Can You Take Lysol On A Plane Checked Baggage?

Considering the recent fearful events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, many tourists and travelers have been apprehensive about keeping their items and surfaces germs-free. They pack plenty of sanitizers and even wear gloves and masks to protect themselves. But can you take Lysol on a plane checked baggage?

Some people concerned about germs often have a natural habit of carrying disinfectant sprays and other products with them, but when on board, the most frequently asked question is regarding Lysol and whether it is allowed to be brought along on flights. 

In this article, we will look at the question- can you take Lysol on a plane checked baggage and will determine an answer for all hygiene enthusiasts, so keep reading! 

Can You Take Lysol On A Plane Checked Baggage?

Airplanes are a renowned breeding ground for infections and germs; precisely with recycled air, disinfecting seats is necessary, and for some travelers, the urge to bring Lysol along with them on the plane could be a typically crucial traveler practice. 

Unfortunately, you cannot disinfect your seats, handles, or fold-out tables with Lysol on board. This is because it is not allowed to bring Lysol on planes, especially an aerosol spray can since it is a potentially highly flammable liquid. Can You Take Lysol On A Plane Checked Baggage

Lysol is available in specific compacted forms for traveling, such as sprays and wipes to ease travelers’ life and provide convenience. 

However, there have been quite conflicting answers from TSA’s side; therefore, we will be examining the permissibility of Lysol on a plane and in the checked baggage per the form of Lysol you are willing to carry along: wipes or an aerosol spray. 

Aerosol Spray Lysol 

A Lysol spray is out of one of those products that you should not be contemplating bringing along on a plane, nor is it allowed in your checked luggage. The reasoning provided by the authorities is in regards to the flammability of the spray and how despite it being a toiletry or a medicinal item, Lysol stands to be prohibited. 

These sprays are thought of as the most dangerous items for flight, and if you are seen trying to sneak in an aerosol can of Lysol spray in your checked baggage and are caught, then be prepared to face the severe consequences that are to be followed for you. 

With a Lysol aerosol spray, you will not be endangering only yourself but also all the other passengers that are aboard. These cans have been pressurized, and not to reiterate, the disinfectant, Lysol, is combustible, so even the slightest ignition of a spark could result in a fire on the plane. 

Lysol Wipes 

While airplane and airport authorities might forbid you from bringing Lysol along on a plane in checked baggage, you can seek an alternative to the aerosol spray in the form of Lysol wipes. 

Lucky for you, Lysol wipes can be carried on a plane and in any luggage you desire, whether it be your carry-on or your checked baggage; you can pack numerous packets without any restrictions. Feel free and welcomed to pack as many packs as you may prefer. 

For safety and hygiene, it is important that you, at all times when traveling on a plane, carry at least a single pack of Lysol disinfectant wipes in your carry-on baggage for easy accessibility.

As soon as you get on the flight, and arrive at your seat, before sitting down, take out a wipe and wipe down every nook and cranny of your seat, using a different wipe for each dedicated area. 

Permissibility of disinfectant wipes on a plane and in baggage is not only restricted to taking along Lysol wipes but carrying any other brand of wipes that you want, which could be Clorox or Dettol, and for that matter makeup and baby wipes are even allowed. 

TSA Rules For Lysol Disinfectant Spray 

Any efforts that passengers make to protect and guard themselves and others against germs and infections are supported by TSA. The official website of Transportation Secuirty Administration shows Lysol wipes permissibility to be used as a product for disinfecting. 

Following, we state some rules already demonstrated on the TSA website, still to confirm, and for your consolation, you can visit the website regardless to verify what you cannot and can bring. 

  • TSA allows all disinfectant wipes, including Lysol, to travel safely, but with the pre-requisite that these products be appropriately stowed in the luggage.
  • Lysol gels or sprays can never be carried in checked baggage but should be placed in a carry-on. 
  • Lysol gels and sprays must always be in travel-approved packaging, such as a 100ml container for liquids. 
  • To clear baggage at security, any amount of Lysol being carried must be less than the set and approved limit of 3.4 ounces. 
  • Disinfectants or Lysol cannot be in the form of an aerosol can spray because they are not allowed. 
  • Suppose you wish to carry an aerosol spray on board with you. In that case, it should have a medicinal purpose and must be declared to the authorities. For a backup, there should be a doctor’s written prescription, allowing and certifying its importance to be carried. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is disinfectant spray allowed in checked baggage?

Disinfectant sprays can be carried in checked baggage in any size, but for carry-ons, the 3-1-1 TSA’s liquid rule must be adhered to. 

Can you spray Lysol on luggage?

Yes, you can spray Lysol on your luggage before boarding. 

Can you bring cleaning products on a plane?

No cleaning products are allowed on a plane in the luggage due to their flammable qualities. 

Can you take aerosols in carry-on baggage?

Aerosols in carry-on baggage are allowed but should be in the appropriate size to pass the security check. 


We hope this article has clarified the question of taking Lysol on a plane with checked baggage. Remember, where you are not allowed to carry Lysol in the form of an aerosol spray, wipes are still permitted, so use disinfectant wipes to safeguard your hygiene.

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