Can You Visit The Amityville House?

Though every person’s natural intuition would signify avoiding a haunted house at all costs, and their instincts too are confirmed by every horror movie promoting it is not a good idea, regardless the eyes of horror and history compels an individual towards exploration. Especially when one finds out that the Amityville house where the family of DeFeo was murdered is still present today, results in the question- can you visit the Amityville house?

The renowned Amityville house has been a significant part of the horror folklore ever since Ronald DeFoe Jr brutally killed his family in the place in 1974. The underlying accuracy of the story has proven to be historically accurate and is more terrifying than the original film. Thus, it is a prominent reason for the popularity of the Amityville house and its utilization as a location to shoot horror films. 

If you, too, are a passionate fan of horror films and want to know whether you can visit the Amityville house together, let’s find out! 

Can You Visit The Amityville House?

Hoax or not, America’s most infamous haunted house- Amityville house, is out of one of those places that intrigue suspicion of all horror genre fans. Thanks to the realistic and truthful story of the Amityville house, it shall forever remain and be known as the unsurpassable haunted house.

Addressing your query regarding whether you can visit the Amityville house. Unfortunately, the property is privately owned, and the house owners do not entertain visitors or curious tourists looking to tour the house. Therefore, with despair, we inform you that your aspiration to visit the Amityville house will always remain an aspiration and will never be a possibility. Can You Visit The Amityville House

Location And Description:

Located on 111 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York, Amityville House is a massive Durch colonial home with five bedrooms, three and a half accommodating washrooms, a double garage, and a boat house that offers a breathtaking view.

Amityville house is still located at the mentioned address; however, due to determined tourists pestering the owners for a house visit, in a deliberate effort, the address was changed to 108 Ocean Avenue Amityville, New York, only to stimulate confusion and deter people. 

The only way you can ever visit the Amityville house and experience the horror that it radiates in movies in which the premises is featured is through knowing the owners or buying the house. Last, the house went up for sale in 2016 on a bid of $850,000. 

History Of The Amityville House:

We are certain that all of you have heard various stories concerning the Amityville house, especially the most frequent one you might have heard, which must be the one surrounding Ronald DeFor Jr and the murder of his family. 

With so many versions of the same story, it is often difficult to discern between the true ones and those made up only for horror. In the following section, we will enlighten all our readers with a genuine historical account of what happened at the Amityville House, leading to its traction.

The Story:

Among the multiple Long Island’s most known haunted locations, Amityville House takes the lead with its realistic story. The house has been an idea subject to the shooting of several films and an inspiration for numerous books and documentaries, authors and producers, respectively. 

The incident of the Amityville house dates back to 1974 and revolves around how Ronald DeFeo Jr murdered six of his family members in the area. However, this is not why the Amityville house is an attraction site for many explorative tourists, but what happened following the murder. 

Thirteen months later after the murder, the Lutz family in 1975’s December moved into the famous haunting location. Still, misfortunate for them- the family could not last in the house for a month and had to be driven away from their newly purchased house only after 28 days because of the alarming paranormal activity that continuously took place. 

From their brief stay at the Amityville house, the Lutz family reported terrifying and shocking incidents that they were made to witness. Such as, despite moving amid the winter season, they encountered a swarm of flies occupying the house with strange odors in areas without ventilation and cold spots. 

Additionally, the family recalls having discovered a hidden room and an imaginary friend named Jodie, which their five-year-old made and was, in fact, a demonic pig creature that had glistening red eyes. 

Moreover, on Christmas Eve, George (the man of the family) saw the demonic pig looking down at him through his daughter’s window, and as soon as he sprinted upstairs toward the room, the creature was gone. Instead, the rocking chair was still in motion, rocking back and forth. 

Kathy, the wife, also recollects seeing glowing red eyes when shutting her daughter’s room window, and on new year’s Day, a trail of substantial cloven hoof footprints was found established on the snow. 

These incidents, with other minor activities such as welts on the chest and objects moving around on their own, were the reason for the family’s brief stay at the Amityville house. Regardless of the Lutz family hoping for such occasions to not materialize, the activities kept intensifying, leaving them no choice but to leave. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why is Amityville House blurred out on Google Maps?

After the house was remodeled and renovated, it did not look the same, and the owners requested Google to remove the Amityville house from Google Map’s street view. 

Was Amityville Horror filmed in the real house?

No, the Amityville Horror movie was filmed in a location resembling the real Amityville House, as the owners did not grant permission for shooting.

How many families die in the Amityville house?

One family of six members: two parents and four children, died in the Amityville house. 

Where is the Amityville Horror House movie house?

Amityville Horror House movie house is on Brooks Road, in Tom’s River, a riverside house on the Garden State Parkway, Ocean County, about 20 miles south of Asbury Park on the coast.


The news of Amityville House not being open to visit for anyone might be upsetting and disappointing for some of our readers, but rest assured, it is in your best and safest interests.

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