Can You Bring Alcohol Wipes On A Plane?

Precisely, during the coronavirus pandemic, the number of travelers who chose to fly plummeted, and those who were already aboard kept reiterating the question, interrogating whether can you bring alcohol wipes on a plane.

For many travelers, alcohol wipes have now become a staple product that must be carried. This is because these wipes offer a convenient and quick way for passengers to freshen up from the comfort of their seats when cleaning up after a messy meal or when flying long flights. 

Even though the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advised travelers to carry alcohol wipes as a must essential during the pandemic, let’s cut to the chase and determine what the current TSA guidelines have to say in regards to whether can you bring alcohol wipes on a plane.

Can You Bring Alcohol Wipes On A Plane?

Considering that no cleaning of the airline seats is done between switching flights, often paranoid travelers wonder if you can bring alcohol wipes on a plane. Before being seated, travelers prefer wiping down the tray table, seat belt, headrest, and seat arms for their peace of mind and hygiene.

We say, do not hesitate, and almost always while traveling through a plane, bring those alcohol wipes along to disinfect your seat ritually. All passengers are permitted to take along individually packaged or jumbo containers of hand cleaning or disinfecting alcohol wipes in the checked or carry-on luggage. Can You Bring Alcohol Wipes On A Plane

Using your alcohol wipes on a plane to eliminate germs to a doable extent has never hurt anyone; instead has always granted protection against bacteria and unwelcome diseases. 

Regardless, if you are doubtful about bringing alcohol wipes to your baggage, you should check the airlines’ packaging and size restrictions for further confirmation. Alternatively, you can also visit the up-to-date TSA website, which will offer you the most relevant and recent information concerning your dilemma of bringing alcohol wipes on a plane. 

Alcohol Capacity

We all are aware of how alcohol is a flammable liquid which in turn also implies that a saturated quantity of alcohol in a product is only inviting a hazardous situation. Therefore, before you carry your favorite packet of alcohol wipes with you and get on the plane, make sure for the alcohol capacity to be reasonable and not face adverse consequences later on. 

A way to judge alcohol wipes for plane suitability is according to the amount of alcoholic liquid or its concentration in your wipes. We will use certain examples to demonstrate to you the adequate alcohol capacity in alcohol wipes that will not incite danger when on board. 

Let’s say you carry a towel wet with an alcoholic liquid with an alcohol content of 75%. Under normal conditions, it is likely flammable, and you would not want to put such a towel on the plane. Hence, cross out any alcohol wipe from your list with an alcohol capacity of 75% or beyond. 

Subsequently, hand sanitizers that we frequently use and those also readily available in the market have concentrated content of alcohol to kill infections, which usually ranges between 60-80%. This, too, is not allowed; hence, another box to tick off the list of alcohol wipes to be carried on the plane.  

Thus, the right or the ideal alcohol capacity present in the alcohol wipes that you may carry should be less than 30% which is the typical percentage of the liquid to treat for germicides. 

Are Alcohol Wipes On A Plane Liquid?

The term “alcohol wipes” alone is indicative enough to put a traveler amid confusion about alcohol wipes on a plane to be liquid. It is easily assumed that alcohol wipes might be considered a liquid product since the primary composition material is a liquid, and they are inherently wet. 

The dampness of an alcohol wipe is required for them to do their job; however, do not confound it with TSA regarding the wipes as liquids. Fortunately, TSA liquid rules, the most renowned 3-1-1 rule, do not apply to alcohol wipes, which means that you can, without any fear, keep the product in your bags. 

Not only has TSA regarded alcohol wipes not to be a liquid, but also other kinds of wipes that you might carry on the plane as well, such as face wipes, makeup removal wipes, standard wet wipes, baby wipes, disinfectant, and bacterial wipes. 

Disinfecting Seats With Alcohol Wipes

For all hygiene freaks, it is crucial that you first disinfect your seats with the alcohol wipes that you so lovingly brought along. 

Start by reading the instructions on the package of the alcohol wipes very carefully so you are ahead of the procedure and are aware of how the wipes will do their antibacterial magic. 

Next up, begin with and stick to the hard and prominent surfaces such as cleansing the tray table, air vent knows, seat belt buckles, TV, the wall near your head in the case of a window seat, and light buttons. 

Wipe the seat components enough for the surfaces to be wet and remain wet for the time mentioned on the package. Typically, it is anywhere until 30 seconds to a few minutes, so in the meanwhile, be patient. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I bring alcohol-wet wipes on a plane?

As long as the alcohol capacity does not exceed 30%, bring along alcohol-wet wipes on a plane. 

Can I bring 70% isopropyl alcohol on a plane?

70% isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is permitted on a plane.

Can you bring disinfectant wipes on a plane?

Feel free to bring disinfectant wipes on a plane. 

Can I carry wet wipes in my hand luggage?

As wet wipes are not to be counted as a liquid product, you can easily carry wet wipes in hand luggage.


Now that you know there are no restrictions or limitations imposed on carrying alcohol wipes, take them along on your next flight so you are not worried about any bacteria or germs invading your private space. As soon as you get on board, use your alcohol wipes to disinfect, and travel safely!

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