Can You Visit The Visit The Cullen House?

Twilight Saga is a series of vampire romance novels written by Stephenie Meyer and has gained widespread popularity ever since the transformation of writings into movies starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward, leaving all the Twilight fans wondering whether- can you visit the Cullen house?

Undoubtedly, the book series and its unique characters brought a refined twist into the vampire genre and left fans stunned and spellbound. Twilight has been the most talked about movie for a decade, precisely when the saga of films was streamed on Netflix.

Passionate fans of Twilight have picked up sounds from the movie and have used them on TikTok, mimicking how the fictional family would run in the film and how the family of Cullens would act if they were not vampires. 

Regardless, can you visit the Cullen house in person?

Can You Visit The Cullen House?

Unfortunately, visiting the Cullen house in person is not possible since it is a privately owned residence in Portland, Oregon, and the owners do not allow the intervention of fans of Twilight on their property. 

Cullen house is an impressive tri-level mansion and became the talk of the town because of its unrealistic, fantastical architectural beauty and also because of the scene in which Bella Swan is taken by Edward Cullen to the Cullen house to visit and to be introduced to his family. 

Wooded areas surround the house, and sure, if visiting it was a possibility, the place would have directly transported you into a world of Twilight.Can You Visit The Visit The Cullen House

Location Of The Cullen House:

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Cullen house is otherwise known to be the “Hoke House,” gaining its name from the owner’s identity- John Hoke, who is, in fact, a footwear design director at Nike. 

When Twilight was filmed at the Cullen house, it was recently constructed and was brand new. The construction of the renowned house started in 2006 and was finished in 2007, just in time for the movie to be shot and released in 2008. 

Unlike Bella’s house, Cullen House is not open to be booked as an Airbnb, so your dream to personally reenact the “hold on tight, spider monkey” film scene will only remain a wish you hope to come true. Though you cannot recreate the scene in the Cullen house, with love for, Twilight, you can always play the shot in your heart. 

Nevertheless, there is still a loophole whereby you cannot directly visit the Cullen house nor tour it but still catch a fulfilling and satisfying glimpse from the outskirts of the property. 

The grounds of the property are private. Still, the main roads are open and allowed to be accessed by pedestrians on Friday and Tuesday afternoons, specifically for a few hours ranging from 1-5 pm. 

You can walk up from the square to grant street, enter the grounds through the main gates, and keep following the avenue for at least three and half quarters of a mile which is 1.2km, until and unless the Cullen house comes in sight. 

Contemporary Design Of The Cullen House:

When asked to recall their first impression of the Cullen house, all Twilight fans can only recall the instance where Cullen invited Bella to introduce her to his family at the beautiful mansion. 

An overview of the Cullen house describes it as a large, rectangular, elegant, and well-proportioned mansion painted in faded white. The most impressive and distinct part of the mansion is its southern wall, made entirely of glass and faces the Calawah River providing a breathtaking view of the scenery. 

Producers responsible for converting the book into a movie had ensured to not miss out on any details of the house imagined by the author, designing the Cullen house in her imagination.

Cullen House Construction: 

Directors of the movie have done a commendable job in finding a location that would suitably and exactly fit the Cullen house description in the well-known book. Where the house is massive, on the other hand, it subtly and effortlessly induces a contemporary modern touch in its construction and interior. 

Cullen’s house, in actuality, is as tall as three stories, and each story of the house has been divided to include all the defined areas in the book. 

Such as the first story of the house is open and has an input to natural light, whereby there are only a handful of internal walls and a wide staircase to the left. On this portion, there is only the office of C.E.E Inc., where all business dealings are managed. 

Following the house’s second story is the room of Emmett and Rosalie above the staircase. Moving around the story comes Jasper’s and Alice’s room integrated through a huge closet. Additionally, there is also Calisle’s office within Eseme’s study that includes a library for Carlisle. 

The house’s final- third- story is dedicated to Eseme’s and Carlisle’s room again above the staircase. At the same time, the remaining floor is known as the library, which is utilized for all sorts of technical and illegal activity, such as hacking computer systems and forging birth certificates, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can you visit the Cullen house?

As Cullen’s house is privately owned, the mansion’s owners do not permit visitors to tour the house on their property. 

Where can I visit the Cullen house?

Cullen’s house can be visited at 3333 NE Quimby St, Portland, Oregon. Remember, you cannot go inside the premise of the house. 

Can you visit Bella Swan’s house?

Yes, you can not only visit but also experience the inside interior of the Bella Swan House; feel free to take pictures and reenact your favorite scenes in the location upon your visit. 

Can you take pictures of the Cullen House?

You can take pictures of the amusing mansion from outside the house and through the main road crossing the Cullen house. 


Although addressing the question- can you visit the Cullen house has not yielded a fruitful result, do not be disheartened by it and instead visit other public locations from Twilight.

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