Can You Take Face Wipes In Hand Luggage?

Can you take face wipes in hand luggage is a burning question brought about by many travelers. 

Navigating an airport security terminal is only a familiar experience for those who pass through these checks regularly and are particularly frequent flyers. But what about those underconfident and unsure what to pack in hand luggage?

All incoming passengers need to know the finer details of what they want to contain in hand luggage to avoid facing hurdles before boarding. Though Can you take face wipes in hand luggage is a relatively straightforward question, there is no direct or precise answer on the internet and in Google searches. 

So let us assist you in revealing the desired and truthful answer to your query- can you take face wipes in hand luggage?

Can You Take Face Wipes In Hand Luggage?

Luckily, you can take face wipes and transport them to your travel destination with you in hand luggage. Since face wipes are considered solids despite their dampness, they do not fall under the category of liquids, nor are they subjected to any restrictions or limitations that are otherwise imposed on aerosols and liquids. 

Consequently, the well-recognized 3-1-1 TSA rule of liquids, where no liquid in a container should exceed the capacity of 100ml/ 3.4 ounces and must always be carried in a single, clear, plastic, quart-sized bag, does not apply to your face wipes in the hand luggage.Can You Take Face Wipes In Hand Luggage 

Many travelers have repeatedly claimed to have carried and packed face wipes in their hand luggage without utilizing a zip-lock bag. They have always been able to pass through all security checks without raising suspicion or encountering any problems. 

These individuals have carried ten towelettes of face wipes each and recommend that their fellow travelers ideally pack away a face wipe packet of at least 25 wipes which is the most plausible quantity; nothing bigger than that should be carried. 

Although, ordinarily, no problematic instances are to materialize for anyone carrying face wipes in their hand luggage. But again, if the TSA agent in charge of your security terminal ought to be having a bad day, then in the worst-case scenario, they may object to your transportation of face wipes in hand luggage and confiscate them.

Rest assured, such a circumstance has never been heard of, nor has anyone ever reported being indicted with a fine or a penalty for being hygienic. Hence, you can travel with face wipes in your hand luggage. 

Different Countries And Face Wipes

Following, we state some dictated stories of reliable travelers who have investigated on behalf of the majority to ensure and formulate an answer to Can you take face wipes in hand luggage?

Through these answers, you can further confirm to eliminate any lingering suspicion about whether face wipes are a liquid and mandated to adhere to the 3-1-1 liquid rule. A discovery about face wipes and their liquid consideration can transform how you pack them in your hand luggage. Beware, and pay attention! 


A traveler traveling to Germany took the onus of explicitly asking the federal German police if face wipes are allowed in hand luggage, and in the situation that they are, does the liquid rule for hand luggage have to be observed? 

The answer to the queries was clear: face wipes are permitted in hand luggage and are not counted as liquid products. Therefore, you can place them anywhere in the hand luggage without worrying about being caught or fined for not following the rules since no rules exist for face wipes and carrying them. 

United States of America

Fortunately, it has been verified that the USA also welcomes face wipes in the luggage of departing or arriving travelers. The TSA website confirms the permissibility of face wipes in hand luggage and confidently portrays their point of view of face wipes to be not carried as liquids. Additionally, TSA also emphasizes that there is no issue in carrying face wipes in checked luggage, leaving the option to pick and choose from travelers. 

If you still want to double-check the clean we just mentioned to be true, you can confirm the carrying of face wipes in hand luggage through the Twitter channel that TSA has dedicated to answering all sorts of people’s questions. 

You can also conveniently contact TSA to inquire about any restricted or forbidden items in hand luggage and even communicate with them by sending pictures. Supposedly, if you think the face wipes you want to carry along on a plane might not be allowed, simply take a picture of the packet and tweet it to TSA to clear the air. 

United Kingdom 

Another one of the travelers asked the responsible airport authorities at Heathrow Airport about face wipes and if they could be transported via hand luggage. The answer delivered was the same as it was by authorities in Germany and USA. 

Face wipes are not prohibited in hand luggage, and even after their high liquid concentration, the liquid rule does not apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can you bring face wipes on a plane?

Face wipes are allowed for transportation on a plane. 

Are wipes allowed in hand luggage?

Yes, wipes are allowed in hand luggage without any restrictions. 

How do you pack makeup wipes for a flight?

Packing makeup wipes for a flight is easy; just place them anywhere in the luggage since there are no rules or limitations. 

Are wipes considered a liquid when traveling?

Regardless of the high liquid saturation of the face wipes, they are not considered to be liquid when traveling. 


Now that you have such valuable information for can you take face wipes in hand luggage? You have to make these details useful. 

Do not fret about being precise when carrying or packing face wipes, as their original packaging will suffice because face wipes are not counted as a liquid or a product associated with a liquid, nor are they obligated to follow the 3-1-1 rule.

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