Is Chapstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

Having your trusty chapstick by your side on a long flight is a must for anyone prone to dealing with chapped lips. But, packing for chapstick depends on the classification that TSA has it under, and for that, it is crucial to find out whether is chapstick considered a liquid when flying. 

Even though you usually might not face a problem of dry lips, many people potentially experience cracked lips and dry skin due to the low humidity and the dry air that they are exposed to, especially when flying on a plane. 

Therefore, going hours without a moisturizer for your lips on board can be horrid, and bringing a chapstick to apply seems like an appealing idea.  

So, returning to the focal point of our comprehensive packing guide- is chapstick considered a liquid when flying?

Is Chapstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

Any product that spreads and smears on the skin or another surface is classified distinctly under the category of a liquid by the TSA. After all, chapstick has these qualities, so what does it imply regarding whether is chapstick considered a liquid when flying?

Keeping in mind that a chapstick smears, the good news that we bring to all of you is that it is still not considered a liquid when flying, but categorized as a solid product when aboard. Is Chapstick Considered A Liquid When Flying?

You can simply toss the item anywhere that you like in the luggage! This means that whenever you are packing for a flight, you can store your chapstick in any of your baggage, whether it has to be checked in or carried along, and expect to encounter no restrictions for transporting a chapstick. 

However, you might want to take notice of the container size when packing a chapstick. Any chapstick that comes in a container whose size is larger than or exceeds 3.4 ounces will not be permitted in hand luggage. Instead, you will have to pack it in the checked baggage. 

Chapstick On Board:

Originally, a chapstick is manufactured in a liquid form, and only when it is cooled later does the formulation harden into a solid. This subtle transformation and the shift in the form of the matter concludes for chapstick to be counted as a solid by the TSA, allowing the item to be brought along without subjected limitations in checked or hand luggage. 

If the chapstick were not to harden and remain in its initial form of a liquid, it would have been mandated to follow through the 3-1-1 rule and additional separate screening at an airport before finally being declared on board. But since this is not the case, chapstick can be on board restriction and limitation-free. 

Checked Baggage:

Let’s say you want to ensure that before boarding, there is no confiscation or discarding of your belongings. The prime place to pack your things is the checked baggage. These bags automatically provide passengers a free pass to move through the security terminals without fretting about sizes, limits, and weights. 

Chapstick on board in checked baggage means there are no restrictions to intervene. Even if the TSA pronounced a chapstick as a liquid (which is not the case presently), you still would pack without restrictions as the 3-1-1 rule does not apply to checked baggage and is only confined to liquid products transported in hand baggage.

Hand Baggage:

Fortunately, the configuration of a chapstick and its classification as a solid has saved you from the misery accompanying, following the 3-1-1 rule.

The regulation ensures and dictates that all liquid items be brought in containers no larger than 100ml or 3.04 ounces and kept in one resealable, clear, plastic, quart-sized bag that is supposed to go through separate and additional airport security measures.  

Ideal Chapstick Storage: 

Understandably, no restrictions on carrying chapstick on a plane coupled with its categorization as a solid provide travelers with multiple choices for packing. However, while traveling, you must choose the baggage location to keep the chapstick away from damage and protection.

Checked baggage does not guarantee the chapstick’s protection as the luggage during transit is handled very roughly, which can result in the tube of the chapstick opening up or breaking and eventually leaking.

When bringing more than one chapstick on the plane, the best way for transportation is to wrap the item in bubble wrap or plastic to safeguard against damage. Otherwise, the chapstick can get hot, leading to spilling after melting. 

Best Chapstick To Fly With:

Wondering about the chapstick that you want to fly with? We say bring a chapstick that has a super hydrating quality as it is the only kind of best chapstick to fly with. 

Lips can get super dry during flights, and even when you have chapsticks from brands like Nivea, Keihl’s, and Burt’s Bee, there is no assurance that they will work well and equally for everyone. 

Hence, a nourishing, moisturizing chapstick, preferably packed in a tube, is an optimal choice to fly with. You may sometimes end up struggling with opening a can of chapstick, whereas soft tube chapsticks may leak or burst during transit. 

Thus, go for a chapstick that is in a tube but is a roll-out, so its application is easy with less and minimal leakage risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does lip balm count as a liquid when flying?

No lip balm is considered to be a solid item when flying. 

Does chapstick need to be in a quart bag?

No chapsticks are not required to be in a quart bag. 

Is Vaseline lip balm considered a liquid?

Since vaseline lip balm is a gel-based balm, it is considered a liquid and must adhere to all the regulations introduced for liquids. 

Does lipstick go in the 3-1-1 bag?

Lipsticks do not have to follow the 3-1-1 rule because they are counted as solids and not liquids. 


Now that you know the particular categorization that TSA has made, for is chapstick considered a liquid when traveling, we expect our readers not to be confused or stuck in a dilemma when packing the item. 

Pack the chapstick freely and anywhere that you like in your luggage, and with that Bon Voyage!:

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