Do Pilots Sleep With Flight Attendants

The answer to this question doesn’t seem as simple as it sounds. Still, in my research, I have found that many pilots or flight attendants claimed that there were incidents of pilots and flight attendants hooking up together during the flight in the rest cabins. On the other hand, many pilots claim that they have never concentred such a situation in their decades of career.

So, to understand and get the answer, we need to get into the details of how pilots sleep, where they sleep, and how often they sleep to get an idea realistically that it is even possible that pilots and flight attendants can hang out together during a flight in their private cabins.

Stories are roaming about the dark work of airline travel; even in my research, I found that a flight attendant was promoting prostitute business to flight passengers, which was utterly shocking.

Do Pilots Sleep With Flight Attendants

Where do pilots sleep?

Depending on the type of flight, the flight crew can sleep in the plane during long-haul flights.

During the flight, there is no boss around and no monitoring, so the flight crew is entirely on their own to make their decisions about their work onboard.

Decisions like sleeping during the flight and sometimes, pilots call the flight attendants in the cabins by calling specific words in the announcement call that let the flight attendant know they must go to the house.

Inside the cabin, there are bunk beds, which are small sleeping pods or capsules with necessary facilities like TV screens, reading lights, vents for cool air.

Pilots usually visit these rest compartments to freshen up during break hours, and you won’t believe that flight crews have the most business work schedules; therefore, they spend many days and nights inside their plane.

Sometimes, they must visit nearby hotels to the Airport to rest for a day or two, where things can get a little messy. Pilots and flight attendants can light things up by joining themselves in one room.

Crew rests in shifts especially when they are intercontinental flights or transoceanic flights. Half of the flight crew rests for halfway while the remaining team takes control of the planes and the pilots do the same.

On the other hand, the limited spaces installed in the plane known as rest areas are the safety requirements regulated by the aviation authority because the flight crew members are also humans are they do need to rest to perform better. So, the in-built secret spaces are extremely important for pilots and flight attendants to re-energize.

The case is different for private jets being used for shorter flights due to the confined space, but the seats are designed in a way that pilots can easily recline the seats to get some rest.

Do Pilots Sleep With Flight Attendants

Many people think that pilots hop in bed with flight attendants, but many pilots and flight attendants have confirmed that they have never experienced such a thing. 

One thing that is true about the flight crew is that they party hard once they deplane and in fact, they also share apartments with each other.

But, as far as the hooking up is concerned, these are just allegations by random strangers of hotels and bras.

Sleep cannot be prevented, but the flight crew’s rest is conceived in a way that they do sex with each other.

But the reality is different from this.

When pilots and flight attendants go to sleep, they usually enter one cabin that seems like they are going to sleep together. Still, they are just entering the cabins with different capsules, but people think the flight attendants are sleeping with multiple guys.

Although few pilots and flight attendants cheat on their family members and do not take their professional careers seriously.

Other than that, the sleeping area of the airline crew I usually inaccessible to passengers, which only the hard-working crew members can access when they are tired of their long international flights where they rest for a couple of hours. Once they are re-energized, there are mirrors that help the crew to look sharp again for the duty.


So, without any evidence, it’s not good to say that pilots sleep with air hostesses mid-flight. There are countless allegations that pilots are enjoying with the flight attendants in their bunkbeds and cheating on their wifes, but that’s entirely not true.

A handful of pilots take advantage of fresh and young air hostesses who are naive enough to think they are notable for them. Some reports we have also heard that some flight attendants were forced to do threesomes to make some extra bucks other than their job money. Some flight attendants were reportedly banned from traveling because they were pursuing rich business class people for sex.

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