the rules of TSA.

Pack Wet Wipes As A Whole 

It is infrequent for the airline or the airport authorities to demand that the passengers pack each wet wipe singularly and out of the original packaging. Instead, the management request that people pack their wet wipes normally and carry the item traditionally. 

You do not need to include wet wipes in a travel-size sealed container or pack them individually. However, just bring the wet wipes as they are, which can be soft packs, plastic tubs, or individual sachets. 

Non-Liquid Toiletry Item

Reiterating, wet wipes are not considered to be a liquid item. Hence, when you pack, do not confuse yourself by attempting to pack them accordingly. Remember, wet wipes are exempted from the 3-1-1 rule and are not part of the liquid restrictions. 

Pack away wet wipes in any quantity you desire, even in your hand luggage, without worrying about confiscation at the security terminal. 

Additional Screening 

The permissibility of wet wipes by the TSA is not an assurance that the wet wipes pass through security checks without being screened. Place your wet wipes in your hand luggage so you can easily take them out for screening purposes. 

Often TSA agents will intentionally ask you to remove wet wipes from your hand luggage and place them in a separate bin for additional scanning. Be prepared and keep the wet wipes handy before you are on the flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I take wet wipes through airport security?

Yes, you can take wet wipes through airport security though keep in mind that an agent is well within their rights to request you to bring the item out of the luggage for extra screening. 

How do you carry wet wipes while traveling?

Ideally, carry wet wipes in their standard packaging when traveling. 

Can you bring a full pack of baby wipes on a plane?

There is no limitation on the packs of baby wipes you can bring on a plane, so bring as many as you like.

Can you take wipes on international flights?

Generally, wet wipes are allowed on international flights. However, we recommend you always confirm with the airlines about the permissibility of them on board beforehand. 


Now that you have clarity over whether can you bring wet wipes on an airplane, stow as many packs of wet wipes as you desire in your luggage. Rest assured; you have our word that there will be no difficulty or complexity your way when you travel with wet wipes! 

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