Is Lotion Considered A Liquid When Flying?

Carrying a bottle of lotion along to your next big adventure, and are confused about whether is lotion considered a liquid when flying? Wonder no more, and with us, find out what the TSA has to say about lotion and its categorization! 

At any given time, an essential product that most people almost always carry with themselves is the lotion. Especially when traveling in an airplane, your skin will dry out very quickly, and it is here that having a lotion will come in handy. 

If you are a skincare enthusiast who takes excellent care of their skin, then you must know about TSA guidelines to ensure that your skincare regimen is boarding with you after passing through security; so, is lotion considered a liquid when flying?

Is Lotion Considered A Liquid When Flying?

Transportation Security Administration defines “liquid” as an item that can be squeezed, spread, pumped, spilled, smeared, and sprayed. Per this definition, it is clear for a lotion to be considered a liquid when flying because it contains most of the qualities required to define a liquid. 

However, traveling rules guarding is lotion considered a liquid when flying are highly dependent on how much lotion you are taking, how you are packing the item, and where you are transporting the product.Is Lotion Considered A Liquid When Flying?

Similarly, rules are also subject to a change in the situation whereby you have convinced your in-charge TSA attendant that the lotion’s transportation is crucial for a medical condition. 

Lotion In Luggage Rules:

Hand Luggage:

Typically, lotion’s consideration as a liquid by the authorities has it summoned and falling under the renowned liquid’s rule- 3-1-1. Hence, any lotion taken in a purse or a carry-on bag must be in a maximum quantity of 100 mg, 3.4 ounces, or 100ml containers or less. 

As far as taking creams in hand luggage is concerned, all passengers are recommended to decant the product into containers available in travel size to make it eligible for clearing airport security. 

Remember, if a lotion is bought from the store after an individual has cleared the security screening, they can board the plane with a lotion of any size without any restrictions. 

Checked Luggage: 

Packing lotion in the checked luggage is allowed and has no quantity, volume, or size restrictions. You can fill your humongous containers of body lotion and creams in checked luggage without worrying about having them confiscated by airport security. 

Medical Lotions: 

Any cream or lotion you carry in hand luggage must be declared to the TSA agent checking your luggage at the terminal before boarding and placed separately for screening in the bin. 

There are no quantity or size limitations for lotions for a medical condition like psoriasis or eczema, and they can be carried in containers larger or more than 100ml and 3.4 ounces. Additionally, you will not be required, nor is it deemed necessary, to show a prescription, allowing the passenger to take a medical lotion. 

Do not try to get around the liquid rules by simply pronouncing any lotion as a medical ointment. Keep in mind that the final decision of permitting medical lotions still lies with the officer who will be checking hand luggage. 

You will have to try your best to persuade the security officer to let your medical lotion pass through as it is needed for a medical reason. Only then will you be able to bring it; if they refuse, your belongings will end up in the trash, not your luggage. 

Alternatives To Lotion To Fly With: 

Often, travelers find complying with the 3-1-1 liquid’s rule a hassle and want to seek alternatives to lotion to fly with, which will keep their skin hydrated and not be a trouble with the security as well. 

A trick is to start by checking for solid and stick versions of the lotion you initially wanted to pack for traveling. For example, a solid moisturizing bar is a good replacement for a lotion as it would not be subject to liquid rules and will also occupy less space in the luggage. 

Another alternative is to consider packing along wet wipes. Fortunately, TSA does not count wet wipes as liquids, and simultaneously, wet wipes hold the tendency to work akin to hydrating wipes, working around and providing hydration instead of a face moisturizer. 

Suggestions For Packing Lotion:

You might not realize it, but packing liquid toiletry products like lotions and creams is an art where you must continuously ensure that the items do not leak or spill in the luggage. 

Some suggestions we bring to you for packing lotion in luggage are the following: 

  • Double-check lotion containers to see if they are closed completely. 
  • Place each container in a zip-lock bag.
  • Checked bags: Do not place liquid containers near the edges of the suitcase, but place them towards the center, surrounding the bottles with softer items like clothes. 
  • Carry-on: Pack other toiletries and lotion in transparent, plastic, resealable, quart-sized bags and avoid the corners; instead, place the packet in the middle. 
  • To prevent spillage and bursting due to varying pressure and altitude, tape caps and lids.
  • Decant large containers of lotions into bottles that are travel-sized and of 100ml or less when packing in hand luggage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can you carry lotion on a plane?

Yes, you are permitted to carry lotion on a plane.

Is cream lotion considered a liquid?

According to the TSA definition, cream lotion is considered a liquid. 

Does lipstick class as a liquid when flying?

No, lipstick does not class as a liquid when flying.

Is face cream considered a liquid?

Creams for the face, hand, feet, or other purposes are all considered liquid on board. 


The composition might stand as creamy to you, but when it comes to is lotion considered a liquid when traveling, TSA surely counts it as a liquid. 

Only when it’s a medical lotion, stow it directly in the hand luggage without any quantity limitations. But for the rest, keep an eye out!

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