Is Lipstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

We all freak out about packing before going on a vacation. But if you are worried and wondering about whether is lipstick considered a liquid when flying, buckle up because we will be diving into discussing the world of liquid classifications

Undoubtedly, it is very hard to find the absolute perfect shade of lipstick, and something even more miserable is to have that favorite precious lipstick of yours get confiscated at the airport by TSA for not abiding by their regulations. 

Well, do not let the TSA take it away from you, and educate yourself with us about whether is lipstick considered a liquid when flying and explore the in-place specific rules for bringing lipstick on air travel. 

Beauties say no more to lipstick meltdowns at the security terminals; instead, enjoy your journey with your lips looking and staying luscious throughout! 

Is Lipstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

As per the set standards of TSA and according to their regulations, lipstick is not considered a liquid when flying and is rather classified as a solid. 

Under the airport authorities’ guidelines, liquids can be pumped, poured, spread, squeezed, sprayed, smeared, and spilled. Suppose a product has a characteristic that is aforementioned or a similar quality. In that case, it is to obey the 3-1-1 rule for carrying liquids in carry-on luggage. 

Evidently, lipsticks spread and smear on lips; regardless, they are not classified as a liquid or a gel but are considered solids. As a result, lipsticks can be carried in a carry-on bag without counting towards allowance from the 3-1-1 rule and do not have to be taken out of the baggage during the screening procedure. Is Lipstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

The semi-solid composition of lipstick contains material components of both solid and liquid. This aspect has confused most folks about the 3-1-1 liquid rule and whether a lipstick is to abide by it or not.

The safest advice we offer to all our readers is always to include the lipstick in their checked luggage and not the hand luggage, especially if the tube containing lipstick has a liquid or a gel of more than 3.4 ounces. 

Similarly, it is a good idea to always ensure and double-check the instructions issued by the airlines and the TSA before packing to avoid any uncalled surprises at the security check. 

Comprehending TSA Rules For Lipsticks: 

As a lipstick lover, you are well within your rights to contemplate your favorite shades- is lipstick considered a liquid when flying? Though the answer to the query is straightforward, which is that for lipsticks, TSA counts them as a solid and not a gel or liquid, meaning they are allowed for transportation in checked and hand baggage. 

Nevertheless, you must keep in mind and be aware of some imposed restrictions. 

Hand Luggage:

Generally, lipstick is solid, but an exception that follows it is that of a liquid gloss or lipstick. When bringing your lipsticks in hand luggage, especially one that acquires a liquid form, it is important not to keep the item placed and secured in a clear plastic bag. 

The container of your lipstick must have at most a liquid capacity of 100 ml and 3.4 ounces in volume, and all the lipstick containers you bring should fit inside the single quart-sized clear bag that you are placing in the hand luggage. 

At the security terminal, you must take out the plastic bag containing your lipsticks and place it in the bin to have them screened separately. 

Volume of the lipstick will be fine in most cases because lipstick containers are often small enough to be carried in hand luggage. However, if the case tends to differ for a lipstick that has a larger container, then transfer a small amount of the lipstick into a travel-sized container before boarding the flight. 

These regulations are necessary to be adhered to with gel and liquid lipstick formulations, but with solid lipstick, there is no need to place it in a bag or even get it screened at all. 

Checked Luggage: 

Let’s say you do not want to pack your valuable lipstick in hand luggage then the alternative to always seek for packing is checked baggage. 

Transporting lipstick via checked luggage to the travel destination is more hassle-free than you would anticipate, as there are no restrictions. There is no limit on the quantity of lipsticks you want to pack. Still, your checked luggage should always comply with the size and weight permitted by the airline. 

Despite the liberation that follows packing belongings in checked luggage, if your lipstick is an item you cannot live without, it is ideal for you to pack it in your hand luggage. The chances of theft and damage occurring in checked luggage are likely higher than in hand luggage. 

TSA recommends that travelers transport all their fragile, high-end, and costly lipsticks in hand luggage so they do not deface or break during transport. Also, with lipstick in the hand luggage, you can keep an eye on the item and ensure it does not get stolen or lost, and use it whenever needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Are lipsticks a liquid on planes?

Lipsticks are typically classified as a solid on a plane, but if the form of your lipstick is a liquid or a gel, then it will no longer be counted as a solid. 

What makeup is considered a liquid when flying?

Concealers, lotions, perfumes, foundation, mascara, and liquid lipsticks or glosses are makeup products considered as a liquid when flying. 

How do you travel with lipstick?

Pack it in any bag when traveling with solid lipstick, but for liquid lipstick and transportation, packing in hand luggage means following the 3-1-1 rule. 

Is lipstick a solid for flying?

Usually, lipsticks are categorized as a solid item for flying. 


When it comes to is lipstick considered a liquid when flying, we provide you with an exact answer. 

Overall, bringing lipstick on a plane with you is easy. As long as you follow the few rules that TSA has set out, rest assured you can pack and go ahead with your lipsticks conveniently on your next flight.

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