How To Travel With Serum Eye Drops?

If you have dry eyes and are currently resorting to serum eye drops to manage the condition while also planning to travel, then you might find our article highly informative. We will explore the common concern of how to travel with serum eye drops and offer practical tips and valuable insights into the subject. 

Generally, serum eye drops, a medical necessity, are allowed to be carried on a plane by the TSA and through carry-on luggage. However, TSA’s 3-1-1 rule must be kept in mind, and the regulations are subject to variation from one country to another. 

Still, you must abide by specific guidelines when traveling with serum eye drops to ensure a smooth and hassle-free screening procedure at the airport. For this, you must know how to travel with serum eye drops. 

How To Travel With Serum Eye Drops?

Undoubtedly, serum eye drops are a renowned treatment for dry eyes among the array of available treatments; for this, they must be stored at a particular temperature. So when traveling with eye drops, at all times, you have to keep in mind and continuously contemplate- how to travel with serum eye drops in the most suitable manner where they are preserved and remain fit for use. How To Travel With Serum Eye Drops

Serum eye drops during traveling should be stored in a dark and cool place away from the reach of heat sources or direct sunlight. You would want to pack them in an area in your luggage where you are certain that any kind of heat will not reach. Such a measure will help extend the shelf life of your eye drops, keeping them effective for longer spans. 

Additionally, pack your serum eye drops in a leak-proof container. Consider going ahead with keeping the eye drops secured and guarded in a zip-lock bag to prevent leakage of the liquid. Likewise, it is preferable to keep your serum eye drops with you in person (in hand luggage) instead of packing them away in a checked bag. 

Refrigerator Medical Travel Bag: 

However, it is a likely possibility for the serum eye drops to become void in serving their purpose if not kept at a stated temperature. Regardless, if you are carrying a refrigerator medical travel bag along with you on the plane and in your luggage, then there is no other ideal location for your eye drops to be stowed in. 

During your travel, you are strongly recommended to keep the serum eye drop bottle in a chilled container with ice packs or a mini-lunch cooler. These storage locations for a serum eye drop are feasible because they would assist you in maintaining the temperature for the medicinal product. 

Whenever the eye drops are required for use mid-flight, you can take out a bottle at a time from your refrigerator medical travel bag, use it, and then place it back. Keep the liquid bottle as refrigerated as possible; however, avoid freezing the contents of eye drops because they will not be effective anymore. 

Moreover, for the sake of your health, if you have supposedly frozen the bottle of your eye drops to keep them at the convenience of use when traveling. After you have thawed the container once, do not use it for more than a week and rather discard it. 

Traveling With Serum Eye Drops On A Plane:

Serum eye drops are considered a liquid on a plane, meaning they are automatically obligated to follow all rules introduced by TSA for liquids. 

Therefore, while the 3-1-1 rule is evident and all passengers should carry the containers of their serum eye drops with caution to not have their bottles confiscated at the security terminal, it is equally important to pack the item correctly. 

Use Insulated Medication Bag Or Cooler: 

We second every traveler willing to invest in an insulated medication bag or a cooler. Rest assured, it is the best investment for you if you are a frequent traveler because, with these portable cases by your side, you can always keep your medication at the required temperature. 

Do not count or rely on using the refrigerator or the freezer on board as simply there might not be one, or there might not be enough of them to accommodate everyone. Beforehand, fill the cooler bag with pre-frozen gel or ice packs.

Using gel packs is a wise decision as they do not melt or potentially contaminate your medicine when compared with the utility of ice packs, nor is there any chance of leakage. Place the insulated medication bag or cooler away from heat or sun exposure. 

Monitor Temperature: 

Most insulated medication bags and coolers already come having installed a built-in thermometer, which provides an easy way to monitor the temperature; nevertheless, if yours does not, purchase a thermometer and go for the one with a remote sensor, allowing you to log the temperature without opening up the case. 

Otherwise, carry a traditional thermometer with you on board and travel an additional mile to assure that your medicine is provided with its optimal temperature and stays worthwhile until you have landed at your travel destination. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How do you travel with autologous serum eye drops?

By keeping them stored in a walled thermos bottle or a portable medical bag with ice packs in it. 

How do you store eye drops when traveling?

You can store eye drops when traveling by keeping them within a well-monitored temperature. 

Do serum eye drops need to be refrigerated?

Yes, serum eye drops are required to be refrigerated for them to be effective in use. 

Can I bring eye drops on an airplane?

Eye drops on an airplane are permitted to be brought along but suggested to be kept in hand luggage. 


There are two straightforward key takeaways regarding how to travel with serum eye drops: One is to ensure there is no container leakage, and the second is to keep the item stored at an appropriate temperature through a refrigerated medical travel bag.

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