Can You Visit Roanoke House?

Suppose you are a fan of watching horror movies. In that case, once in a lifetime, the question might have occurred to you- can you visit Roanoke House, the setting for American Horror Story’s sixth season? 

To wonder whether visiting Roanoke House is a possibility is justified because mystery, murder, ghosts, and haunted houses have long held a reputation for appealing to the public who have a taste for watching and reading horror stories. 

Undoubtedly, the construction and the outlook of the Roanoke house featured in the sixth season of American Horror has raised several questions amongst the fans of the tele-series. Some about the authenticity of the story and others about the incident that took place on Roanoke Island. 

Today’s discussion about whether you can visit Roanoke House aims to address most of your concerns and clarify the infamous Roanoke House. 

Can You Visit Roanoke House?

People who are lovers of the genre- of horror have more than just a suspicion to visit the places where their favorite horror movies have been filmed. As to them, seeing the place in person brings a realistic effect to the story.

Nonetheless, some individuals also do like to believe that touring such suspicious and terrifying places holds a likely chance for them to run into a ghost or two. Through some miracle, they could find a solution to the long-lasting mystery that the film revolves around. Can You Visit Roanoke House

Unfortunately, visiting the Roanoke house in America is not a possibility. This is not because the house is owned by a private owner who prefers not to have intervention by visitors or curious tourists, but primarily because the Roanoke house, in actuality and physicality, does not exist. 

The infamous farmhouse was precisely designed and built by the crew of the sixth season only for the shooting of the American Horror Story. We understand how disappointing our fans are to know that their beloved Roanoke house cannot be walked through or visited. 

Though the place utilized in the sixth season is an icon, leaving many fans wondering about the credibility of the facts of the show and wanting to verify them through an in-person visit, it is sad that we inform you that no such physical place exists for visitation. 


Regardless of the fact that the Roanoke house is not a real place; hence, there is no chance for you ever to tour the premises, it might be some consolation to know the address of where the facade of a Roanoke house was constructed for the sake of filming the sixth season. 

Roanoke house, fashioned around the Shaker Mansions, was built on 900 Sappony Road, Martin County, North Carolina. Despite the series presenting a Roanoke environment, the production staff set the Roanoke House in North Carolina.

The location was kept a secret and was only disclosed once the farmhouse’s construction was complete and shooting for the sixth season of the American Horror Story had commenced. 

About The Roanoke House:

Haunted houses are not a recent introduction to the American horror genre but have been there for a long time, and one such place that has gained traction from viewers is the Roanoke house. 

The house remains one of the most iconic places to be established considerably because even though the actual home was located in one place, it was re-made far from the original perceived setting. 

So far, the unique quality of the house from Roanoke is that it was manufactured only for a single season. All the hard work relating to the design, interior, and outside build, and dedicated professionals meticulously and cautiously undertook other aspects. 


It was reported by TMZ in 2016 that the construction of the Roanoke house was quite a massive artwork for the crew. It took approximately four months for the team to bring the place together in one piece and per the outlined demands. 

Colonial style building of the Roanoke house is not just an outside shell or an appeal due to its exterior. But it is astonishing to know that the house’s insides, too, have been entirely constructed. 

The house from within is fully furnished and is not a separate and empty stage altogether but has rooms and the most-familiar spiral staircase, which every American Horror Story fan is guaranteed to be associated with. 

The spiral staircase is an attribute particular to American Horror Story. Each season of the series is released with the induction of a new spiral staircase which acts as a linkage, linking the new season to the old one while simultaneously implying a link with the underworld. 

Since it has been made and not modified, Roanoke House can more accurately radiate a precise and wanted claustrophobic environment to stimulate fright, dread, and panic within the viewers, keeping them hooked to continue watching. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can you visit the site of the Roanoke colony?

Yes, you can visit the site of the Roanoke colony, but remember to remember that while you can visit Roanoke Island, it does not mean you can also visit the Roanoke house. 

Is the Roanoke house still there?

No, the Roanoke house has never existed, so there is no likelihood for the farmhouse to continue existing. The single-handed setting was only set for the show’s sixth season, and the house was finished after the filming. 

Can you still go to Roanoke Island?

Yes, you can and can go to Roanoke Island to first-handedly experience a new and exciting adventure. 

Can you visit the American horror story house?

You can visit houses from the other seasons of the American horror story. Still, explicitly taking note of season 6, you cannot see the Roanoke house. 


In this article, we have addressed your apprehension about whether you can visit Roanoke House. While it is unfortunate for us to inform our readers about the distressing news of not seeing the Roanoke House, you can still have a worthwhile tour of the Roanoke House through the very well transition of it conducted in the American Horror.

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